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Is Product Report Card Legit? Our Full Inside Review

Is Product Report Card Legit? An Inside Look

What is Product Report Card?

Product Report Card is a market research company that rewards members for sharing their opinions through surveys, product reviews, product tests, studies, and product research. It allows people to earn cash rewards by providing feedback on products.

Product Report Card Sign Up

Product Report Card offers the following main ways to earn:

Paid Surveys

Members can take online surveys about products and services. You need to fill out your member profile completely to qualify for more surveys. The surveys tend to be quite long but can pay well.

Product Reviews

You can write reviews of products you have tried. Each review earns around $0.50. It's a quick way to make some money.

Product Tests

You may qualify to receive free products to test and review. This allows you to get free items while also earning cash rewards.


Some studies pay very well, often hundreds of dollars, for your opinions in interviews. But they can be selective about who qualifies.

Product Research

You can earn rewards for researching products and providing information like prices and availability. But details on earnings are limited.

Product Report Card provides various opportunities to earn money through different methods. The surveys, reviews, and product research tend to provide smaller amounts, while the product tests and studies typically offer higher rewards. The key is to fully complete your member profile to increase your chances of qualifying for the higher paying opportunities.

Payment Methods

You need to earn at least $25 before you can redeem rewards. Most rewards are paid as Amazon gift cards within 3 days. Some high paying studies and tests pay via Visa gift cards or checks.

Earning Potential

It varies a lot. Surveys show the reward amount upfront. Product reviews pay around $0.50 each. Studies can pay from $100 to $500. But those can be hard to qualify for.

While the earning potential can vary significantly, most members report earning between $25 to $50 per month. The key is being active and participating as much as possible in the available opportunities. The more you participate, the more you can earn. Some of the longer term members who qualify for higher paying studies report earning up to $200 per month.

Available Platform

Product Report Card has mobile apps for iOS and Android so you can earn on the go.

How to Join

Sign up is free and open to residents of 17 countries. But be prepared to spend time completing your full member profile to qualify for surveys.



  • Free to join
  • Chance to earn real money
  • High rewards for some studies
  • Mobile app available


  • Long profile setup process
  • Payments can be slow
  • No PayPal payment option
  • Studies are hard to qualify for

Product Report Card is legit and pays, but the process can be slow. It offers a chance to earn, especially through high paying studies, but may require patience.


Product Report Card allows members to earn cash rewards for providing opinions on products through surveys, reviews, tests, studies, and research. It pays out real money in the form of Amazon gift cards, Visa cards, and checks. While legit, it can involve a slower earning process with factors like a long profile setup and hard to qualify studies. Overall, Product Report Card provides an additional way to earn, but may work better combined with other top survey sites.

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