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Is Fetch Rewards Safe? An Honest Review You Need to Read

Is Fetch Rewards Safe? An In-depth Review

What is Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards is a mobile app that rewards users for scanning and uploading grocery and retail receipts. It works by partnering with popular brands to offer points and special discounts when you buy specific products. The app is free to download and use.

Fetch Rewards Sign Up

To earn rewards, all you need to do is scan your paper receipts with the app after shopping. Fetch Rewards uses the receipt data to find eligible rewards from thousands of participating brands. The more eligible items you buy, the more points you earn.

Fetch Rewards is a popular receipt scanning app, with over 3 million users. They work with hundreds of brands to provide special offers and rewards for their customers. The app makes it easy to earn points on the go and redeem them for gift cards to places you already shop.

Fetch Rewards Payment Methods

Fetch Rewards doesn't pay users directly in cash. Instead, you earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Here are the key details on how it works:

The points you earn from scanning receipts and making eligible purchases can be redeemed for gift cards starting at just 3,000 points, which is equal to $3. Gift card options include major retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Starbucks. For your first reward redemption, you need to earn 10,000 points, or $10 in value.

While you don't earn direct cash with Fetch Rewards, the gift card options provide a lot of flexibility. You can use them for essentials like groceries, gas, and household items or even treat yourself to a coffee or meal out. And since you're already shopping at the stores, it's like found money you can put towards your bill.

The points do expire 365 days after you earn them, so you want to make sure you scan your receipts regularly and cash out rewards before your points disappear. As long as you stay active in using the app, you shouldn't have any trouble earning and redeeming rewards.

Fetch Rewards Earning Potential

How much you can earn with Fetch Rewards depends on several factors, including:

If you shop frequently at stores like Kroger, Safeway, CVS, and Target that offer a lot of points for eligible purchases, you can earn rewards more quickly. Scanning receipts from every shopping trip also helps build up points faster. Taking advantage of special promotions, bonuses, and referral offers are other ways to boost your earnings.

For regular users who scan most of their receipts, you can expect to earn $10-$30 or more in gift cards each month. The exact amount will depend on where and how much you shop. If you only use Fetch Rewards occasionally, you're looking at closer to $5-$15 per month. While you won't get rich using the app, the rewards can add up to a nice little bonus over time.

The key is really just using the app consistently to scan all your grocery and retail receipts. The points will add up automatically from there based on the offers available for items you buy regularly anyway. As long as you keep shopping as normal, Fetch Rewards provides an easy way to earn some money back.

Is Fetch Rewards Safe?

Yes, Fetch Rewards is generally considered safe to use. Here are some of the main reasons why:

Fetch Rewards is owned and operated by Fetch Rewards, LLC, a legitimate company based in Madison, Wisconsin. They have strong privacy policies in place to protect users' data and personal information. Your receipts and points balance are encrypted, and they do not share or sell your data to third parties.

To use the app, you only provide basic information like your name, email address, and password. No sensitive financial details are required. The app is free to download and use with no hidden fees. As long as you take normal security precautions with your login info, Fetch Rewards is considered a safe and reputable app.

The main data Fetch Rewards collects is the information from the receipts you scan, like store, date, and items purchased. They use this data to verify eligible rewards and provide you with points. But they are transparent in stating they do not share or sell users' personal data and keep all information confidential and secure.

As with any app, there is always a small risk of data breaches or hacking. But overall, Fetch Rewards seems to take privacy and security very seriously and has a good track record so far. As long as you go in with realistic expectations about what data they access and how it's used, the app can be safely enjoyed by most users.

Fetch Rewards Platform

Fetch Rewards is currently only available as an iOS and Android mobile app. There is no desktop website at this time. You have to download the free app to your phone or tablet to scan and upload receipts and manage your account.

The app allows you to easily scan both printed and digital receipts using your device's camera. It automatically reads and captures key details from the receipt to provide you with points for eligible items. You can view your points balance, redemptions, and rewards right within the app.

While a website could be convenient, the mobile app makes a lot of sense for an on-the-go receipt scanning and rewards program. As long as you regularly use a smartphone, the Fetch Rewards app provides an simple interface to earn and redeem points whenever you go shopping.

How to Join Fetch Rewards

Joining Fetch Rewards is easy and takes just a few minutes. Here's how to get started:

  1. Download the Fetch Rewards app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Create an account by entering your name, email address, password, and any referral code you may have.
  3. Allow the app permission to access your camera and photos so you can scan receipts.
  4. Scan your first grocery or retail receipt to start earning points.
  5. Check the available rewards on your receipts to see how many points you earned.
  6. Invite friends and family to join using your referral code to earn bonus points.
  7. Redeem your points for gift cards once you reach 3,000 points or more.

Fetch Rewards is free to join and designed for users 18 and older in the United States. The app does not require any credit card or bank details to get started. You just need an email address and basic information to set up your secure account.

Fetch Rewards Review Conclusion

Fetch Rewards makes it easy to earn rewards for your everyday shopping. Here are some pros and cons to keep in mind:


  • Free app to earn gift cards for scanning receipts
  • Wide selection of gift card options from major brands
  • Low 3,000 point minimum to redeem for $3 in rewards
  • Referral program provides opportunity to earn bonus points
  • Simple to use with no fees or charges


  • Does not offer direct cash payments
  • Requires frequent shopping at eligible stores to earn meaningful rewards
  • Can take time and effort to build up points for larger redemptions
  • Only available in the United States at this time

Overall, Fetch Rewards is a reputable app that provides an easy way to earn a little money back on your normal spending. While you won't get rich using it, the rewards can add up to a nice perk over time. If you shop regularly at stores like Kroger, Safeway, CVS or Target, Fetch Rewards is worth checking out.

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