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WDYT Review: How This Survey App Earns You $25 in Your Spare Time

WDYT Review - Is This Australian Survey Site Worth Your Time?

What is WDYT?

WDYT (What Do You Think) is an online survey site exclusively for residents of Australia. As the name suggests, it rewards users for sharing their opinions by completing surveys.

WDYT Sign Up

WDYT allows members to earn points by completing surveys. Once enough points have been accumulated, members can redeem them for cash payments or gift cards.

WDYT is an online market research company that partners with consumer brands and market research firms to gain insights into public opinions and behaviors. By completing surveys, members provide valuable data that help companies improve their products and services. In exchange, members are rewarded for their time and input.

Payment Methods

WDYT uses a points-based system. Each survey completed earns you a certain number of points. The number of points earned depends on the length and type of survey.

Once you have accumulated 2,500 points (equivalent to $25), you can redeem your earnings. WDYT offers two payout methods:

WDYT's payment methods are fairly limited compared to other survey sites. While a bank transfer is convenient for most, the gift card options are restricted to a few major retailers. The high minimum redemption threshold also means it will take time to accumulate enough points for your first payout. On the plus side, WDYT does pay out promptly as promised according to member reviews.

  • Bank transfer - Your earnings will be transferred to your nominated bank account. Transfers are processed within 10 business days.
  • Gift cards - You can redeem points for gift cards from select retailers.

Earning Potential

There are two main ways to earn on WDYT:

Completing surveys

The main way to earn is by completing surveys. WDYT provides a decent number of surveys paying 100 points ($1) on average.

To maximize earnings, complete your member profile as this increases survey invites. Also prioritize newly posted surveys as these have the highest chance of qualifying. Check the site frequently as new surveys are posted daily. The more active you are in completing surveys, the more you can earn.

Referral program

You can also earn by referring friends. You get 100 points when they complete their first survey. You then earn 10 points for each survey they complete afterwards.

WDYT's referral program is a good way to earn some passive income. However, the incentive may not be enough for most members to actively promote the site to lots of friends. The earnings from referrals will likely make up only a small portion of your total earnings for most members.

Available Platforms

WDYT's website is mobile-optimized so surveys can be completed on smartphones or tablets. However, there is no mobile app.

The lack of a mobile app is somewhat disappointing as apps often provide a better user experience for survey taking on the go. However, the mobile-optimized website does allow you to complete surveys whenever you have spare time using just your mobile browser.

How to Join

Joining WDYT is quick and easy:

  1. Visit and click "Join Now".
  2. Fill out the registration form.
  3. Confirm your email address.
  4. Complete your member profile.

You must be an Australian resident aged 18+ to join. WDYT also accepts 16-17 year olds with parental consent.

Becoming a member of WDYT is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. Be sure to provide accurate information in your profile to increase your chances of qualifying for more surveys. The more details you provide about your demographics and interests, the more targeted the survey invitations will be.



  • Decent earning rates per survey
  • Referral program provides passive income
  • Site is mobile-friendly


  • High minimum payout threshold
  • Only available in Australia
  • Limited payment options

WDYT is a legitimate survey site for Australians. The main advantages are the good earnings rates and mobile-friendly platform.

However, the high payout threshold and restrictions to Australia only make it less attractive compared to the top survey sites. If more payment options and a lower minimum payout were offered, WDYT would likely gain more popularity and be a competitor to leading global survey sites.


WDYT is an Australian survey site paying decent rates. While legitimate, the limited payment options and high payout minimum make it less competitive overall.

If you're an active survey taker in Australia, WDYT is worth considering. But it likely won't become your main survey site unless you refer lots of active friends. For most, WDYT may be better as a secondary survey option to supplement earnings from other sites.

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