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Wondough Review: Make $10/Month or Stay Away?

Can You Make Money on Wondough Surveys? Insider Review

What is Wondough?

Wondough is a paid survey site that looks similar to other survey sites when you first visit. However, it's important to look deeper to determine if a survey site is worth your time. So is Wondough a scam, or a legitimate way to earn money by sharing your opinion online?

Wondough Sign Up

I've been a Wondough member for a while and tested the site extensively. In this review, I'll provide an inside look at Wondough so you can decide if it's the right platform for you.

Wondough offers 4 main ways to earn:

  • Paid surveys
  • Coupons
  • Referral program
  • Signup bonus

Paid Surveys

Wondough has paid surveys, usually offered through survey routers. However, Wondough doesn't have many surveys available and the rewards are lower than other similar sites.

Some "surveys" are just contests where you provide your email address. These aren't worth your time in most cases.


Wondough has a coupons section, which is similar to an offer wall on other sites. You can earn by completing various offers, like making purchases and more. However, Wondough doesn't provide details on the offer conditions.

Referral Program

You can earn 50 points for each friend you refer to Wondough. However, the site doesn't explain precisely when you'll receive credit.

Signup Bonus

Wondough claims to offer an 80 point signup bonus. However, I did not receive this bonus when joining. It may only be available in certain countries.

Payment Methods

You earn Wondough points for completing surveys and offers. 100 points equals $1. The only reward is Amazon gift cards.

The minimum payout is 300 points, so you can cash out quickly. This is a major plus for Wondough.

Earning Potential

You can earn decent pocket money on Wondough, but it depends heavily on your country. Wondough only has decent earning potential for people in the US and Canada.

You won't get rich with Wondough, but it's possible to earn a bit extra. Just don't expect to replace a full-time income.

Wondough does not have a large volume of surveys, even for those living in the US and Canada. On average, members can expect to earn between $5 to $10 per month at most by dedicating a few hours a week to completing surveys and offers on Wondough. The earning potential is quite low compared to other survey sites that offer a larger number of higher paying surveys on a daily basis.

Available Platform

Wondough's website is mobile-friendly, allowing you to take surveys on the go. However, they don't seem to have a mobile app available currently.

How to Join

Joining Wondough is quick and easy. Just go to and fill out the registration form. You can also use your Twitter, Facebook, or Google account.


Here are the main pros and cons of using Wondough:


  • Low $3 minimum payout
  • Free to join


  • Very limited opportunities worldwide
  • Poor support
  • Lower rewards than other survey sites
  • Misleading testimonials on site
  • Low earning potential

Wondough seems legitimate, but is still lacking in some areas. It has potential if they expand opportunities worldwide and improve transparency.

For now, there are better survey and GPT sites to focus your time on. But Wondough could be worth revisiting in the future if they work out the kinks.


Wondough is a legitimate paid survey site, but has limited potential for most people outside the US and Canada. It offers paid surveys, coupons, a referral program, and signup bonus. While Wondough has a nice low cashout minimum, it has lower rewards and earning potential than many competitors. There are concerns around misleading testimonials and poor support too. Ultimately, Wondough needs some improvement to be a top survey site, but shows potential down the road.

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