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Is DoodStream Legit? Earn Money with Video, Honest Review

Is DoodStream Legit? A Comprehensive Review

What is DoodStream?

DoodStream is a video hosting platform that allows users to earn money by uploading videos. You can potentially earn when people view the videos you upload. However, there are some important things to consider before joining to determine if it is a legit way to earn money or not.

DoodStream Sign Up

DoodStream claims to pay users for uploading and sharing their videos. To earn money, you need to upload videos, share the links to your videos on social media and other platforms to drive views, and earn money when your videos reach 10,000 views per country. However, many people question if DoodStream is legitimate and actually pays out as promised. This review will examine all aspects of DoodStream to help you determine if it is worth your time or not.

DoodStream Payment Methods

According to DoodStream, to earn money on their platform, your videos need to reach 10,000 views from viewers in a specific country. The amount you can earn depends on the country the views are coming from. For Tier 1 countries like the United States, DoodStream claims you can earn $0.33 per 10,000 views. For Tier 2 countries, the rate is $0.22 per 10,000 views, Tier 3 is $0.11, and Tier 4 is $0.07.

DoodStream states that once you've earned at least $10, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal, WebMoney, Payoneer, or Skrill. The ability to withdraw via PayPal is a good sign, as PayPal does not allow sites with questionable business practices to use their payment services. However, some users report issues with receiving payments from DoodStream, even after earning and requesting the minimum threshold, which is concerning.

The payment rates that DoodStream advertises seem very low for the amount of work required to earn. Reaching 10,000 views per country is not easy for most casual users. And when you do earn, the payments seem quite small. Many people feel the potential earnings do not seem worth the effort required.

DoodStream Earning Potential

Based on the payment rates and thresholds that DoodStream promotes, the earning potential for most users seems very low. Reaching 10,000 views per country is difficult for casual video makers and sharers. The links you have to share to drive views to your videos are also filled with spam ads, which harms your reputation and prevents repeat views and shares.

In comparison, YouTube offers much better payment rates and an overall better user experience. YouTube pays out at a rate of $0.18 per 1,000 ad views, with no minimum threshold. You can earn on YouTube with just a few thousand views total, rather than 10,000 per country. And YouTube does not require users to share spam-filled links to earn.

Based on these factors, DoodStream's earning potential seems very poor compared to other major platforms like YouTube. For most people, the potential earnings will not be worth the time and effort required. The model seems very questionable, and the likelihood of earning a substantial income appears to be quite low.

Available Platform

DoodStream does not appear to have its own mobile app, but the website itself is mobile-friendly. You can access DoodStream from any web browser on your mobile device to upload videos, share links, and check your earnings. While a mobile app is not essential, it does add legitimacy to platforms that do provide one. The lack of an app can make some users view the platform as less professional or polished.

How to Join DoodStream

DoodStream is available worldwide to anyone over 18 years old. To sign up, you just need to provide an email address. DoodStream will send you a one-time password to verify your email, and then you can start uploading videos and sharing links right away. The ease of joining may appeal to some, but it also allows anyone to sign up, even those with questionable intentions. Some basic identity verification would help ensure only legitimate users were joining the platform.

Conclusion - The Pros and Cons of DoodStream

Here are the main pros and cons of using DoodStream to earn money by uploading and sharing videos:


  • Offers PayPal as a payment method
  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Easy to join


  • Very low earning potential for most users
  • Spam-filled links can damage your reputation
  • High minimum views per country required to earn anything
  • Lack of identity verification is concerning
  • Some users report issues receiving payments

Summary - Is DoodStream Worth It?

In summary, DoodStream does not appear to be worth the time and effort for most people looking to earn money online. The potential earnings seem very low, while the amount of work required is quite high. Having to share spammy links to drive views can also damage your reputation over time.

There are many other survey sites, GPT websites, freelancing platforms, and video services like YouTube that offer far better earning potential in more ethical ways. DoodStream's model seems questionable, and there are too many concerning factors to recommend it as a legitimate way to earn income online.

For most people, DoodStream does not seem worth joining. There are plenty of better options available if you want to make money uploading or sharing videos, taking surveys, doing small tasks, or through other online work. DoodStream appears rather questionable, so it is best avoided.

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