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Fat Llama Review: Make Money From Your Stuff?

Fat Llama Review - Is It Worth It? An Honest Look

What is Fat Llama?

Fat Llama is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace that allows users to earn money by renting out their unused belongings to others. The platform operates in several countries including the UK, US, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Canada.

Join Fat Llama

Here's how it works:

  • Users sign up and create a listing for an item they want to rent out. This can be anything from cameras to furniture.
  • They provide details like photos, description, rental price, etc.
  • Other users can browse and book the items.
  • Once an item is booked, the renter pays Fat Llama. The item's owner then delivers it to the renter.
  • After the rental period, the item is returned and the owner gets paid by Fat Llama minus a service fee.

So in essence, Fat Llama allows you to earn from items you already own but are not using. It's an attractive concept but does it really deliver?

How Do You Get Paid?

Fat Llama pays owners 24 hours after the rental starts. The money is deposited directly into your connected Stripe account and usually hits your bank 3-4 working days later.

There is a £25/$25 service fee charged per rental. This covers the platform's operating costs.

If your rental earnings increase significantly, Stripe may ask you to verify your identity by providing documents before releasing payments.

The payment process is fairly straightforward. You simply connect a Stripe account, and Fat Llama deposits your earnings directly into it. The fees are reasonable and in line with similar platforms. The potential ID verification for larger payments is an important security measure to prevent fraud. Overall, the payment system works as expected.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Income potential on Fat Llama depends on several factors:

  • How many bookings you get - This depends on item type, rental fee, location, demand, etc.
  • Rental fee - Set this based on item value and demand.
  • Item value - More expensive items can command higher fees.
  • Location - Urban areas with more users offer more rental potential.

Overall, earnings are not guaranteed. But with the right high-value items and promotion, you can make decent money in the major cities where Fat Llama operates.

The money you can make really comes down to the assets you have available to rent out. Valuable, in-demand items in active locations will generate the most bookings and highest fees. But no matter what you rent out, there is an element of uncertainty. Some months may be very profitable while others see little activity. So you can't rely on Fat Llama as a sole income source. At best, it can provide a nice side income if you have the right items and strategy.

Can You Use Fat Llama on Mobile?

Yes, Fat Llama has iOS and Android apps so you can manage bookings on the go. The app allows you to:

  • Check new booking requests
  • Manage item listings
  • Communicate with renters
  • Get notifications

The app offers the same features as the desktop site for convenient mobile access.

The mobile app is a useful addition that allows you to stay on top of your Fat Llama account while on the go. You can quickly respond to booking requests, update listings, message renters and receive notifications. For an on-demand platform, mobile access is important, so the app is a valuable feature.

Who Can Join Fat Llama?

Fat Llama is currently only available in the UK, US, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Canada. To sign up, you'll need:

  • An email address or social media account
  • A mobile number for verification

Once signed up, you can create listings and start earning. Just ensure your location is supported.

Join Fat Llama

Fat Llama has a fairly straightforward sign-up process, but the limited country availability is a downside. If you live in an unsupported area, you won't be able to use the platform. But for those in the available countries, getting started is easy. You just need an email or social account and phone number to verify your identity.

Can You Get Support?

Fat Llama provides decent customer support through:

  • FAQ section
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Email support

So you can get assistance with any issues that arise when using the platform.

Reliable customer support is important for any online service, so it's good to see Fat Llama offers multiple options. The FAQ should answer most basic questions, but live chat and email support provide human assistance if you have an urgent or complex issue. Overall, the support options are sufficient for the platform.

Pros of Fat Llama

  • Earn from unused belongings
  • Direct Stripe payouts
  • No minimum payout threshold
  • Mobile app for on-the-go management
  • Good customer support

Cons of Fat Llama

  • 25% service fee per booking
  • No guaranteed income
  • Limited country availability
  • Need to live in a major city to get bookings

Final Verdict - Is Fat Llama Worth It?

Fat Llama is a legitimate way to earn extra money from items you already own. However, income potential is limited based on your location and item value.

It's best suited for urban dwellers with high-value items to rent out. With the right strategy, you can earn decent supplemental income. But it's not a passive income source and requires effort to get bookings.

Overall, Fat Llama is worth trying if you live in a supported city and have good assets to rent out. But don't expect it to replace a full-time income. Approach it as a side hustle instead of a get-rich platform.

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