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Opinion Bureau Review: Is This Legit Survey App Worth Your Time?

Opinion Bureau Review - Is It Legit?

What is Opinion Bureau?

Opinion Bureau is a paid survey site where members can earn money by sharing their opinions on various topics. It is owned by Internet Research Bureau Pvt Ltd. Members are seen as "influencers" who can help shape products and services by providing feedback.

Opinion Bureau Sign Up

Users can earn money in a few ways on Opinion Bureau:

  • Taking online surveys
  • Participating in quick polls
  • Referring friends

Opinion Bureau has an app available for iOS and Android, so surveys can be taken on mobile devices. The platform is currently available in 29 countries.

Payment Methods

Opinion Bureau offers several payment methods, depending on your country:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Other gift cards
  • Bank transfer

The minimum payout threshold is around $5 in most countries. This is a reasonably low amount compared to many survey sites.

One thing to note is that it takes 45 days after a survey closes for the reward to be initiated. Then it takes another 7 days for the money to reach your account. So there is quite a long wait to receive earnings.

Earning Potential

The earning potential on Opinion Bureau appears to be relatively low compared to other top survey sites. There are not a large number of surveys available. Users report being able to earn a little extra money, but it is unlikely to become a significant income stream.

Earnings will depend on how many surveys you qualify for and complete. The rewards per survey seem to be in line with average survey sites. But with fewer opportunities, the overall earnings potential is lower.

If Opinion Bureau were to increase the number of surveys available, it could become a more useful source of income for members. But as it stands now, most users will only make a small amount of money from the limited surveys. For people looking to make a meaningful amount from paid surveys, other platforms will likely offer more opportunities.

Available Platforms

Opinion Bureau can be accessed via:

  • Desktop website
  • iOS app
  • Android app

Having apps available makes it easy for users to participate in surveys on the go. But the number of surveys available will be the same, regardless of platform used.

How to Join

To join Opinion Bureau:

  1. Go to the Opinion Bureau website for your country.
  2. Click "Join Now" and select your country.
  3. Provide some basic personal info to create an account.
  4. Take a short profile survey (unpaid) to match you with surveys.
  5. Check email and dashboard for available paid surveys.

Conclusion - Pros and Cons


  • Free to join
  • Low minimum payout
  • Good payout methods
  • Mobile apps available


  • Limited number of surveys
  • Long wait time for rewards
  • Low earning potential


In summary, Opinion Bureau is a legitimate survey site, but it offers fairly limited earning opportunities compared to many competitors. It could be worth joining as an extra site to earn a little extra money from surveys. But most users would benefit from also joining some of the top paying survey sites in their country.

The pros of Opinion Bureau are that it's free, has a low payout threshold, offers good rewards methods, and can be used on mobile. The cons are that there are not many surveys available, it takes a long time to get paid, and the earning potential is low.

Overall, Opinion Bureau is worth considering if you want an additional easy-to-use survey site. Just don't expect it to be a major source of income. With more surveys and shorter payment times, Opinion Bureau could become a more useful platform.

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