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Is KashKick the Legit Side Hustle You've Been Waiting For? Review Reveals All

Is KashKick Legit or a Scam? In-Depth Review

What is KashKick?

KashKick is a get-paid-to (GPT) website that pays users to complete various online tasks and offers. 

KashKick Sign Up

KashKick provides an opportunity for people to make some extra money in their spare time by completing simple online activities. It is free to join and open to users worldwide. The types of activities you can get paid for include:

  • Taking surveys: KashKick offers surveys on various topics that typically take 5-20 minutes to complete. Payouts range from $0.25 to $5 per survey.
  • Completing offers like signing up for services, playing games, etc.: KashKick has offers from advertisers and market research companies that pay you to sign up for websites, play games, watch videos and more. Payouts vary but are usually a few dollars.
  • Referring friends: KashKick has a referral program that pays you when people sign up using your referral link. You get paid 10% of what your referrals earn on the site.

So in summary, KashKick provides an opportunity for people to make some extra money in their spare time by completing simple online activities. It is free to join and open to users worldwide.

KashKick Payment Methods

KashKick offers one payment method - PayPal. You need to earn a minimum of $10 before you can cash out your earnings. Payments are processed every 2 weeks after reaching the $10 threshold.

One downside is that KashKick support can sometimes be difficult to reach if there are issues with payment. There are some reports of users having payments denied or delayed for unclear reasons. So it's best not to accumulate too much in your account before cashing out. It's a good idea to cash out as soon as you reach the $10 minimum to avoid potential payment problems.

KashKick Earning Potential

Earning potential on KashKick is decent but not great. The availability of paid tasks and surveys is good so you can earn regularly. However, many offers and surveys reward very low amounts.

By spending time on the site daily, it's possible to earn $5-15 per week. But KashKick is best used for supplemental income rather than relying on it as a full-time job. Don't expect to make a living from KashKick. With consistent use, you may earn an extra $50-200 per month. The earning potential can vary significantly based on the number and types of offers and surveys available, as well as how much time you put in.

KashKick Platform

KashKick is accessible on desktop and mobile devices. It doesn't have a mobile app, but the website is mobile-friendly. This makes completing offers and surveys convenient whether you're at home or on-the-go.

The KashKick website has a simple and straightforward interface. It's easy to navigate and find available offers and surveys. The lack of a mobile app isn't a major downside since the website works well on phones and tablets. As long as you have an internet connection, you can log in and earn money with KashKick whenever you have some spare time.

How to Join KashKick

Joining KashKick is quick and easy:

  1. Go to and click "Join Now"
  2. Enter your basic personal info to create an account like your name, email, password, etc.
  3. Confirm your email address by clicking the link in the email KashKick sends you
  4. Complete your profile by providing some additional details about yourself such as your location, birthday, hobbies, etc. The more info you provide the more surveys and offers you may qualify for.

And that's it! You can start earning immediately after signing up. The whole signup process only takes a couple of minutes. Once your profile is set up, you'll have access to KashKick's offers and can start making money right away.

Pros & Cons of KashKick

Here are the main pros and cons to consider about KashKick:


  • Free and easy to join: It's quick to sign up for KashKick and start earning. There are no fees to participate.
  • Decent availability of offers and surveys: KashKick usually has plenty of offers and surveys available so you have opportunities to earn regularly.
  • Mobile-friendly interface: You can complete offers and surveys on KashKick even when you're on the go using your phone or tablet.
  • Referral program available: You can earn 10% of what people you refer earn on KashKick. This can increase your earnings over time.


  • Many offers pay very little: Although there are a lot of offers, many of them pay only a few cents. It can take a while to accumulate earnings.
  • Support can be difficult to reach: If you have issues with payments or your account, KashKick's support team can sometimes be hard to contact.
  • Payment delays or denials reported: Some users have reported problems receiving payments from KashKick or having payments denied unexpectedly.
  • Not a reliable full-time income source: KashKick earnings are best for extra side money. You likely won't earn enough to replace a full-time income.

Is KashKick Worth Trying?

In summary, KashKick can be worth trying if you have reasonable expectations. It provides a legit way to earn a bit of extra cash conveniently in your spare time.

Just don't expect to replace your full-time income with it. And cash out frequently to avoid potential payment issues. Overall, KashKick is OK for casual earning but has some drawbacks to be aware of. If you understand that you'll likely only make an extra $50-$200 per month at most and cash out as soon as you reach the $10 minimum, KashKick can be worth using for some easy side money. But look for other opportunities if you need to earn a substantial income.

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