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Is Enroll Legit or Just a Scam? The Answer Revealed in Our Review

Is Enroll Legit? An Honest Review

What is Enroll?

Enroll is a website that pays users to take short tests and surveys on behalf of brands. Users can earn money by completing these tests, which typically take 30-75 seconds. Enroll queues the tests up as they are created by brands using the Helio platform.

Enroll Sign Up

Enroll markets itself as an easy way to make money in your spare time by testing products and giving opinions. However, as you'll see in this review, there are some important things to know before joining.

Enroll's Payment Methods

Enroll pays users via PayPal. You need to have a PayPal account connected to withdraw your earnings. The minimum payout threshold is $1.

Payments are processed automatically on the 11th of each month, as long as you've hit the $1 threshold. So if you earn your first $1 on July 1st, you'll be paid on August 11th.

While the low payout threshold is nice, Enroll's payment timing is slow compared to many survey sites. You need to wait over a month to be paid. Using PayPal does make it convenient once you are paid though.

Enroll's Earning Potential

Each test you complete pays $0.10. This means you need to complete 10 tests to reach the $1 minimum payout. Tests are short, usually taking 30-75 seconds.

While the tests themselves pay reasonably for the time invested, the opportunities to take tests are limited. Many users report completing hundreds of profile questions without ever being invited to take a paid test.

There is no guarantee you'll receive regular test invites. The key is to thoroughly complete your user profile to try matching with test targeting. But even then, tests may be sporadic.

For most users, Enroll is not likely to provide a steady income stream. While some extra money can be made, earnings will be small for the time spent on the site.

Available Platforms

Enroll does not have a mobile app. However, the website is mobile-friendly and accessible on smartphones and tablets. You can take tests on desktop, mobile web, tablet, etc.

When signing up, you select which devices you can use for testing. Tests are then matched to your device capabilities. Some tests may only be available on desktop.

How to Join Enroll

Enroll is open to users worldwide ages 13+ (16+ in Europe). Signing up takes just a couple minutes.

To join, provide your email address and create a password. You'll then fill out a profile survey and link your PayPal account. That's it - no approval process.

Check your email to confirm your new account. Then you can log in and start completing profile questions. Tests may take time to come, if at all.

Pros and Cons

Here are the main pros and cons to consider about testing with Enroll:


  • Low $1 minimum payout
  • Quick 30-75 second tests
  • PayPal payment method


  • Very limited test opportunities
  • Most users never qualify for tests
  • Slow monthly payment schedule
  • Low per-test earnings of $0.10


In the end, Enroll offers a potentially fun way to earn small amounts of extra money. But for most people, the tiny earnings will not be worth the time spent trying to qualify for sparse test opportunities.

Users drawn in by the idea of easy money are often disappointed with the reality of Enroll's limited test volume. Unless you have lots of spare time and very low earning expectations, your time is likely better spent on more consistent and profitable survey sites.

Enroll can be a source for some side money if you have extra time and understand the limitations. But for most, the frustrating experience of fruitlessly waiting for tests that rarely come will outweigh the meager rewards of the occasional 30-second test.

As with any survey site, be aware of the fine print in Enroll's terms of service. And never provide sensitive personal information, as with any company offering online money-making opportunities. For legitimate and ethical market research, Enroll seems reasonably transparent. But as an income stream, it falls quite short.

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