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Earn $100 Playing Rise of Kingdoms Swagbucks - 10,000 SB Offer!

Earn 10,000 Swagbucks Playing Rise of Kingdoms

What is Rise of Kingdoms?

Rise of Kingdoms is a popular mobile massively multiplayer online strategy game. In the game, you build up a kingdom by constructing buildings, training troops, and upgrading technology. You can also form alliances, conquer new territories, and battle against other players.

The Swagbucks Offer

Swagbucks frequently offers rewards for reaching certain levels or milestones in mobile games. For Rise of Kingdoms, they will award you 10,000 Swagbucks for reaching City Hall level 18 within 21 days. 10,000 Swagbucks is equivalent to $100, so this can be a very lucrative offer if you're able to complete it.

Tips for Completing the Rise of Kingdoms Offer

Here are some tips to help you reach City Hall level 18 and earn your 10,000 Swagbucks:

  • Join an active alliance. Alliances allow you to get help from other players to speed up building upgrades and resource production. Look for an alliance that is actively helping its members.
  • Keep your building slots full. Always have new buildings upgrading so you can progress as quickly as possible.
  • Follow a building guide. There are many guides available to help you upgrade efficiently. Focus on buildings that unlock new building tiers and upgrade your City Hall as soon as possible.
  • Send out scouts. Exploring the map with your scouts allows you to find resources and villages to help your kingdom grow faster.
  • Prioritize gathering commanders. Level up commanders that boost resource gathering so you can gather more resources at a time. Check back frequently to send them out again.
  • Spend gems on speedups. Gems are best used to finish building upgrades instantly. Only spend them on other items if you have enough for speedups.
  • Complete all quests. The quests in the game provide rewards to help you progress. Aim to complete all available quests as you play through the offer.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to reaching City Hall level 18 and earning 10,000 Swagbucks SB. With some active play, you can complete this offer within 7-14 days. Good luck and happy kingdom building!

Rise of Kingdoms is a very popular real-time strategy game, so there are many players and alliances to interact with. Forming a strong alliance early on will help speed up your progress through teamwork and cooperation. Alliances allow you to get help from other players to speed up building upgrades and resource production through alliance gifts and alliance resource pits. Look for an alliance with many active members that are routinely donating resources and speedups to help each other out.

Keeping your building slots full at all times is key to fast progress in Rise of Kingdoms. Always have new buildings, research, or troop training upgrading so you can advance as quickly as possible. The more you upgrade, the faster you will reach higher levels and unlock new building tiers. Follow a building guide to ensure you are upgrading efficiently. Focus on buildings like the City Hall, Training Grounds, and Farm that unlock additional building slots and new building levels.

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