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Is Adidas Product Testing Legit or a SCAM? Honest Review

Is Adidas Product Testing Legit? An Honest Review

What is Adidas Product Testing?

Adidas Product Testing is a product testing platform run by the popular sports brand Adidas. It allows people to test new Adidas products before they are released to the public and provide feedback. This helps Adidas improve their products based on real user experiences.

Adidas Product Testing Sign Up

Adidas is always working to develop innovative new products for their customers. By allowing real users to test gear ahead of launch, they get valuable insights into how to improve the products. Adidas Product Testing is a way for the company to enhance user experience and build high quality gear that meets people's needs.

Payment Methods

Adidas Product Testing does not actually pay testers. You get to test products for free but you do not earn any cash rewards. Some false claims state testers get paid, but Adidas has made it clear on their site that no one gets paid. The only reward is getting to try out new products before release.

While being able to test new Adidas gear before anyone else is exciting for fans of the brand, do not expect to make any money from the program. Adidas Product Testing is not an opportunity to earn extra cash or get paid for your time. The sole benefit is simply testing out products and providing your feedback, which Adidas then uses to improve the gear before launching it.

Earning Potential

Since testers do not get paid, there is no earning potential with Adidas Product Testing. It is not a platform to earn extra money but rather for people passionate about testing new Adidas gear.

If you are looking for ways to make money testing products, Adidas Product Testing is not the right program. You will not earn any rewards or cash for your time and effort. The opportunity is solely aimed at people who want to try out new Adidas products to help the company enhance their gear before releasing it to the public.

Available Platforms

Adidas Product Testing is available in the U.S. and most European countries. You must be at least 18 years old to apply. The testing process involves applying online, receiving products in the mail if accepted, testing them for 2-4 weeks, and then mailing them back to Adidas.

Adidas aims to get feedback from real users in areas where they sell a lot of their products. By focusing on major markets in North America and Europe, they can improve gear to better meet the needs of customers in those regions. The program is only open to adults, as minors are not able to provide legally consent to participate.

How to Join

To become a tester, you need to fill out an online survey about your preferences and demographics. Adidas uses this info to determine if you are eligible. If accepted, you will get an email inviting you to test products. There is no guarantee you will be selected as a tester.

Applying to become an Adidas product tester is straightforward. You just need to complete a short survey on their website to express your interest. The survey will ask questions about things like your age, location, sports interests, and Adidas product preferences. Adidas will review submissions and select testers based on matching people with the right products.

However, there is no way to guarantee you will be chosen as a product tester. Adidas likely gets many more applications than they have testing opportunities for. But applying is free and only takes a few minutes, so it may be worth a shot if you're interested in testing new Adidas gear before release.

Pros and Cons

Here are the main pros and cons of Adidas Product Testing:


  • Test unreleased Adidas products
  • Free shipping

The biggest benefit of Adidas Product Testing is getting to try out new products before they launch. As an Adidas fan, being one of the first to test their latest gear is an exciting opportunity.

You also get free shipping for any products you test. Adidas will mail you the items for free, you test them for a few weeks, then return them at no cost.


  • No pay or rewards
  • Don't get to keep the products
  • Hard to be selected as a tester

The downside is you do not receive any compensation for your time as a product tester. You have to test the items in your free time without earning any pay or rewards.

You also have to return the products after testing them. While you get to try them out for a few weeks, you do not get to keep the Adidas gear.

Finally, there is no guarantee you will actually get to participate as a tester. Adidas likely receives far more applications than they need, so being selected is challenging. There is a chance you may apply but never get invited to test any products.


Adidas Product Testing is a legitimate way to test new products from the brand, but it is not a paid opportunity. You will not earn any money or rewards. The only benefit is getting to try out products before release.

It can be worth applying if you are a huge Adidas fan who wants to shape future products. But if you want to earn cash testing products, this program is not for you.

Instead, check out top survey and GPT sites that pay rewards. These will guarantee you can earn money for your time and effort.

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