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Is Freecash Legit? Our Review Will Surprise You

Is Freecash Legit? A Review of This Get-Paid-To Site

What is Freecash?

Freecash is a get-paid-to (GPT) site that allows users to earn money and rewards by completing various online tasks. Originally launched as, the platform rebranded as Freecash in recent years.

Freecash Sign Up

As a GPT site, Freecash offers a variety of ways for users to earn.

Users accumulate points called "coins" for completing tasks, which can then be redeemed for cash or for various gift cards and rewards. This gives users multiple options for getting paid.

Freecash has been operating since 2017 and has paid out over $10 million to members. They have over 10 million registered users, making them one of the most popular reward sites.

Payment Methods

One of the key aspects of any GPT site is how users can get paid out. Freecash offers a variety of cashout methods:


Users can redeem their earnings for cash deposits to their PayPal account. The minimum payout is $5 (5000 coins). PayPal payouts are processed instantly. PayPal is a secure and convenient method for receiving payments. Many users prefer PayPal since the funds can be transferred directly to their bank account or used to make online purchases.


Coins can be exchanged for popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. The minimum is only $0.25 worth of crypto. There's a small fee for crypto withdrawals. For those interested in cryptocurrency, this provides an easy way to earn crypto for free. The value of crypto can fluctuate over time, so users should consider the risks.

Gift Cards

A variety of gift card options are available, including Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, and more. Gift cards can be redeemed instantly with 5000 coins ($5 minimum). Gift cards provide a simple reward option, allowing users to get free money to spend at their favorite stores. However, gift cards do lock in the value, unlike a cash payment.

Gaming Rewards

For gamers, coins can be used to redeem gaming credits and items on platforms like Steam, Fortnite, Roblox, and CSGO. This provides a unique incentive for gamers to use the Freecash platform. They can earn rewards to enhance their gaming experience.

Earning Potential

According to Freecash, the average user earns around $10 per day. However, earnings can vary significantly based on how active you are on the platform. Some key factors include:

Taking high paying surveys - Watch for surveys worth 50-200 coins. Surveys provide one of the easiest ways to earn on Freecash. While most surveys pay around 10-50 coins, higher paying surveys provide the opportunity to earn a lot more.

Focusing on high paying offers - Some can pay hundreds or thousands of coins. Freecash regularly offers special deals and promotions that provide large payouts for things like signing up for websites, downloading apps, and making in-app purchases. These high paying offers are one of the best ways to maximize your earnings.

Referring friends - You earn 5% of your referrals' earnings. The Freecash referral program allows you to earn passive income from the activity of people you refer to the site. When they complete offers and redeem earnings, you get a percentage of what they earn.

Participating in contests - Daily and monthly competitions award bonus coins to top earners. Freecash runs frequent contests and giveaways that provide opportunities to earn extra coins. While the rewards are distributed at random, more active users stand a better chance of winning.

Overall, users who are more active on the site tend to earn the most. But even with minimal activity, it's possible to generate some extra cash on the side. With time and consistency, earnings can really add up thanks to the variety of high-paying offers and bonuses available.

Available Platforms

Freecash can be accessed via:


The Freecash website has a clean, user-friendly interface that works well on desktop. All tasks and offers can be completed online. The desktop site provides the most comprehensive experience, with access to all earning methods and account features.


There is a Freecash app available for Android devices. iOS users can access the mobile-optimized website. The key tasks and earning methods are available on mobile. The Freecash mobile app provides an easy way to earn on the go. However, the selection of offers may be more limited compared to the desktop site.

How to Join

Signing up for Freecash only takes a minute. You can register with your email, Google, Facebook, or Steam account. After creating your account:

Confirm your email address. You must verify your email to activate your account and access all features.

Set up your profile. Provide some basic information about yourself to match you with relevant surveys and offers.

Start browsing tasks and offers. Explore the various ways to earn coins, including surveys, videos, games, and more.

Complete tasks to earn coins. Do things like take surveys, download apps, watch videos, and refer friends to earn coins that can be redeemed for rewards.

Cashout your earnings. Once you reach the minimum threshold, you can redeem your coins for PayPal cash, gift cards, cryptocurrency, and more.

Freecash makes it easy to get started earning rewards. Their simple signup process and intuitive interface allow you to dive right in and start earning coins within minutes.

Pros & Cons

Here are some key advantages and disadvantages of using Freecash:


Wide variety of earning methods. There are lots of ways to earn coins on Freecash, including taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, shopping online, and more.

Multiple payout options, including PayPal and crypto. Users have flexibility in how they want to redeem their rewards, with options like PayPal cash, gift cards, cryptocurrency, and gaming items.

Low minimum payout threshold. The $5 minimum for most payout options means you can cash out quickly and often.

Established platform with good reputation. Freecash has been operating for years and has paid out over $10 million to members, demonstrating their legitimacy.

Referral program to boost earnings. You can earn 5% of the earnings from people you refer, which provides a way to significantly increase your rewards over time.


Must qualify and complete tasks to earn. Unlike some sites where you earn just for signing up, you have to actively participate on Freecash by completing offers and surveys to earn coins.

Contest rewards involve luck and competition. While Freecash runs frequent giveaways and contests, there is an element of chance and you have to compete with other users, so there's no guarantee of winning.

High paying surveys fill up quickly. Because the most valuable surveys and offers provide the biggest payouts, they often have limited availability.

Earnings take time and effort. Generating a significant amount of rewards on Freecash requires consistently using the platform over an extended period of time. While it's possible to earn good money, it does take work and dedication.


Freecash provides a legitimate way for users to earn a bit of extra cash and rewards online. The platform offers a variety of earning methods, convenient payout options, and has an established reputation for paying users.

While earnings require consistent effort over time, Freecash gives users opportunities to get paid for things they enjoy doing online, like taking surveys and playing games. Overall, it's one of the better rewarding GPT sites out there. If you're looking for a way to earn some money in your spare time, Freecash is worth checking out.

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