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See How Much Does PlaytestCloud Pay—You'll Be Surprised!

How Much Does PlaytestCloud Pay? Sneak Peek You Need

Overview of PlaytestCloud and How It Works

PlaytestCloud is a crowdtesting platform that connects mobile game developers with paid freelance playtesters from around the globe. Founded in 2014, the platform claims to have over 1M playtesters who get paid for providing feedback on a variety of mobile games from developers like Zynga, Ubisoft, Gameloft, and many more.

There are two types of users on PlaytestCloud:

  • Playtesters (earners): PlaytestCloud playtesters can earn money by participating in mobile video game playtests, surveys about video games, and more. After completing a test or task and having it reviewed, earnings are sent via PayPal.
  • Customers (buyers/consumers): PlaytestCloud customers, i.e. game developers, can utilize the platform’s network of crowdsourced gamers to conduct mobile game playtests, concept tests, research surveys, live playtest interviews, and more.

How Much Does PlaytestCloud Pay to Playtester?

The main way to earn money on PlaytestCloud is by participating in mobile game playtests. Whenever a playtest is available that fits your interests and devices, you’ll receive an email. Pay rates on PlaytestCloud are $15 per hour, but don’t expect to receive a consistent flow of work. Most playtesters report receiving a few opportunities per month.

Other ways to earn on PlaytestCloud include:

  • Surveys: Respond to a survey related to a video game concept, idea, or similar.
  • Research interviews: Participate in 1-on-1 video interviews with game developers to test games and provide feedback in real time. These are most commonly done after an unmoderated playtest as a follow-up.
  • Concept tests: These typically involve responding to a video game concept in the form of a slideshow or other presentation. You'll be asked to record your screen and audio while reacting to the concept.

According to real data from PlaytestCloud playtester reviews, the average playtester earns $764 per hour and $3,250 per month. The top earners report making up to $1,500 per hour and $5,000 per month. However, earnings will vary greatly depending on factors like your location, demographics, and how often you’re invited to participate in playtests and other opportunities.

The amount of work available on PlaytestCloud can vary significantly from month to month. Some months you may receive multiple playtest invitations, surveys, and interviews. Other months may be slower with fewer opportunities. As an independent contractor, there is no guarantee of consistent work or pay. However, many playtesters report that sticking with the platform long-term and building up your profile and ratings can lead to more frequent work over time.

How PlaytestCloud Pays and How Often

Once you have earned any amount of money, there’s no minimum payout, you can cash out your PlaytestCloud earnings via PayPal. After cashing out, you can expect to receive your PlaytestCloud payout in 0-7 days. Some playtest payouts are processed the day of, others can take a bit longer.

PlaytestCloud uses Tremendous Rewards as its payout provider. Options may vary depending on your location. Payments are sent quickly and there are no commissions or fees for playtesters.

Is PlaytestCloud Legit and Worth It?

We believe PlaytestCloud is legit. It was founded in 2014, has worked with well-known companies like Ubisoft and Gameloft, is a registered company in Germany, and has positive reviews online. Overall, we have no reason to believe PlaytestCloud is a scam.

For playtesters, PlaytestCloud is worth trying out if you enjoy playing mobile games, have some extra time to complete tests, and don’t mind recording your voice. While the pay rates are good, the amount of work available will vary. Still, this is an easy way to earn some extra money in your spare time. For small game developers, PlaytestCloud can be useful but may be costly, as subscription and token expenses can add up quickly, especially if you need to conduct a lot of playtests.

In the end, PlaytestCloud seems to offer a legitimate earning opportunity for playtesters and an okay tool for game developers on a budget. However, the consistency and costs may be a concern for some. Be sure to go in with realistic expectations. PlaytestCloud can be a good way to earn extra money, but likely won’t replace a full-time job. For developers, it may work for smaller projects, but larger playtests could get expensive using the platform.

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