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Is Qmee Legit or Scam? The Shocking Review

Is Qmee Legit? A Detailed Review

What is Qmee?

Qmee is a rewards platform that allows users to earn money by taking surveys, searching the web, and shopping online. It was founded in 2012 and is co-headquartered in London and New York.

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How Does Qmee Work?

There are several ways to earn money on Qmee:

Taking Surveys

The main way to earn on Qmee is by taking online surveys. Qmee provides access to surveys from third-party providers. The rewards for surveys vary, but generally pay decently for the time spent. Surveys typically take between 5 to 30 minutes to complete and rewards can range from 50 cents up to $5 or more for some surveys. The key is to qualify for as many surveys as possible to maximize your earnings. It may take some trial and error to find surveys you qualify for, but with regular use of the platform, you'll get better at finding surveys suited to your demographic and interests.

Searching the Web

By installing the Qmee browser extension, you can earn rewards by searching the web through Google or other search engines. Sponsored ads may appear after searches, and you can earn by clicking on them. However, the rewards are small, usually just a few cents per click. While web searches likely won't make you rich, every little bit helps and the extension is easy to install and use when you're browsing the web anyway. Over time, small amounts can add up to larger cash outs.

Online Shopping

The Qmee extension can also provide coupon codes and cashback offers when you shop online. So you can earn money on purchases you'd make anyway. This isn't pure earnings, since you have to spend money first, but it's a nice perk. Qmee partners with thousands of popular retailers like Walmart, Target, eBay, and Groupon. The cashback rates vary but are usually 1% to 10% of your total purchase amount. Every little bit of savings helps and shopping through Qmee is an easy way to earn while you spend.

Referring Friends

You can earn bonus rewards by referring friends to join Qmee. However, you need to be a member for a while first before getting access to your referral link. The rewards are small, around $0.50 per sign-up. While referral bonuses likely won't make you rich, every little bit helps. If you have an engaged social following or know others interested in making money online, referral bonuses can add up over time with consistent sharing of your link.


Qmee runs free contests on social media to win small amounts of money. You just need to follow their pages and engage with posts to enter. Contest winnings are small, usually just a few dollars, but again every little bit helps. Contests are an easy way to potentially earn a little extra with little effort or time required. You have to enter to win, so following Qmee on social media and engaging with their posts is an easy way to stay up to date on current contests and earn entries.

Qmee Payment Methods

The main payment method on Qmee is PayPal. There is no minimum payout amount, so you can cash out any amount you earn. Qmee also sometimes offers gift cards and the option to donate earnings to charity. The ability to cash out at any time without a minimum threshold is a nice perk, as it allows you to access your earnings quickly and easily. PayPal cash outs are processed within 2 to 3 business days, so you'll have access to your money fast.

How Much Can You Earn on Qmee?

It's possible to earn some extra spending money on Qmee, but you won't get rich. Earnings will depend on how much time you spend on surveys, web searches, referrals, contests, etc. Most users earn a few dollars per week or month. While Qmee likely won't make you rich, you can earn a little easy money in your spare time that can add up to larger amounts over weeks and months of consistent use.

Is Qmee Available on Mobile?

Yes, Qmee has mobile apps for both iOS and Android. This makes it easy to earn rewards on the go. The Qmee mobile apps provide access to many of the same earning opportunities as the desktop site, including surveys, web searches, shopping, and more. So you can earn in your spare moments throughout the day no matter where you are. The mobile apps are free to download and use, allowing you to maximize your earning potential across devices.

What Countries Can Use Qmee?

Qmee is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, and France. They state that more countries are coming soon, but the list of supported countries has remained the same for years. While Qmee is limited to a select few countries, they do aim to provide earning opportunities to as many members as possible within those countries. So if you live in one of the supported countries, Qmee can be a decent option for making some extra money in your spare time.

Qmee Customer Support

Qmee generally provides decent customer support. They tend to respond to queries and complaints fairly quickly. However, some users report issues getting responses, so support quality may vary. Qmee aims to provide helpful support to all members, but with a large volume of users, response times and quality may fluctuate at times. For the most part, Qmee support aims to respond within 1 to 2 business days of receiving a support ticket. The support team can assist with issues related to surveys, payments, account access, and more.

Pros and Cons of Using Qmee


  • Free to join
  • No minimum payout
  • Pays in cash via PayPal
  • Mobile apps available


  • Limited country availability
  • Tedious to find qualifying surveys
  • Low rewards for some activities

Is Qmee Legit or a Scam?

Qmee is a legitimate rewards platform, not a scam. Thousands of members have used it to earn money over the years. However, it has some limitations that users should be aware of. Qmee provides free and easy ways to earn a little extra money in your spare time. They aim to provide a trustworthy platform where members feel comfortable providing personal information to qualify for surveys and research studies.

Qmee can provide an easy way to earn a little extra money in your free time. Just don't expect it to replace a full-time income. It's best used along with other rewards platforms to maximize your earnings potential. If earning money through surveys, market research studies, and other incentives sounds appealing, Qmee is worth checking out. They provide simple ways to earn that can work with any schedule or availability.

Overall, Qmee is worth considering if you live in one of the supported countries. Just go in with realistic expectations. It likely won't make you rich, but you can earn some extra cash with time and effort. Qmee aims to provide an easy-to-use platform where people can earn money for sharing their voice and opinions. While earnings are small, they can add up over time and with consistent use of the platform.

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