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Is CashWalk Legit or a Scam? Our Full Review Reveals the Truth

Is CashWalk Legit or a Scam? (Full Review and Rating)

What is CashWalk?

CashWalk is a mobile app that rewards users for walking. It uses your phone's sensors to track your steps and award you coins, which can then be redeemed for gift cards and other rewards. The app was created to motivate people to exercise more by rewarding them for being active. The developers claim it is a fun and easy way to earn a bit of extra money while improving your health.

The app rewards you for walking and being active. It gives you coins for walking and a daily cap of 1,000 steps (10 coins). You can then redeem the coins for gift cards to places like Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

How Does the CashWalk App Work?

Here's an overview of how the main features of CashWalk work:


The primary way to earn coins on CashWalk is by walking. For every 100 steps you take, you'll earn 1 coin. There is a daily limit of 1,000 steps (10 coins). The app uses your phone's motion sensors to track your steps. It works even if you're on a treadmill or stationary bike. You don't need to have GPS enabled.

The walking feature is simple but effective. Just carry your phone with you as you walk, and the app will automatically track your steps and reward you with coins. The daily limit helps motivate you to walk every day to maximize your earnings.

Scratch Cards

CashWalk gives you 2 free scratch card games per day. You scratch to reveal a prize of up to 10,000 coins. If you run out of free plays, you can watch video ads to earn more. The scratch cards add an element of fun and chance to the app, with the possibility of winning a larger jackpot of coins if you get lucky.

Referral Program

You can earn bonus coins for referring friends to download the app. You need to share your referral link and your friend must earn a certain number of coins before you get the bonus. The referral program is a common feature in reward apps and a way for them to gain new users. It benefits you by earning bonus coins if your friends join and reach the minimum activity threshold.

CashWalk Payment Methods

The main way to get paid on CashWalk is through gift cards. Once you've earned enough coins, you can redeem gift cards from popular brands like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and more. The app used to offer PayPal cash out, but this was removed. You can only redeem for gift cards now. The gift cards start at around 1,500 coins.

Unfortunately, CashWalk only offers gift cards as a payment method now. They removed the option to cash out to PayPal, so you're stuck earning gift cards. The minimum redemption amounts are quite high at 1,500 coins, so it will take consistent walking and use of the app to earn enough for a gift card.

CashWalk Earning Potential

Your potential earnings will depend on how active you are. With a daily cap of 10 coins, it will take consistent walking over several weeks to earn a gift card. Realistically, most users seem to earn around $5-10 per month. It's not a way to make significant money, but can give you a bit of extra spending cash if you walk regularly.

The earning potential with CashWalk is quite low due to the daily coin caps and high gift card redemption amounts. You won't earn a living using this app, but if you walk frequently you can make a few dollars a month in gift cards. For most people, the motivation to exercise is more valuable than the actual earnings.

CashWalk Available Platforms

CashWalk is only available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. There is no desktop version, since it relies on your phone's motion sensors. To use the app, you'll need an iPhone or Android phone. The app uses your phone's built-in motion sensors to track your steps, so a mobile device is required.

How to Join CashWalk

Joining CashWalk is quick and easy:

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Create an account with your email and password
  3. Confirm your email address
  4. Start walking to earn coins!

The sign up process for CashWalk only takes a few minutes. You just need to download the app, create an account, verify your email, and you're ready to start earning coins by walking.

CashWalk Review Conclusion - Is it Legit?

After testing CashWalk extensively, I can confirm that it is a legitimate app that pays out as advertised. Here are the main pros and cons:


  • Good motivation to walk more
  • Easy sign up process
  • Works on treadmill/stationary bike
  • No GPS required

The main benefits of CashWalk are that it motivates you to exercise by rewarding you for walking, it's easy to get started using the app, and it works even without GPS or on a treadmill. For many users, the motivation to walk more is the biggest pro.


  • Very limited earning potential
  • Only pays out in gift cards
  • Coins can expire if inactive
  • High redemption thresholds

The downsides are that you can't earn very much money using CashWalk, you're limited to gift card redemptions, your coins will expire if you stop using the app for a while, and the minimum gift card redemptions are quite high, requiring a significant time commitment to reach.

Overall, CashWalk is a legit app, but won't make you rich. I would recommend it mainly as a motivational tool to get more exercise, with the occasional gift card serving as a nice bonus.

If you're looking to earn significant money from your phone, you'll have better luck with survey and GPT apps. But as a fitness incentive, CashWalk does work well.

Give it a try if you think the rewards will motivate you to walk more!

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