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Is Focus Insite Legit? Our Review Says Think Twice

Is Focus Insite Legit or a Scam? (Full Review + Rating)

What is Focus Insite?

Focus Insite is a market research company that connects participants with researchers conducting various studies. 

Focus Insite Sign Up

To earn money from this site, you have to take part in the research studies they offer. It is a legitimate site because you can truly earn rewards for the opportunities provided. However, you should set proper expectations since this is not something you'll be able to earn from consistently.

Focus Insite provides an opportunity for people to participate in paid research studies. The studies could be anything from product testing to surveys. By signing up as a member, you get access to study invites via email. If selected for a study, you follow the instructions to participate and then receive a reward for your time.

Focus Insite Payment Methods

Focus Insite uses Tremendous as its reward platform. After finishing a study, you'll get an email with a link to access Tremendous. There, you can choose a gift card or donate to charity. You can pick a digital or physical gift card. Expect your reward 1-2 weeks after the study. The payment system is confusing at first but you'll get used to it. If you prefer direct PayPal payments, it's better to use sites that offer that.

The payment method through Tremendous is a bit inconvenient. It requires you to claim your reward through their website which adds an extra step. Many people prefer instant PayPal payments or direct bank transfers. So if easy payouts are important, Focus Insite may not be the best option. However, they do pay out reliably and the gift card options provide flexibility. As with any new system, it may take a couple of uses to get familiar with their payment process.

Focus Insite Earning Potential

Your earnings depend on the number of studies you participate in. Opportunities are limited so you shouldn't rely on Focus Insite for regular income. Each study pays based on its length. A 20 minute in-person study may pay $50. A 2.5 hour study could pay $250. Although it pays decently per study, the overall earning potential is low due to limited chances to participate.

The earning potential with Focus Insite is quite low overall due to the limited number of study opportunities. While each individual study may pay an attractive amount, there are only a few available per year for most members. So you cannot rely on Focus Insite as a steady income stream. At best, you may earn an extra $500-$1,000 per year if you're able to participate in most of the studies you're invited to. For consistent earnings, you'll need to use other market research and survey sites in addition to Focus Insite.

Focus Insite Platform

There is no member dashboard on Focus Insite. You'll get study invites by email. The actual work is done on your computer, phone, or at a specific location. So you cannot use Focus Insite fully on mobile.

Focus Insite does not have its own member platform or dashboard. All communication and participation happens through email. Once selected for a study, you follow the instructions provided in the email to do the work on your computer, mobile device or in-person. The lack of a central member area makes Focus Insite a bit inconvenient to use compared to other sites. However, their email system works reliably for connecting members to new opportunities.

How to Join Focus Insite

Focus Insite is available internationally but most opportunities are for the US. To join, fill out the registration form to be added to their participant database. You'll then get email invites for suitable studies. Apply for studies to be screened by researchers. The sign up process is easy but applying for studies requires patience since they're selective about participants.

Anyone over the age of 18 can join Focus Insite for free. You simply provide some basic information like your name, address, and demographic details on their registration form. Once signed up, you'll receive email notifications when new studies become available that match your profile. The study invites will provide details about what is required to participate. If still interested, you submit an application for the researchers to review. The application process can take time since Focus Insite is selective in choosing participants that meet the specific criteria for each study. While joining the site is straightforward, being chosen for studies requires patience and there is no guarantee of being selected.

Focus Insite Review Conclusion

Here are the main pros and cons of Focus Insite:


  • Decent rewards per study


  • Very limited earning opportunities
  • Confusing third-party payment system
  • Requires high commitment for rewards

Focus Insite is a legitimate way to earn some extra income but you shouldn't rely on it as a primary earner. The chances to participate in studies are too infrequent for that. Consider it a secondary earning option if you want to occasionally earn rewards between $50-$250. Otherwise, survey and GPT sites have better regular earning potential.

In summary, Focus Insite can be a good occasional earner if you're selected for their paid research studies. However, the limited number of opportunities means you cannot depend on it as a steady source of income. See it as a way to make some extra money a couple times a year. If you need more frequent earnings, you'll need to use other market research and survey sites in combination with Focus Insite. While the rewards per study are good, the overall potential is low due to lack of consistent participation chances for members.


Focus Insite connects you with paid research studies but opportunities are limited. It pays well per study but you may only participate a couple times per year. Join if you want an occasional earner but rely on survey/GPT sites if you need more consistent income streams.

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