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Is Clawee Legit? The Playing Games Review

Is Clawee Legit? An In-Depth Review

What is Clawee?

Clawee is a mobile app that allows you to play claw machine games remotely. It claims you can win real prizes by controlling actual claw machines through the app.

Clawee Sign Up

Clawee is a unique concept that provides an entertaining experience for claw machine and prize game fans. However, many people wonder if it's actually legit or just a scam to get people to spend money on virtual coins.

I decided to thoroughly test out the app myself by playing many games, trying to win prizes, depositing funds, and going through the prize claiming process. In this in-depth Clawee review, I'll share everything I learned about how it works, its payment methods, earning potential, available platforms, how to join, and more to help you determine if it's worth your time.

How Clawee's Claw Game Works

Clawee isn't just a digital claw machine game. When you play, you're actually controlling a real claw machine remotely through the app. This is what makes Clawee unique and gives it legitimacy as a prize winning opportunity.

Here's how the full experience works in several easy steps:

  1. Log into the app on your mobile device and browse the available claw machines based on the prizes inside. There are many options with stuffed animals, toys, electronics, gift cards, and more up for grabs.
  2. Choose a claw machine to play. Each one costs a certain number of coins to play which you must purchase in the app. The cost varies but expect to pay around $1 per game.
  3. Get in line if others are playing the same machine. You can see how many people are ahead of you and wait for your turn.
  4. When it's your turn, press play to view a live video feed of the claw machine. You'll see the prizes, claw, and drop area to get a feel for the setup before you play.
  5. Use the on-screen controls to carefully move the claw over a prize you want to grab and then drop the claw. This requires both skill and luck to grab a prize.
  6. If you successfully grab a prize, it will drop into the claim area for you to receive.
  7. Press the claim button as soon as possible to claim your prize before the next player starts their game. Your prize will then be shipped to you within a few business days.

It's important to note that as a new player, your first few games will be free with coins provided to new users. After that, you need to purchase coins to keep playing and have a chance to win more prizes.

Clawee's Payment Methods

Since you need to buy coins to play after using up your initial free coins, you'll have to deposit money into your Clawee account to fund it. Clawee offers several convenient payment methods to make this easy.

Here are the payment options available:

  • Credit/debit card - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club. This is a popular option for quickly funding your account.
  • PayPal - Link your PayPal account to easily deposit money into Clawee without entering card details each time.
  • Google Play balance (for Android users) - Use your Google Play credits and gift cards to deposit money if you prefer.
  • iTunes balance (for iOS users) - Deposit using your Apple iTunes gift cards and account balance.
  • Gift cards - Use gift cards from Amazon, Steam, Google Play, App Store, Razer Gold, and more. You enter the gift card details to add the balance to your Clawee account.

The minimum deposit amount is $5. There are bonuses and discounts available for larger deposits up to $200 to encourage you to add more money to your account at once.

Depositing money into your Clawee account is simple and straightforward. Just tap the "Add Coins" button in the app, choose your preferred payment method, enter the necessary details, and complete the purchase to fund your account instantly.

Clawee's Earning Potential

While Clawee does provide the opportunity to win real prizes, can you actually win money or earn a profit playing? Let's take a look at what you can potentially earn and if it outweighs the costs.

The prizes: You can only win physical items like plush toys, electronics, gift cards, and more. There's no way to earn cash or convert prizes to cash within the app. The prizes appear to range in retail value from $5 up to $20 or more for larger items.

Prize value: Most prizes seem to be on the lower end of the value range around $5 to $10. While you have a chance to win higher value prizes, the odds seem to be lower based on the number of lower value options.

Win rate: Your odds of winning a prize can vary quite a bit based on a combination of skill and luck. On average, you may win around 10-20% of the games you play, but this could be higher or lower for you depending on how adept you are at maneuvering the claw.

Cost to play: After using up the initial free coins, you have to pay to play more games. You can expect to pay around $1 per game on average based on the prices I saw, but higher value machines with bigger prizes will cost more per play.

Shipping fees: If you do win a prize, you have to pay a shipping fee to receive it. For small items, shipping to the U.S. and Canada is a flat fee of $5. Shipping to other countries may be $10 or higher.

Considering the relatively low prize values, the cost to play per game, and additional shipping fees, the odds of spending more money than you earn in winnings are quite high. While Clawee can be entertaining, it is not likely to be a realistic way for most people to earn money or a profit.

Available Platforms

Clawee is currently only available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. There is no desktop version of the Clawee game available at this time.

The Clawee mobile app receives very positive reviews from users for providing an entertaining experience, intuitive interface, and smooth gameplay. The app seems well-designed for the concept and available on two of the most popular mobile platforms which makes it easily accessible to anyone interested in playing.

How to Join Clawee

Getting started with Clawee is a quick and simple process that only takes a few minutes:

  1. Download the Clawee app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device.
  2. Create your free Clawee account by providing your email address and creating a password or conveniently sign in using your Facebook or Google account.
  3. You'll automatically receive 200 free coins in your account as a new player to try your first few games and get familiar with how it works.
  4. Browse the available claw machines and start playing by using the on-screen controls to maneuver the claw and try grabbing a prize.
  5. Once you use up your initial free coins, you'll need to make a deposit into your account using one of the accepted payment methods to purchase more coins so you can keep playing, winning more prizes.

Clawee is available to anyone worldwide who wants to play. You just need an iOS or Android mobile device to download the app, create an account, and start winning prizes from wherever you are.

Clawee Support

If you have any questions about how Clawee works or encounter any issues while playing, you have a few options to get help and support.

There's also an email contact form you can use for any inquiries. I submitted a test question and received a response within 24 hours.

Overall, Clawee's customer support options appear decent.

Clawee Review Conclusion - Is It Legit?

So, is Clawee legit? Based on my experience, yes, it is a legitimate app that pays out real prizes.

However, below are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Win real prizes
  • Unique claw machine concept
  • Good mobile app
  • Available worldwide


  • No cash payouts
  • Low value prizes
  • Must pay to play after free coins
  • Shipping fees to receive prizes

In the end, while Clawee is legit for winning small prizes, it's not a viable way to earn money. You'll end up spending more on coins and fees than your winnings are worth.

For making real money online, you're better off using survey and reward sites or apps that pay out cash to PayPal or gift cards.

I hope this in-depth Clawee review gave you all the details to determine if it's worth your time. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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