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Is CPABuild (Affmine) Legit? The Shocking Truth!

Is CPABuild Legit? An Honest Review

If you've been searching for ways to make money online, you've probably come across CPABuild. But is it legit or a scam? This comprehensive review will provide all the details so you can decide if CPABuild is worth your time and effort.

CPABuild (Affmine) Sign Up

What is CPABuild?

CPABuild (currently known as Affmine) is a platform that lets you earn money by promoting various offers. It utilizes a business model called cost per action (CPA) marketing. This involves advertisers partnering with affiliates (you) and paying them when they get people to complete a desired action like making a purchase or signing up for something.

CPABuild provides the offers and tools to allow members to promote them. It is a legitimate site in that you can actually earn money from it if you put in the work. However, just because it's legit doesn't automatically mean it's worth investing your valuable time into. To decide if it's worthwhile, you need to understand how it works in depth.

CPABuild has been around since 2008, so it is an established company. They claim to have over 2 million members and work with hundreds of advertisers. While the numbers seem impressive, you have to take them with a grain of salt. The reality for most members, especially beginners, is that making significant money from CPABuild is difficult.

CPABuild's Main Ways to Earn

There are two primary methods CPABuild members use to make money:

1. Promoting Sweepstakes Offers

One way is by promoting various sweepstakes offers found in your account dashboard. You can spread these through social media, YouTube, direct messaging people - whatever works. The goal is getting people to sign up for the sweepstakes offer you're promoting.

The problem is most sweepstakes provide little to no value for those signing up. Even if some people bite initially, they'll quickly realize it wasn't worth their time. This damages your credibility. Over time, as you promote more low-value offers, people will stop listening.

Relying on this method is not sustainable long-term. While you may earn a bit upfront, you'll progressively make less and less. Low-value promotions don't lead to affiliate marketing success. If you want to achieve real success with CPABuild, avoid sweepstakes offers and focus on higher quality promotions.

2. Creating a Free Website or Blog

Another approach is building a free website or blog on platforms like Blogger and placing CPABuild offers on it. The idea is to drive traffic to your site to get exposure for the offers and earn when people complete them.

Typically, people promoting this method recommend using traffic exchanges or PTC sites. These can drive large volumes of traffic rapidly. However, the traffic is low quality and not targeted. People visiting from traffic exchanges are only interested in building traffic for their own sites - not signing up for random offers.

So while you may build traffic quickly, it will not convert into earnings. High-quality, targeted traffic is necessary for affiliate promotions to work. Quick, easy traffic from exchanges won't cut it. If you want the best results, focus on building an engaged audience through valuable content and only promote highly relevant offers to them.

To achieve success with CPABuild, you need to take the long view. Build authority and trust by creating helpful content for your target audience. Engage with your followers and get to know their needs. Only promote offers you genuinely believe will benefit them. This approach takes diligent work but leads to the most sustainable income over time.

Payment Methods

When you generate a lead through CPABuild, you earn a commission. Your account is credited with the amount earned. Payments are processed weekly as long as you meet the $50 minimum payout threshold.

You can receive payments via PayPal, Payoneer, direct bank transfer, or Bitcoin. The available payment methods are convenient. However, meeting the threshold consistently as a beginner can be difficult. Many members struggle to reach the minimum for months. If payments are important, CPABuild may not be the best option when you're first getting started.

Is CPABuild Worth It?

Now that you understand how it works in depth, is CPABuild worth your precious time and effort? Honestly, it's probably not for several reasons:

  • Poor communication - CPABuild is not very responsive to members.
  • Strict application process - As a beginner, you'll likely get rejected.
  • Low-quality offers - You won't find many promotions worth your time.
  • Difficult to earn - Reaching minimum payment thresholds and building sustainable income takes significant time and work.

While it's possible to earn something, it would require significant time and effort for lackluster results. There are much better CPA marketing networks out there that are more beginner-friendly with higher quality offers and support.

How to Succeed with CPA Marketing

If you want to achieve success with CPA marketing long-term, you need to focus on quality over quantity. Some tips:

  • Build trust by providing value first
  • Target a specific niche/audience
  • Produce excellent content consistently
  • Promote only relevant, quality offers
  • Be patient and take the long view

This approach requires patience upfront but leads to loyal followers and sustainable earnings long-term.

CPABuild (Affmine( Review Summary

In summary, while CPABuild or Affmine is legit, it has too many shortcomings to be worthwhile for beginners. The lack of quality offers, strict application process, difficult earnings, and poor support mean you'll likely become frustrated and give up.

You're better off finding a more beginner-friendly CPA network with better support and offers. Focus on building an audience through excellent content first. Once you have an engaged following, high-quality CPA promotions will convert much better.

This approach takes more work upfront but leads to sustainable long-term affiliate marketing success. I hope this honest CPABuild review helps you make a wise decision. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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