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Is G2 Review Legit? The Truth Behind their Gift Card Rewards

Is G2 Review Legit? The Truth About G2 Review Explained in This Review

What is G2 Review?

G2 Review is a review website that allows users to write reviews of various software products and services. The goal of G2 Review is to provide helpful reviews that assist people in choosing the right software for their business needs. G2 Review has been around since 2006 and has built up a reputation as a trusted source for authentic software reviews.

G2 Review Sign Up

Users can sign up as reviewers on G2 Review and write reviews of software they have experience using. In exchange, reviewers may receive gift card rewards from G2 Review for high-quality reviews that provide value to readers. To become a reviewer, you need a business email or LinkedIn account to verify your identity. Personal accounts are not accepted.

G2 Review Payment Methods

G2 Review does not pay reviewers in cash or online payment methods like PayPal. Instead, the main reward reviewers can earn is a $10 gift card for each approved review. Gift cards can be for popular brands like Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart. But there is no option to be paid in cash. The gift cards are the only form of payment available.

While gift cards can be useful, they do limit how you can spend your earnings. Some reviewers may prefer being paid in cash via PayPal or another method. The gift cards are really the only downside to G2 Review's payment system. Otherwise, the opportunity to earn anything for writing authentic software reviews is a nice perk.

G2 Review Earning Potential

Because G2 Review only pays reviewers in gift cards, it is not a highly lucrative earning opportunity. There is no guarantee you will earn a gift card for every review. G2 Review also places limits on how many reviews a single reviewer can have approved. This further limits the earning potential.

Realistically, reviewers can expect to earn a few gift cards per month by writing high-quality software reviews. The exact amount will depend on how often you write reviews and have them approved. But in general, you can earn $10 to $30 per month. For consistent earnings, G2 Review is not an ideal website. The earning potential is quite limited due to the constraints around reviews and payment in gift cards only.

However, if you simply want to earn a little extra money on the side, G2 Review could work. You can write reviews when you have time and potentially earn gift cards as a small reward. But don't expect to make a living or significant earnings from G2 Review. It really depends on your goals and how much you value gift card payments.

G2 Review Available Platforms

G2 Review's website is mobile-friendly, but writing reviews is better suited for laptop or desktop use. The review submission process involves fields for pros, cons, ratings, etc. This can be difficult on a small mobile screen. For the best experience, reviewers should stick to writing reviews on a laptop or desktop computer. This allows proper formatting, grammar checks, and an overall easier review writing process.

While G2 Review's website displays well on mobile devices, the actual review writing functionality is not optimized for mobile. Sticking to a computer will result in higher quality reviews that have a better chance of being approved and earning a gift card reward.

How to Join G2 Review

To become a reviewer on G2 Review, you need to sign up with a business or LinkedIn account. Personal email accounts are not accepted. This is because G2 Review wants reviewers with some level of professional experience with the software they are reviewing. The review process involves:

  1. Choose a software category you have experience with. G2 Review offers many categories like marketing, finance, HR, design, and more. Select an area you know well.
  2. Pick a specific software product to review that you've used before. Make sure you have firsthand experience using the tool so you can provide an authentic review.
  3. Write your review following G2 Review's guidelines. Your review should be detailed, provide pros and cons, discuss features, and give an honest rating.
  4. Submit your review for approval. G2 Review will evaluate your review to ensure it meets their standards before publishing it live on the website.
  5. If approved, you may receive a $10 gift card reward for your review. G2 Review will email you a gift card code if they select your review for a reward.

The process is straightforward, but it can take time to have your reviews approved and earn a gift card. Be prepared for some reviews to not qualify for a reward. But with persistence, you can build up your earnings over time through G2 Review's gift card payments.

G2 Review Pros and Cons


  • Available worldwide. Anyone can sign up to become a G2 Reviewer.
  • Write reviews of software you've actually used. You get to share your real experiences with tools you have firsthand knowledge of.
  • Can earn gift cards for quality reviews. While limited, there is a chance to earn a small reward for your reviews.


  • No cash payouts. You can only earn gift cards, no option for PayPal or other payment methods.
  • Gift card rewards only. The gift cards also limit where you can spend your earnings.
  • Limits on number of reviews per person. G2 Review places constraints on how many reviews you can contribute, which impacts your earning potential.
  • No guaranteed earnings. There is no promise of a gift card for every review you submit. Earnings are not consistent.


In summary, G2 Review is a legitimate review website, but it is not ideal for making money. The platform focuses more on providing authentic software reviews versus being a lucrative earning opportunity.

Reviewers have a chance to earn gift cards by providing helpful software reviews. But you should not expect to earn a reliable monthly income from G2 Review. The earning potential is very limited. If you are looking for full-time income online, there are better websites and platforms to check out.

However, G2 Review can be a place to share your software experiences while potentially earning a little reward on the side. If you go in with the right expectations, G2 Review is a reputable website for contributing reviews and earning occasional gift cards. But for significant earnings, look elsewhere.

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