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DailyRewards Review: Make Easy Cash or Total SCAM?

DailyRewards Review - Is It Legit or a Scam? (Full Details)

With the rise of the gig economy, more and more people are looking for ways to earn extra money on their own time. Survey and GPT (get-paid-to) sites like DailyRewards promise an easy way to make money from home by completing simple online tasks. 

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But are these sites legitimate or just scams? In this review, we'll take an in-depth look at DailyRewards to determine if it's the real deal or not.

What is DailyRewards?

DailyRewards is a get-paid-to (GPT) site that promises to pay users for completing small online tasks. It is owned by the same company that runs InboxDollars, another popular GPT site. DailyRewards offers users several ways to earn money on its platform, including:

Cash Offers

Users can complete various offers like surveys, registrations, watching videos etc. to earn cash rewards. The more work required to complete an offer, the higher the reward amount. Offers include things like signing up for websites, downloading apps, taking online surveys, and more. Rewards for these offers typically range from $0.25 to $3.00 per offer completed.

Daily Rewards Surveys

Users can take surveys directly on DailyRewards as well as surveys from other survey sites. They have to qualify for each survey before taking it. Surveys on DailyRewards typically pay between $0.50 to $3.00 to complete and take around 5 to 15 minutes. Users get paid for each survey completed as long as they qualify and finish the entire survey.

Cash Games

Users can earn cashback rewards by playing free games on the platform. They have to deposit their own money into a WorldWinner account to compete and win cash prizes. The types of games offered include arcade games, card games, casino games, puzzle games, and word games. How much users can win depends on the specific games and tournaments they play. Winnings are paid out as cash rewards that can be withdrawn from the DailyRewards site.

Referral Program

Users can invite friends and earn 10% of their earnings. They can also use referral banners to promote DailyRewards. For each friend that signs up and becomes active on DailyRewards, the user earns 10% of all the money their friend makes completing offers on the site. The more referrals a user gets, the more money they can make passively from the referral program.

Payment Methods

DailyRewards rewards users with real cash, not points. The minimum payout threshold is $30. Users can withdraw their earnings via PayPal only. It takes 10-16 days to process payments. Once a user reaches $30 in their account, they can request a payment via PayPal which will then be processed and paid out within 10 to 16 business days.

Earning Potential

Earning potential depends on user activity. The more offers completed, the more money users can make. Completing the daily to-do list also provides a small bonus. Referring friends is another way to earn passively. According to DailyRewards, active users typically earn $50 to $150 per month. The exact amount will depend on how much time you spend on the site, how many offers and surveys you complete, if you participate in the referral program, and whether you play any cash games.

Available Platform

There is no mobile app but the website is mobile-friendly. Users can access DailyRewards on any device using a mobile browser. While DailyRewards does not have an official mobile app, their website is optimized for mobile devices. Users can access their account and complete most offers directly from the mobile-friendly website on their smartphone or tablet.

How to Join

DailyRewards is only available for Canadian residents aged 18+. Users need to provide their name, email and confirm their email to register. They get a $5 bonus just for confirming their email. To get started with DailyRewards, you must be a resident of Canada and at least 18 years of age. You simply need to provide your name and email address to create an account. Once you confirm your email, you'll receive a $5 bonus to start earning on the site.


Here are the main pros and cons of DailyRewards:


  • Pays real money
  • Offers PayPal payment
  • Has several earning opportunities


  • High $30 payout threshold
  • Only pays out in cash rewards

DailyRewards can be a decent way for Canadians to earn some side income online. The high threshold and limited rewards options are downsides to consider. Overall, DailyRewards seems to be a legitimate GPT site, but the earning potential is relatively low. For most users, it may only amount to some extra pocket change. However, if you have the time to dedicate to completing a high volume of offers and surveys, you could potentially earn $50 to $150 per month or more.


DailyRewards is a legitimate GPT site that provides various opportunities to earn cash rewards. It has a high payment threshold of $30 but gives a $5 bonus just for signing up. Overall, it can be worth using for Canadians looking to make some extra money online if you put in the time and effort. While not a scam, the earning potential on DailyRewards is relatively low for the amount of time required. For most users, earnings will amount to just a few dollars per month. However, by being very active on the site and utilizing all the available earning options, some people report making between $50 to $150 per month or more.

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