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Is Influenster Legit? A Full Review (It's Real, But Limited)

Is Influenster Legit? An In-Depth Review and How to Join

What is Influenster?

Influenster is an online community that connects brands with product testers and reviewers. Members can receive free products, known as "VoxBoxes," in exchange for providing feedback and reviews. Influenster has over 10 million members worldwide who are active on the platform. The site partners with major brands across various industries like beauty, personal care, food and beverage, and more to get products into the hands of potential customers.

Influenster Sign Up

So is Influenster legit? The short answer is yes. Influenster is a legitimate way to get free products to test and review. However, it does require members to put in time and effort to improve their chances of being selected. If you're willing to actively participate in the community by reviewing products, sharing on social media, and taking surveys, you have a good chance of qualifying for VoxBoxes and receiving free items to try from popular brands.

Influenster Payment Methods

Influenster itself does not actually pay members. The only way to earn on Influenster is by receiving free products, known as VoxBoxes, to test and review. After testing products, members are required to complete related activities like writing reviews, answering surveys, posting on social media, etc. This helps brands get valuable feedback and exposure for their new products.

Members build up their Influenster Score by being active in the community. A higher score makes you more likely to qualify for VoxBoxes. But there is never a guarantee you'll be selected for a campaign. The key is to consistently engage with the Influenster platform. The more active you are, the better your chances will be. Just joining Influenster and doing nothing won't get you very far or qualify you for many VoxBoxes.

Influenster Earning Potential

It's difficult to estimate an exact earning potential with Influenster because it depends on many factors:

  • How many campaigns you qualify for
  • The types of brands featured in those campaigns
  • How many products are in each VoxBox
  • The retail value of those products

Most active Influenster members receive 1-4 VoxBoxes per year. But highly engaged reviewers report getting over a dozen VoxBoxes some years. The average retail value of VoxBoxes ranges from $50-$200. Though some VoxBoxes with multiple high-end products can be worth $500 or more.

For example, if you received 3 VoxBoxes at an average value of $100 each, your estimated annual value received would be $300. However, just don't expect to earn a livable income with Influenster. Look at it as a fun way to get free stuff to try, not a viable money-making opportunity. Any products you receive are meant solely for testing and reviewing purposes.

Influenster Available Platform

Influenster is available on both desktop and mobile:

  • Website:
  • iOS app
  • Android app

The Influenster website allows you to fully manage your account. But the Influenster mobile app unlocks more features and opportunities. Having the app makes it easy to complete activities, share reviews, scan products, and receive notifications. Most VoxBox campaigns and activities now require the Influenster app.

Download the Influenster app for your device to get the best experience. The mobile platforms keep the Influenster community active and engaged on-the-go. The app is essential for qualifying and participating in most VoxBox campaigns now.

How to Join Influenster

Joining Influenster is simple and completely free. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to or download the Influenster app
  2. Click "Join Now" and enter your info like name, email, birthday, location, etc.
  3. Confirm your email address
  4. Complete your member profile fully by adding details about your interests, lifestyle, social accounts, etc.
  5. Connect your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  6. Take snaps and quizzes to boost your Influenster Score
  7. Stay active on the Influenster platform by writing reviews, posting photos, commenting, etc.

Make sure to fill out your Influenster profile completely with accurate demographics and interests. This helps match you with relevant VoxBox campaigns. Linking your social media accounts is highly encouraged since brands want to reach your networks. Take all the snaps and quizzes you can to raise your Influenster Score and unlock benefits.

Most importantly, check the Influenster app daily, write reviews, share content, engage with the community. This significantly increases your chances of getting selected for free VoxBoxes and products to test!

Influenster Pros and Cons


  • Get free products from major brands to test
  • Easy to join and use
  • Fun way to test and review new products
  • Mobile app makes engaging convenient
  • Connect with an active community of product testers and reviewers


  • No guaranteed income or products
  • Requires consistent activity and effort to qualify for VoxBoxes
  • Limited VoxBox availability by country
  • Targeted mainly towards women (beauty, personal care, food products)
  • Must meet certain demographics and eligibility to qualify for campaigns

Summary: Is Influenster Legit for Product Testing and Reviews?

In short, yes Influenster is a legitimate community that connects brands with consumers willing to test and review new products through their VoxBox program. Members are not paid by Influenster. The only way to earn is by receiving free products to test, try and review. There is no guarantee you will qualify for VoxBox campaigns or receive products.

To increase your chances, be active in the community by filling out your profile, taking snaps, writing reviews, engaging with other members daily. This boosts your visibility and odds of being selected for VoxBoxes. Look at Influenster as a fun way to discover and share your opinions on new products, not a viable money-making opportunity. With the right expectations, Influenster can be an enjoyable community to participate in as a product tester and reviewer!

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