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MobileXpression App Review: Is This Data Collector Legit?

MobileXpression Review: Is It Worth It? (The Full Truth)

What is MobileXpression?

MobileXpression is a market research panel owned by Comscore that pays users to install an app on their mobile devices that passively collects data on their online behaviors and trends. 

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The app runs in the background and gathers anonymous usage statistics to provide market research that companies can use to inform their mobile marketing strategies.

How Does MobileXpression Work?

There are two main ways to earn with MobileXpression:

Mobile App

The main way to earn is by installing the MobileXpression app on your mobile device. This app will passively collect anonymous data on your online activities while running in the background. You don't have to actively do anything other than install the app and enable the necessary permissions. The longer you keep the app installed, the more rewards you can earn.

Mobile Surveys

You may also occasionally receive invitations to complete mobile surveys. These surveys gather additional information that MobileXpression's partner companies are looking for. You will be notified of the reward for completing each survey. However, surveys are infrequent on MobileXpression compared to the passive earnings from the app.

Payment Methods

You don't earn cash from MobileXpression. Instead, you earn credits that can be redeemed for gift cards. For every week you have the app installed, you can claim a $5 gift card. MobileXpression states they offer a great selection of gift card options to choose from.

Earning Potential

According to user reviews, you can earn around $5 per week passively from having the app installed. MobileXpression also occasionally runs prize draws that provide chances to win additional rewards. However, you cannot depend on these as a steady income stream.

One thing to consider is that the app requires a constant internet connection, so it will use some of your mobile data. This is something to keep in mind if you are on a limited data plan. The app does not actually use that much data, however, since it mainly collects usage statistics in the background. As long as you have a few gigabytes of data per month, the MobileXpression app should not pose an issue.

Available Platforms

MobileXpression is only available on mobile. You have to install two apps - the main MobileXpression app that collects data, and the MobileXpression Connect app which is a VPN that allows communication with MobileXpression's servers.

The apps can only be downloaded through a link they provide during registration. They are not available in the app stores. Your mobile device must be compatible with the apps in order to participate.

How to Join

Joining MobileXpression is straightforward - just visit their website and sign up with some basic information. You'll select your mobile device type and receive a download link. Install both apps while connected to wifi and enable all permissions. Then you can start earning passively!


Here are the main pros and cons of using MobileXpression:


  • Easy passive income
  • Low $5 weekly payout threshold
  • Good gift card selection


  • Does not pay cash
  • Data collection might feel invasive
  • Uses mobile data
  • Need constant internet connection
  • Infrequent surveys

Overall, MobileXpression can provide an easy way to earn some extra gift card rewards completely passively. However, the limitations may make other survey and rewards sites a better option for some users.


MobileXpression is a legitimate market research app that rewards you with gift cards for passively collecting data on your mobile behaviors. While easy to use, it does have some limitations in terms of being mobile-only, not paying cash, and consuming mobile data. If you don't mind having an app collect anonymous usage statistics in the background, it can be an effortless way to earn around $5 per week in gift cards. Just be aware of the limitations before joining.

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