Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer Review: Is It Legit? What You NEED to Know Review - Is It Legit? (What You NEED to Know) is a new platform that allows you to earn rewards by sharing your unused internet bandwidth. In this comprehensive review, we'll take an in-depth look at to see if it's a legit way to earn passive income online or if it's just hype. Sign Up

What is, also known as Grass, is a rewards platform that pays you for sharing your unused internet bandwidth through its browser extension. It works similarly to other bandwidth sharing platforms like Honeygain, but with a few key differences. is still currently in beta testing, so the full details on how the platform will work once launched are still unclear.

To start earning with, you first need to install their browser extension, which is currently only available for Google Chrome. After installing the extension, it will run passively in the background and share your unused internet bandwidth. The more bandwidth you share, the more points you can earn on the platform. Payment Methods

Unfortunately, since is still in beta testing, there are currently no payment or payout options available yet. The points you earn by sharing your bandwidth will continue to accumulate, but you can't actually redeem them for cash or gift cards at this time.

The lack of current payout options is definitely a major downside to using the platform right now. If you're looking to start earning money immediately from a passive income app, may not be the best choice currently. There are other established platforms that actually offer payment today.

However, does state that payment options like PayPal, gift cards, and cryptocurrency will be coming once the beta testing is complete and the full platform launches. So, the earning potential and payment options could improve in the future. But as of now, you'd have to join based solely on the potential of future payouts, with no guarantee of what those may be or when they'll arrive. Earning Potential

Without any current payout options, it's difficult to determine the actual earning potential with They state that your earnings will depend on factors like your location and number of unique IP addresses, but there are no details on potential rates or amounts.

Based on how other similar bandwidth sharing platforms work, the earning potential seems like it may be on the lower end, possibly around $5 to $20 per month. However, the earning rates could improve once fully launches and introduces their payment options. The earning potential will really depend on the types of payouts they offer and the rates for converting bandwidth points to cash or gift cards. Available Platforms

At this time, is only available as a browser extension for Google Chrome on desktop computers. There is no mobile app for Android or iOS devices yet. According to, mobile apps are still in development, but there is no timeline on when they may be released.

The lack of a mobile option is another downside for now, as it limits the amount of bandwidth you're able to share to just your desktop computer. If releases mobile apps in the future, it could allow you to earn more points by sharing bandwidth from those devices as well. But as of now, you're reliant solely on your desktop to earn with

How to Join

To join the beta program, you first need to obtain a referral code from their Discord channel. Once you have a code, you can sign up on the website by providing your email address and the referral code.

After signing up with a referral code, you'll need to install the browser extension for Google Chrome. You then log into the extension, which will start passively sharing your unused bandwidth in the background as you surf the web. Review Conclusion - Pros vs Cons

Here are the main pros and cons of using based on this review:


  • Offers potential for passive income stream
  • Interesting concept of rewarding users for unused bandwidth
  • aims to provide fairer compensation than other platforms


  • No current payout or payment options
  • Need a referral code to join the beta program
  • Earning potential seems low compared to other established platforms
  • Only available as a desktop browser extension, no mobile apps yet
  • Unclear if will follow through on promises of better rewards and payment options

Overall, is an interesting concept and has potential if the platform is able to deliver on their claims of providing fair compensation and payment options once fully launched. However, the lack of any current earnings or payouts is a major disadvantage, and there's no guarantee when or if that may change.

If you're looking to start earning passive income right away, other established platforms like Honeygain are likely better options currently. However, could be worth keeping an eye on as the platform continues developing to see if they're ultimately able to provide the rewards and payments they promise. But for now, the risks seem to outweigh the potential benefits.

Summary is a new platform that aims to pay users for sharing their unused internet bandwidth. While it offers an interesting concept and potential passive income opportunity, is still in beta testing with no current payout or payment options available.

The earning potential appears lower than other similar platforms at this time. And there's no guarantee if or when will actually provide the payment options and fairer compensation they claim.

Overall, may be worth monitoring as the platform develops further, but isn't an ideal option if you want to start earning passive income right away. More established platforms likely offer better earning potential and payment opportunities currently. But could improve over time if they follow through on their promises.

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