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Musifiq Review Exposed: The Truth About This Music App

Musifiq Review: Is It Worth Your Time? The Full Truth Revealed

What is Musifiq?

Musifiq is a social music platform that allows users to earn money by listening to music uploaded by artists. The premise is simple - you listen to songs or watch music videos within the Musifiq platform and earn points. You can then convert these points into cash and withdraw your earnings.

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On the surface, Musifiq seems like an appealing way to earn some extra money, especially for music lovers. But does it really deliver on its promises? Let's take a closer look at how Musifiq works.

How Does Musifiq Work?

There are two main ways to earn money on Musifiq:

Listening to Music

To start earning, log into your Musifiq account either on the website or mobile app. Browse through the catalogue of songs and select one to listen to. Let the song play through completely and you'll receive 4 points as a reward. You can replay the same song repeatedly to rack up points.

Musifiq claims to have a large catalog of songs to choose from, but in reality, most of the content seems to be from Indian artists. So if you're not into Bollywood music, you'll have limited options. The selection of English songs is quite sparse. This significantly limits the potential to earn for most users outside of India.

Watching Music Videos

You can also earn points by watching music videos. Simply pick a video you want to watch, let it play to the end, and you'll receive 4 points. Again, you can watch the same video multiple times to earn points.

Like the music selection, most of the videos on Musifiq are Bollywood music videos. So you're still limited if you prefer other music genres. The video quality also varies, with some only available in lower resolutions.

Musifiq Payment Methods

You need to accumulate at least 2,000 points to make a withdrawal, which equals $2. However, Musifiq charges a $0.30 service fee for withdrawals. Your earnings will be sent directly to your bank account via bank transfer.

The payment method is convenient since you can cash out directly to your bank. But the high minimum withdrawal threshold means you'll have to listen to 500+ songs just to reach the $2 mark. This can take 10-15 hours of listening time for most users. And with the $0.30 fee, you're left with only $1.70, making the time investment hardly seem worth it.

How Much Can You Earn on Musifiq?

The earning potential on Musifiq is quite low. You only receive 4 points (worth $0.004) per song/video. Considering each song is at least 4 minutes long, you'll need to spend a significant amount of time just to earn a few dollars.

Realistically, even if you listen to music for 5 hours a day on Musifiq, you'll barely make $5-10 a month. The rewards are just too minimal for the time investment required. You would make more money with a part-time job working just 1-2 hours a week at minimum wage.

Is There a Musifiq App?

Yes, Musifiq does have a free mobile app for Android devices. This allows you to earn points on-the-go. However, there is no iOS app currently available.

The app works smoothly without disruptive ads. You can access all the same earning features as the desktop site. But you're still limited to mostly Indian music. The app is convenient if you want to earn while commuting or doing chores, but the low payouts remain an issue.

Who Can Join Musifiq?

Musifiq is open to users worldwide. However, given the focus on Indian music, it really caters more to users in India. To sign up, you simply need to fill out a registration form with your details.

Musifiq Support

Musifiq does not make it easy to get support. There is a basic FAQ section, but no direct contact methods on the website. After some searching, I found you can email support queries to [email protected].

But the lack of readily available contact details or in-site support options is disappointing. You'll likely struggle to get assistance if any issues arise. For a platform handling financial transactions and payments, the poor support system is concerning.

Conclusion - Is Musifiq Worth It?

So, is Musifiq a worthwhile way to earn some money? Here are the key pros and cons:


  • Interesting concept of getting paid to listen to music
  • Convenient direct bank transfer payments
  • Smooth mobile app for Android users


  • Very low earnings potential
  • Mostly Indian music selection
  • No iOS app
  • Poor customer support

Overall, while the premise of Musifiq is intriguing, it simply does not offer a viable way to earn decent money. The rewards are too low for the time commitment needed.

You're better off using other money making methods like survey sites or GPT apps if your goal is to maximize earnings. Or if you really want to earn from music, try apps like AAMusic which offer better rewards.


Musifiq allows you to earn a small amount of money by listening to music and watching videos. But with limited content variety, extremely low payouts, and poor support, it is not an effective platform to earn on.

While the concept sounds good, the actual earning potential and user experience make Musifiq not worth the effort for most people. There are many better options if you want to make money online or through music platforms. Musifiq needs to significantly improve their rewards and support to become a viable platform.

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