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Is GoTranscript Legit or a Scam? We Exposed In Our Review

Is GoTranscript Legit or a Scam? An Honest Review

Looking to earn some extra cash online? Transcription work is a popular option, and GoTranscript is one site that offers this opportunity. But is GoTranscript legit, or is it a scam?

In this detailed review, we’ll take an in-depth look at GoTranscript to see if it's worth your time and energy. We’ll cover what it is, how it works, the payment methods, earning potential, platforms, how to join, and the pros and cons. Read on for the full scoop so you can decide if GoTranscript is right for you.

GoTranscript Sign Up

What is GoTranscript?

GoTranscript is an online transcription service that provides audio and video files for freelance transcribers to convert into text documents. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Europe.

GoTranscript works by connecting businesses and individuals who need audio/video transcription services with transcribers who can complete the work. As a transcriber, you listen to audio or watch video files and type out the content into text documents.

Some examples of files you may be asked to transcribe include:

  • Interviews
  • Speeches
  • Lectures
  • Meetings
  • Focus groups
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube videos

GoTranscript claims over 83,000 active transcribers use their platform. They have served over 150,000 clients since launching. The large number of transcribers and clients show that GoTranscript is a popular and trusted platform for transcription work.

Payment Methods

GoTranscript offers two payment options for transcribers:


You can get paid directly to your PayPal account. Payments are processed every Friday for the previous week's approved work. PayPal is a secure and trusted payment method, so you can feel confident you will receive your earnings.


You can also choose to get paid via Payoneer, which is a service that provides online money transfers. Like PayPal, payments are made every Friday. Payoneer is also a legitimate payment processor, so either option allows you to get paid securely for your work.

The minimum payout threshold is $1 for both payment methods. So you don’t have to earn a certain amount before getting paid. This is a major plus, as many similar sites have minimum payouts of $10 or more. The low threshold means you get paid for all your work, even small amounts, which is ideal.

Earning Potential

According to GoTranscript, transcribers can earn up to $0.60 per audio minute. However, your actual rate depends on your accuracy score, which starts at lower levels and increases as you gain experience.

GoTranscript has a 5-tier accuracy rating system:

  • Level 1: $0.12 to $0.20 per audio minute
  • Level 2: $0.22 to $0.32 per audio minute
  • Level 3: $0.37 to $0.42 per audio minute
  • Level 4: $0.45 to $0.52 per audio minute
  • Level 5: $0.55 to $0.60 per audio minute

You take a test when signing up to determine your starting level. The more projects you complete and the higher your accuracy, the more you can earn per audio minute. The tiered system rewards experienced transcribers, allowing you to significantly increase your pay over time.

According to user reports, it’s possible to make $400 to $600 per month transcribing for GoTranscript if you put in the time and get to level 4 or above. The earning potential is quite good for a part-time job you can do from home. However, earnings depend entirely on how many projects you can transcribe. The number of projects available varies, and you have to continually check the site for new assignments. It may take some time to build up your earnings each month as you get started.

Available Platforms

GoTranscript does not have a mobile app for transcribers. All work must be completed on a laptop or desktop computer. This is because transcribing requires typing out long files, which is not convenient on smartphones. Requiring computer access helps ensure high quality work from transcribers.

GoTranscript recommends using Express Scribe transcription software to make the process easier. This program allows you to control audio playback with hot keys and foot pedals. The software can help you work more efficiently, though it does have a cost to purchase or subscribe. Using it is not required to work with GoTranscript but may improve your productivity over time.

How to Join GoTranscript

Joining GoTranscript as a transcriber involves a lengthy application process with multiple steps:

  1. Create an account by providing your email address, name, and password. You can also sign up with Google or Facebook.
  2. Take a transcription skills assessment with 10 multiple choice questions. The assessment evaluates your existing knowledge to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications.
  3. Read the style guide carefully to learn the transcription rules. The style guide provides detailed instructions for how all work must be completed. You need to understand it fully before moving on to the next step.
  4. Take a transcription test where you transcribe a 3-minute audio file. The test assesses your actual transcription abilities to ensure you can meet the high accuracy standards.
  5. Wait for approval. This can take anywhere from 2 days up to 2 months. The approval process is lengthy because GoTranscript evaluates all applications and tests thoroughly. They only accept transcribers who can consistently meet their quality requirements.
  6. Once approved, take a verification test to confirm your identity. The verification test helps prevent fraud and ensures secure payment processing.

GoTranscript has a high bar for accuracy on all tests and projects. You must follow their exact style guide. Pay close attention to punctuation, formatting, spelling, grammar, and more. Sloppy work will get rejected. The extensive application process and strict accuracy requirements help GoTranscript provide high quality services to their clients.

Pros of GoTranscript

  • Available worldwide: Anyone can apply to work as a transcriber regardless of location.
  • Pays via PayPal or Payoneer: You have a choice of secure payment methods to receive your earnings.
  • No minimum payout threshold: Get paid for all your work, even small amounts, which is rare for transcription jobs.
  • Higher pay rates possible over time: Earn up to $0.60 per audio minute as your accuracy and experience increase.

Cons of GoTranscript

  • Lengthy application process: It can take weeks or months to get approved to work with GoTranscript. The process requires multiple assessments and patience.
  • High accuracy requirements: You must meet and maintain high standards for quality and accuracy or your work will get rejected. This is not an easy job.
  • Need to use a computer, not mobile: All work must be done on a laptop or desktop, so you need regular computer access.
  • Earnings take time to build: While the pay rates are good, it takes time to complete enough projects to generate substantial monthly income. Earnings depend on the availability of work and your productivity.

Is GoTranscript Recommended?

GoTranscript is a legitimate transcription job opportunity if you have strong typing skills, excellent English proficiency, a computer, and a lot of patience. It does take significant effort to get approved and start earning.

However, if you are able to pass the tests, there is real earning potential. Dedicated transcribers report making decent money, especially after increasing their accuracy ratings.

Just go in with realistic expectations. This is not a shortcut to fast cash. But with hard work, GoTranscript provides a flexible way to earn as a transcriptionist over the long-term.

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