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Cash Giraffe Review: Scam or Legit? The Truth Will Shock You!

In-Depth Cash Giraffe Review - Everything You Need To Know

What is Cash Giraffe?

Cash Giraffe is a mobile app that pays users to play games. It is a GPT (get-paid-to) app developed by justDice, a company known for creating legitimate money making apps. 

Cash Giraffe Sign Up

The main concept of Cash Giraffe is that you can earn money by playing games on your mobile device. For every minute you spend playing the featured games within the app, you'll earn points called "gems". These gems can then be redeemed for cash rewards paid via PayPal or gift cards to popular stores.

Aside from playing the games, Cash Giraffe also offers additional "deals" such as surveys that allow you to earn more gems. However, these opportunities are limited in number and availability. The primary focus of the app is on playing the featured games. The more you play, the more gems you can earn. It's a simple concept but does require a significant time investment to earn a meaningful amount of money.

Cash Giraffe Payment Methods

Once you've earned enough gems playing the games and completing deals in the Cash Giraffe app, you can redeem them for the following payment methods:

PayPal - The minimum withdrawal amount varies per country, but is generally around $0.20 to $0.50. PayPal is available in most countries which means most users will have this as a redemption option. After requesting a PayPal withdrawal, funds are sent directly to your PayPal account within 5 business days.

Gift cards - The options for gift card rewards depends on your country. Popular gift cards may be available for major retailers where you live. Gift card codes are emailed to you within 3 to 5 business days after requesting a redemption. The minimum amounts for gift card redemptions are similar to PayPal at around $0.20 to $0.50 in value.

The payment process is quite straightforward. Once you've earned enough gems to meet the minimum threshold, you simply request a redemption for either PayPal cash or a gift card. Your request is then processed and funds are sent to you within a few business days. While the amounts are small, Cash Giraffe does pay out reliably which is a good sign.

Cash Giraffe Earning Potential

While Cash Giraffe does pay out earned rewards reliably, the earning potential within the app is unfortunately quite low. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

You earn very few gems for each minute spent playing the featured games. The gem rewards diminish the longer you play a particular game. This means you have to switch between games frequently to maximize your earnings, which can be tedious.

The additional "deals" within the app like surveys don't provide many opportunities to earn extra gems. They are limited in number and often unavailable. You can't rely on these to boost your earnings significantly.

After you make your first redemption, it takes a long time to earn enough gems for the next payout. The gem rewards you earn playing games decrease over time and it can take hours of playing to earn another dollar.

Realistically, it would take a significant time investment, likely several hours, to earn even just a couple of dollars with Cash Giraffe. The rewards on offer are quite low compared to other GPT apps and survey sites. For most people, the earnings potential won't match the time required to earn them.

Available Platform

Cash Giraffe is only available as a mobile app for Android devices. There is currently no iOS or desktop version of the app available. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. As it is only available on Android, iOS users and those without a compatible Android device cannot use the Cash Giraffe app.

How to Join Cash Giraffe

Here are the simple steps to join Cash Giraffe:

1. Download the Cash Giraffe app from the Google Play store. The app is free to download and available worldwide.

2. Open the Cash Giraffe app and register an account. You can sign up using either your Google, Facebook or just enter an email address and password. Basic personal information like name, address and date of birth will be requested.

3. Allow the Cash Giraffe app to track data usage when prompted. This allows the app to function properly and track your activity and earnings. You can disable data tracking for the app in your device settings at any time.

4. Complete your profile details like adding a profile photo. This is optional but may increase your opportunities for additional deals within the app.

5. You'll receive some bonus gems to get started, usually around 200 to 500 gems. This can be enough for your first reward redemption.

6. Start playing the featured games in the app to earn more gems. The more you play, the more gems you'll earn which can then be redeemed for cash and gift cards.

The registration and setup process only takes a few minutes to complete. The app is free to join and open to any country. However, not all payment options may be available depending on your location.


Here is a quick summary of the pros and cons of using the Cash Giraffe rewards app:


  • Legitimate app that reliably pays out earned rewards
  • Straightforward payment options including PayPal cash and gift cards
  • App is free to join and available worldwide


  • Very low earning potential that likely won't match the time required
  • Only available on Android mobile devices
  • Lack of support options in the app

Overall, while Cash Giraffe is a legitimate rewards app that pays out earned money, the low earnings potential means it's probably not worth the time for most users. There are better options available that offer higher rewards for the time spent using them. However, if you have an Android device and just want to earn a little easy money playing some games, Cash Giraffe could still be worth checking out.

For most people though, the small rewards on offer likely won't motivate continued use of the app. You're better off looking at higher paying survey sites and GPT apps unless you really enjoy the games and don't mind earning very little for your time.


Cash Giraffe is an Android app that allows users to earn gems by playing mobile games, which can then be redeemed for cash rewards and gift cards. While the app pays out reliably, the potential earnings are very low for the time required. It can take hours of playing games to earn just a few dollars.

The app is limited to Android devices only and there are no help resources within the app. The lack of support and low earnings mean Cash Giraffe probably won't appeal to most users despite being a legitimate rewards app.

For people looking to earn decent money from taking surveys, playing games or completing tasks on their mobile device, Cash Giraffe likely won't fit the bill. You'll be better served using a higher paying GPT app or survey site. However, if you enjoy playing the games and just want to make a little easy money on the side, Cash Giraffe could still be an option, as long as you go in with realistic expectations about the low rewards.

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