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Outschool Review: Make Money Teaching Kids Online?

Outschool Review - Is It Worth Teaching Online Classes?

What is Outschool?

Outschool is an online teaching platform that allows people to earn money by teaching live online classes to students aged 3-18. Teachers, also called "educators", can create and list classes on any subject they are knowledgeable about. The classes can be one-on-one sessions or group classes.

Outschool Sign Up

Outschool takes care of all the backend work like enrollment, scheduling, and payments. Educators simply need to focus on creating engaging class content and teaching students.

Payment Methods

Outschool pays its educators via PayPal 7-13 days after classes are taught. For ongoing group classes, monthly batched payments are sent on the 15th of each month.

Outschool takes a 30% cut from earnings, so educators receive 70% of the class fees. This service fee covers the platform costs and backend work handled by Outschool.

Earning Potential

Earnings depend on factors like:

  • The subject matter and types of classes taught
  • Class duration and pricing set by the educator
  • Number of classes and enrollments

When starting out, it can take time to build up ratings and enrollments. But with consistent high-quality teaching, educators can earn a decent side income. Top educators easily make over $1,000 per month.

Available Platforms

The Outschool website and educator dashboard are mobile-friendly. But teaching classes requires a computer with webcam, mic, and stable internet connection.

How to Join

To become an Outschool educator:

  1. Apply by submitting a written and video introduction.
  2. Go through a background check.
  3. Complete required training modules.
  4. Create and list class offerings.

The application process can take up to 2 weeks. Educators must be based in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, or Wales.

Outschool provides resources and support to help educators create engaging classes. They offer guidance on choosing class topics, setting prices, marketing classes, and providing a great learning experience for students.

Some tips for success on Outschool include:

  • Focus on your areas of expertise and passion
  • Set reasonable class prices based on the subject matter and duration
  • Provide a detailed class listing with an enthusiastic intro video
  • Build your ratings and reviews by giving students a great learning experience
  • Offer interactive and fun classes using the video chat features
  • Promote your classes on social media to increase visibility



  • Flexible schedule
  • Set your own class rates
  • Paid via PayPal
  • No minimum payout threshold


  • No guaranteed income
  • High 30% service fee
  • Can take time to build student base and ratings


Overall, Outschool provides a flexible way for knowledgeable people to earn money teaching online. But it requires patience to build up your educator profile and student enrollments.

Outschool is ideal for those who enjoy teaching children and have expertise to share. With consistent high-quality classes, it can become a decent side income stream.

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