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Free Dewalt Tools: How to Get Premium Gear for FREE

How to Get Free Dewalt Tools: The Step-by-Step

As a do-it-yourselfer or handyman, you know that owning quality power tools can make your projects go smoother. But Dewalt tools don't come cheap. That's why getting free Dewalt tools is so appealing.

In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn all about how to score free Dewalt tools. We'll cover:

  • What is Dewalt's product sampling program?
  • How to get invited to Dewalt's sampling program
  • Should you write Dewalt product reviews?
  • Other ways to get free Dewalt tools
  • Final thoughts on getting free Dewalt tools

What is Dewalt's Product Sampling Program?

Dewalt's product sampling program allows select customers to receive free Dewalt tools in exchange for honest product reviews and feedback. It's officially called the Dewalt Sampling Program.

As you might guess, Dewalt started this program for a couple key reasons:

  1. To generate more user-created content, reviews, and feedback for their products. This serves as free marketing and helps build the Dewalt brand.
  2. To get direct product feedback from real-world users. Dewalt takes this feedback seriously to understand problems and improve product designs.

So in short, Dewalt's sampling program is a win-win. Customers get free tools and Dewalt gets valuable marketing and product insight. The program has been very successful for Dewalt, helping them improve designs and better understand their target customers. It's really a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and their loyal users.

How to Get Invited to Dewalt's Sampling Program

Here's the catch though - you can't just sign up for Dewalt's sampling program. To receive an invitation, you must be a loyal Dewalt customer that actively writes online product reviews.

Specifically, Dewalt extends sampling invites based on:

  • The number of Dewalt product reviews you've written on sites like, Amazon, etc. Generally, the more reviews the better, as it shows your dedication to the brand and providing feedback.
  • Whether you're active in Dewalt fan communities and forums. Dewalt monitors popular DIY and tool forums to identify brand advocates and influencers. Engaging with other Dewalt customers helps increase your visibility to the company.
  • How many open sampling program spots Dewalt has available. The program has limited slots, so even qualified reviewers may need to wait for an opening.

So to even be considered, you first need to purchase Dewalt tools and write detailed, helpful reviews. Focus on being descriptive and honest in your reviews, not just positive. The goal is to provide feedback that other buyers find useful. Mention specifics about the tool's performance, durability, ease of use, and so on. The more in-depth the better.

Over time, if you build up a history of quality Dewalt reviews, you may get lucky and receive a coveted Dewalt sampling invitation by email. Then you can register for the program and start receiving free tools! Some reviewers report getting their first free tool within 3 to 6 months of active reviewing, while for others it can take a year or more. Patience and persistence pay off.

Should You Write Dewalt Product Reviews?

You may be wondering - is it worth buying Dewalt tools upfront in hopes of eventually getting free products? Or should you just invest your money elsewhere?

This comes down to your unique situation. But a few tips:

  • Only buy Dewalt tools you were planning to purchase anyway for actual projects. Don't buy just for reviews. While the free tools are enticing, you need to make sure any purchases actually fit your needs and budget.
  • Treat product reviews as a bonus perk, not guaranteed. An invite could take months or years. Go in with the right expectations that reviews alone may not lead to free tools. The program is very selective.
  • Focus on providing detailed feedback and insights over multiple purchases. A single review likely won't get you noticed. Aim for reviewing the majority of Dewalt tools you buy to increase your visibility and credibility.

If you stick to these guidelines, writing Dewalt tool reviews can be rewarding. Just don't bank on getting freebies. See reviews as a way to share your experience with fellow DIYers and hopefully gain perks like an invite down the road. But continue using other money-saving tactics as well in case an invite never comes.

Other Ways to Get Free Dewalt Tools

Realistically, Dewalt's sampling program is very exclusive. Rather than wait in hopes of an invite, you may want to consider these alternative options for scoring free Dewalt gear:

  • Enter Dewalt giveaways and contests on blogs, forums, sweepstakes sites, etc. You can often find these through Google searches. Dewalt frequently runs contests to give away high-value tools and tool bundles. Entering as many as possible increases your chances of winning.
  • Earn free Home Depot gift cards through survey sites and then redeem for Dewalt tools. Home Depot sells Dewalt tools, so gift cards can be used to purchase them at a discount or for free if you save up enough.
  • Ask for Dewalt tools as birthday or holiday gifts if you have generous friends/family. Provide a wish list of specific tools you're interested in to give gift givers guidance.
  • Watch for Dewalt coupons and seasonal sales to get tools significantly discounted or free with rebate. Dewalt regularly offers promo codes and coupons that can be stacked with store sales for the biggest savings.

It takes more work, but these tactics can help you stock up on discounted or free Dewalt tools more reliably than the sampling program. With enough patience and deal hunting skill, you can build up a professional-grade set of Dewalt tools on a DIYer's budget.

Final Thoughts on Getting Free Dewalt Tools

From power drills to miter saws and more, quality Dewalt tools are a great asset for any DIYer. But top tools come at a price.

While Dewalt's exclusive sampling program offers the chance at free gear for product reviews, it's not a sure thing. You're better off using coupons, giveaways, rebates and gift cards to get Dewalt tools while being cost-conscious.

For the best shot at scoring free Dewalt tools, use a combination of patience, luck, and good old-fashioned budgeting. Do your research and take advantage of every opportunity. With persistence, you can build a top-notch Dewalt tool collection on a tight budget.

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