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How to Cash Out Honeygain in 4 Easy Steps and Get Paid Fast!

How to Cash Out Honeygain: A Step-by-Step Guide

Reach the Payout Threshold

To cash out your Honeygain earnings, you first need to reach the minimum payout threshold. For PayPal, this is $20 or 20,000 credits. For JumpTokens (JMPT), Honeygain’s cryptocurrency, the threshold is also $20 or 20,000 credits.

Select Your Payout Method

Once you’ve reached the threshold, you can select either PayPal or JMPT as your payout method. PayPal payouts are processed within 2-3 business days, while JMPT payouts are instant. Both offer secure ways to withdraw your Honeygain earnings.

PayPal Payout

PayPal is a popular payment processor that allows you to transfer funds directly to your bank account or use them to shop online. To cash out your Honeygain balance to PayPal, follow these simple steps:

  1. Press the “Payout” button in your Honeygain dashboard and select “PayPal”
  2. Enter the verification code sent to your email. Honeygain sends this code to confirm your identity and protect your account security.
  3. Register for a Tipalti account, Honeygain’s payout provider. Tipalti handles Honeygain's payment processing and sends your funds to PayPal. You will need to verify your Tipalti account to receive payments.
  4. Your funds will be deposited into your PayPal account within 2-3 business days. The processing time depends on your location and bank. Be sure to check your PayPal balance for the deposit.

JMPT Payout

JMPT or JumpTokens is Honeygain's own cryptocurrency that can be instantly withdrawn to a supported crypto wallet. To withdraw your Honeygain earnings in JMPT, follow these steps:

  1. Press the “Payout” button and select “JMPT”
  2. Enter your BSC-supported cryptocurrency wallet address. This is where your JMPT payout will be deposited. Double check that the address is correct before proceeding.
  3. Enter the verification code sent to your email. Again, Honeygain sends this code to verify your identity before processing crypto payouts.
  4. Your JMPT will be deposited into your wallet instantly. The transaction may take a few minutes to appear in your wallet as crypto networks process the transfer.

Troubleshooting Payout Issues

Honeygain aims to process all payouts accurately and on time. However, issues can arise for a number of reasons. Check out these steps to troubleshoot payout problems:

  • Double check that you entered the correct PayPal email or wallet address. One incorrect character can result in a declined payout.
  • Verify your Tipalti account. Your PayPal payout cannot be processed until Tipalti verifies your identity. Check your email for a message from Tipalti regarding account verification.
  • Your funds may be on temporary hold due to a security review. Honeygain regularly reviews payouts to prevent fraud. Your payout should be released within 5 business days after review.
  • International payouts can take longer to process due to bank procedures. If you are located outside the US, your PayPal payout may take up to 5 business days.

You can also submit a support ticket to Honeygain for help resolving any payout issues. Their support team aims to respond within 24 hours to help get your payout processed as quickly as possible.

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