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You'll Never Believe What We Found in Our Zap Surveys App Review!

What is Zap Surveys?

Zap Surveys is a survey app available for Android and iOS devices. It allows users to earn money by completing surveys through third-party survey providers like Peanut Labs, TabResearch, and Poolfish For Good. The app is owned by Apps that Pay, the same company behind other survey apps and websites.

The main way to earn with Zap Surveys is by taking surveys. However, there are a few other minor ways to earn small amounts of extra cash such as getting daily login bonuses, sharing on social media, referring friends, and visiting partner stores. The rewards for these extra activities are very small compared to what you can earn from surveys.

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How Does Zap Surveys Work?

After downloading the app, you fill out some basic demographic information about yourself. Zap Surveys then provides survey opportunities to you based on your profile. The surveys come from the third-party providers mentioned above.

When you complete surveys, you earn cash rewards in your Zap Surveys account. The rewards vary per survey, but tend to be on the lower end compared to other survey apps and websites. Once you hit the $25 minimum payout threshold, you can cash out your earnings through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or Visa e-cards.

Unique Features of Zap Surveys

Here are some of the unique features Zap Surveys offers:

Sign-up Bonus

When you first join Zap Surveys, you can complete a short starter survey for a $6.25 reward. This provides a nice boost when you're just getting started.

Referral Program

You can earn $0.15 for each friend you refer who signs up using your referral code. You'll also get a $0.75 bonus if you refer 15 friends.

Location Rewards

If you enable location services, you can earn $0.25 each time you get close to one of Zap Survey's 200+ partner stores running a promotion.

Sharing Bonus

You can earn $0.50 for sharing about Zap Surveys on Facebook and $0.50 for sharing on Twitter.

Daily Login Bonus

You'll get $0.01-$0.03 each day just for logging into the app. You'll also get a $0.75 bonus for logging in daily for 45 days straight.

Pros of Using Zap Surveys

  • Decent variety of surveys
  • Easy to use app
  • Good signup bonus opportunity
  • Can earn passively from location rewards
  • Pays out through PayPal

Cons of Using Zap Surveys

  • $25 minimum payout threshold is high
  • Survey rewards are on the lower end
  • Limited to only 3 survey providers
  • Poor customer support
  • Referral program rewards are very small
  • Not available in all countries

Is Zap Surveys Worth Using?

Zap Surveys seems to have potential to earn some pocket money, but it's certainly not going to make you rich. The $25 minimum payout requirement is quite high compared to other survey apps and the survey rewards are on the lower end.

The app itself is easy to use and convenient for earning on the go. The location rewards are a nice passive earning feature. However, the limited survey providers and lack of customer support are concerning.

Overall, Zap Surveys may be worth trying out if you just want to make a little extra cash from surveys. But there are likely better survey apps and websites out there if you want to maximize your earnings. It's not a platform I would rely on heavily for survey income.

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