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Is GeoPoll Legit? EXPOSED in This Expert Review!

Is GeoPoll Legit or a Scam? An In-Depth Review

GeoPoll is a survey app that rewards users with mobile airtime for completing surveys and referring friends. But is it actually a legitimate way to earn rewards or just a scam? This in-depth GeoPoll review will uncover everything you need to know to decide if it's worth your time.

GeoPoll Sign Up

As a survey app, GeoPoll allows its users the opportunity to provide opinions and insights on various topics in exchange for mobile airtime rewards. By completing surveys through the app, you can earn credits that can then be redeemed for mobile airtime. You can also earn by referring friends to sign up and take surveys.

What is GeoPoll?

GeoPoll is a mobile survey app available for Android devices. It offers users the chance to earn rewards in the form of mobile airtime by completing surveys and referring friends to the app.

Here's a quick rundown of the rewards available:


The main way to earn with GeoPoll is by completing surveys. You'll get notified when new surveys are available and can complete them directly in the app. If you qualify, you'll receive the promised rewards in credits.

The number and types of surveys available to you will depend on your demographic information and location. While the app is available globally, the survey inventory seems to vary in different regions. During testing, there were limited survey opportunities compared to other survey apps. So your earning potential from surveys alone may be quite low.


You can also earn by referring friends. For each friend that signs up and completes their first survey, you'll receive 277 credits.

Referring friends is a common reward method for survey and rewards apps. The referral reward of 277 credits, which translates to about 0.5 units of airtime, seems fairly standard. However, since earning opportunities seem limited in GeoPoll, referrals may be one of the only viable ways to earn a meaningful amount of rewards.

GeoPoll Payment Methods

The GeoPoll rewards are unfortunately not paid out in cash. The only reward option is mobile airtime. You can redeem your earned credits starting at 0.5 units of airtime.

Since the rewards are only offered in the form of mobile airtime, the app will not be useful for those looking to earn money. The rewards are quite limited and can only be used to top up prepaid mobile phones. For many users, other rewards like PayPal cash or gift cards would be far more valuable and versatile.

If earning opportunities were more plentiful in GeoPoll, the airtime rewards could potentially still be worthwhile for some. But given how limited the surveys seem to be, the rewards just aren't compelling enough for the time spent using the app.

GeoPoll Earning Potential

Since GeoPoll offers limited survey opportunities, the earning potential is quite low. I wasn't able to complete any surveys during my test of the app.

The number of surveys available will depend on your demographic profile and location. But in general, GeoPoll seems to have less survey inventory compared to other survey apps.

You may be able to earn a bit from referrals, but overall it will likely take a long time to earn significant rewards on GeoPoll.

Compared to other survey sites and apps, GeoPoll's earning potential seems very poor. Limited surveys mean fewer opportunities to earn, and the rewards on offer are not very valuable for most users. While any opportunity to earn rewards is appealing to some, the time spent using the GeoPoll app likely outweighs the actual rewards received.

GeoPoll Platform

GeoPoll is only available as a mobile app for Android devices. There is no desktop version. So iOS users are out of luck.

The fact that GeoPoll is only available on Android devices limits its accessibility. For iPhone or desktop users, the app is not an option. And even for Android users, a mobile-only platform may be inconvenient for some. The best survey sites are available across devices and operating systems so users can participate however they choose.

How to Join GeoPoll

GeoPoll is available globally. To join, you'll need to:

  1. Download the Android app
  2. Provide your mobile number
  3. Enter the confirmation code sent via SMS
  4. Set a password

Then you can start completing surveys and earning airtime rewards.

The signup process for GeoPoll is fairly straightforward. You simply need an Android device, mobile number, and a few minutes to download the app, enter your details and confirm your account. The global availability is a benefit as anyone can sign up and participate. However, the limited platform and rewards options reduce the overall appeal and usefulness of the app for most.

GeoPoll Review Conclusion


  • Get rewards for disqualifying from surveys
  • Available globally

The pros of GeoPoll are limited. The only real benefits are the availability worldwide and rewards offered even for disqualifying from surveys. Beyond that, there are too many limitations and downsides to make the app worthwhile for most users.


  • Very limited earning opportunities
  • Only pays in mobile airtime, not cash
  • Android only, not available on iOS or desktop
  • Low rewards and long time to earn meaningful amounts

The cons outweigh the pros by far. Limited surveys, low rewards, long time to earn, and limited platform options make GeoPoll unappealing compared to better survey sites and apps.

Overall, GeoPoll does not seem to be a worthwhile way to earn rewards. The extremely limited survey opportunities and airtime-only payout make it a poor option compared to other survey apps.

You'll likely need to spend a lot of time on GeoPoll before earning anything significant. Your time is better spent on survey sites that offer more surveys, better rewards, and cash payouts.

The Final Verdict: Skip GeoPoll

After reviewing all aspects of GeoPoll, it's clear it is not a recommended way to earn. The lack of cash rewards and limited chances to earn make it a poor choice compared to top survey sites.

Unless you have a specific need for mobile airtime rewards, you'll be better off looking elsewhere to maximize your earning potential.

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