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HelloTech Review - Earn an Average $100/Day? Legit or SCAM?

Is HelloTech Legit? A HelloTech Review

What is HelloTech?

HelloTech is an on-demand tech support service that connects customers with technicians who can help with computer, smartphone, tablet, smart home device, and WiFi issues. Technicians are able to travel to a customer's home or office to provide hands-on technical support and troubleshooting.

HelloTech Sign Up

HelloTech was founded in 2013 to provide affordable and convenient tech support. They aim to match customers with skilled technicians in their local area who can help resolve technical issues. This on-site support model is appealing for those who want face-to-face assistance, as well as the opportunity to have physical repairs or installations done if needed.

How Does HelloTech Work?

Here's a quick overview of how HelloTech operates:

  • Customers request tech support via the HelloTech website or mobile app. They describe the issue they need help with in detail so the right technician can be matched to their needs.
  • HelloTech matches the request with a nearby technician that has expertise in that area. They aim to find a technician available at the customer's preferred time, often within 24 hours.
  • The technician travels to the customer's location at the scheduled time. They bring the necessary tools and equipment to diagnose and resolve the technical issue.
  • The technician diagnoses the problem and provides troubleshooting, repairs, installations, or other support services as needed. They walk the customer through the solution to ensure full understanding before completing the job.
  • Customers pay HelloTech, not the technician directly. HelloTech takes a service fee and pays the technician the remainder of the total bill. Payments are made electronically for convenience.

This on-demand model provides customers with a quick, personalized solution to their tech support needs. The technicians are able to leverage their skills and experience to serve local customers, while benefiting from HelloTech's marketing, payments, and job matching infrastructure.

HelloTech Payment Methods

Customers pay HelloTech for services via credit card or PayPal when booking a service call. HelloTech does not accept cash payments. Credit card payments are processed securely through HelloTech's website or mobile app. PayPal payments can be made through either the website or app as well. Using electronic payment methods allows for convenient processing without the technician having to handle customer cash or payments directly.

Technicians receive payment from HelloTech. Payments are made via PayPal, direct deposit, or paper check, depending on the technician's preference. There is no minimum payout threshold technicians must meet before getting paid. HelloTech aims to process payments to technicians within 3 business days of completing a job. This prompt payment, combined with no minimum threshold, makes HelloTech an appealing way for technicians to earn income from their skills.

HelloTech Earning Potential for Technicians

According to HelloTech, technicians earn an average of $25-$45 per hour. However, earnings can vary substantially based on several factors:

  • Experience level - More experienced techs can earn more for advanced services. Technicians with industry certifications and a long work history can command higher pay.
  • Certifications - Certified techs can earn higher rates, especially for in-demand skills. Common certifications include A+, Network+, and various vendor-specific certs.
  • Location - Techs in busier, more populated areas have more earning opportunities. Metropolitan areas typically have higher pay rates for tech services.
  • Type of service - More complex or time consuming jobs pay more. Services like network setup, smart home installation, and device repair are usually higher paying than basic troubleshooting.
  • Scheduling - Techs willing to work evenings & weekends can earn more due to increased demand during those times. Flexibility in scheduling leads to more job opportunities.

Technicians keep 75% of what the customer pays per job. HelloTech takes a 25% service fee to cover their costs related to marketing, job matching, billing, payments, and other overhead. While 25% seems reasonable for the infrastructure HelloTech provides, some technicians may be able to earn a higher percentage of the total bill through private work. However, HelloTech does provide consistent job opportunities for techs, especially when starting out.

Available Platforms

HelloTech has mobile apps for both iPhone and Android. This is required for techs to manage job assignments and track work. Customers can also use the mobile apps to request service and communicate with their technician.

There is also a HelloTech website that customers can use to request service, view pricing, check technician profiles and reviews, and manage appointments. Techs can access their account dashboard on the website to update their profile, check payment history, and contact HelloTech support if needed.

Having dedicated mobile and web platforms makes it easy for both customers and technicians to engage with HelloTech's services. Technicians can efficiently claim jobs, get customer details, check in at job sites, and mark jobs as complete all within the mobile app. Customers have multiple ways to request services and communicate with technicians to ensure a good experience.

How to Become a HelloTech Technician

Here is the process to become a certified HelloTech technician:

  1. Submit online application with basic info and tech expertise. This includes details on certifications, experience, skills, availability, and service areas.
  2. Pass background check. HelloTech conducts background checks on all applicants to ensure safety and quality.
  3. Complete online video training modules. HelloTech requires technicians to complete training on their systems, processes, and customer service expectations before starting work.
  4. Pass skills assessment tests (80% min score). Technicians must demonstrate a high level of competency in areas like troubleshooting, customer service, and device repair.
  5. Provide valid insurance documentation. Technicians must carry general liability insurance and, in some areas, business licenses or permits. HelloTech verifies all documentation before activating an account.
  6. Agree to Terms of Service. Technicians must formally agree to HelloTech's terms and policies before being able to claim jobs on the platform.

Once certified, techs can start claiming jobs through the mobile app. HelloTech provides the job details, location, and customer information to matched technicians. Technicians should aim to claim jobs quickly before other techs in the area accept the work.

Pros of Working With HelloTech

  • Flexible schedule - Set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want.
  • Good earning potential for skilled techs, especially in larger cities. Top techs can make $50/hour or more.
  • Get paid quickly via PayPal. Most technicians receive payment within 3 days of completing a job.
  • No minimum payout threshold. Get paid for every job, even small ones.
  • Mobile app makes managing jobs easy. Quickly claim jobs, get details, contact customers, and track your time.

Cons of Working With HelloTech

  • Need to provide your own transportation & tools. HelloTech does not provide vehicles, equipment, or supplies for technicians.
  • Must travel to customers (no remote work). May require driving significant distances at times. Traffic and parking can be issues.
  • Application & certification process can be lengthy. It can take weeks or months for HelloTech to fully certify a technician.
  • Very competitive - techs must claim jobs quickly before other local techs accept the work. There is no guarantee of consistent work.
  • Might encounter no-shows or last minute cancellations. This can lead to unpaid time and wasted trips. HelloTech's policies protect technicians in these situations to some extent.

Summary: Is HelloTech a Legit Way to Earn?

Overall, HelloTech presents a legitimate opportunity for technicians to earn income by providing on-site tech support services. However, it does require a significant time investment to become certified, and earnings potential can vary greatly based on technician skill level and location.

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