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Playlist Push Exposed: Is It Legit or SCAM?

Playlist Push Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

What is Playlist Push?

Playlist Push is a platform that connects music artists with Spotify playlist curators and TikTok content creators. Artists can pay to get their music promoted on curated Spotify playlists and in TikTok videos. On the other side, curators and creators can earn money by reviewing songs and adding them to playlists or using them in TikTok videos.

Playlist Push Sign Up

Playlist Push aims to help independent music artists gain more exposure and connect with audiences by getting placed on popular Spotify playlists and TikTok channels. For curators and creators, it's an opportunity to monetize their audiences and earn an income from featuring music on their playlists and channels.

How Does the Payment System Work?

There are a few different ways to earn and get paid on Playlist Push:

Reviewing Songs

As a playlist curator, you earn up to $12 for each song you review and provide feedback on. You don't have to add the song to your playlist to get paid. Payments are sent weekly via direct bank transfer. The payment amount depends on the number of followers your playlist has. Playlists with more followers and higher engagement can earn on the higher end of the range.

Creating TikTok Videos

As a TikTok creator, you earn up to $10 per video you produce using Playlist Push's music. You need to reach a $20 payout threshold before you can withdraw your earnings via Venmo or bank transfer. Creators with larger followings and higher view counts on their videos will earn on the higher end of the pay scale. The minimum payout ensures that Playlist Push only has to process payments for creators who are actively promoting music on their channel.

Referral Program

You earn 10% of any creator/curator referrals' earnings for 3 months. For artist referrals, you get 10% of their first campaign spend. These payments are also sent via bank transfer. The referral program is a way for Playlist Push to incentivize their curators and creators to help bring new members to the platform. However, the rewards are on the lower end, at only 10% of earnings or spend.

In summary, the payment system and rates seem fair for the work involved. However, the referral program rewards could be more generous. The direct bank transfer payments are convenient, as it avoids the delays and fees associated with other methods like PayPal. The weekly and minimum payment thresholds also ensure that curators and creators are paid regularly for their work.

What is the Earning Potential?

The earning potential is quite good. You can earn $10-$12 per song/video, which is a high payout rate. However, getting accepted as a curator or creator is difficult and may require building up your Spotify or TikTok presence first. Those with larger audiences and higher engagement on their playlists or channels stand to earn on the higher end of the pay scale. Some top curators and creators could potentially earn $500-$1,000 or more per month.

The earning potential is good for those able to qualify as a curator or creator. But Playlist Push seems to favor those with an already established presence and following on Spotify or TikTok. For smaller creators, the earning potential may be more limited until you're able to build up your audience and engagement. The referral program also provides some earning potential, but the 10% commission rate is on the lower end. Overall, the earning potential is good, especially if you have a large Spotify or TikTok following. But for new creators, earnings may start off small until you gain more traction.

What Platforms are Available?

Playlist Push's website is mobile-friendly, so you can access your account from any device. However, there is no mobile app available currently. Playlist Push is primarily a web-based platform, with no native mobile apps for iOS or Android. The mobile-optimized website works fine for accessing your account and completing tasks on the go. But a dedicated mobile app may provide a better overall experience, especially for curators and creators promoting content on their mobile devices.

The lack of mobile apps is a downside, as many people access platforms like Spotify, TikTok and their bank accounts primarily through mobile apps. While the mobile website is functional, native iOS and Android apps may make the experience more seamless for Playlist Push's users. The company has likely foregone developing mobile apps to keep costs down, but it's something they may want to consider to provide the best experience for their curators, creators and artists.

How Do You Join Playlist Push?

To become a curator, you need at least one Spotify playlist with:

  • 1,000+ followers
  • 30+ monthly active listeners
  • 1+ monthly artist listeners

To be a TikTok creator, you need:

  • 30,000+ TikTok followers
  • To pass their viewership analysis

You apply separately for each role. If accepted, you complete registration and connect your Spotify/TikTok account.

The qualification criteria ensure that Playlist Push is working with curators and creators who have a legitimate following and audience. The thresholds for followers and engagement seem reasonable and help to filter out those without an established presence. The viewership analysis for TikTok creators also helps to assess the quality and engagement of your content. While the criteria may be difficult for new creators to meet, it helps Playlist Push maintain a high standard for the curators and creators they accept onto the platform.

Can You Get Support?

Playlist Push has an FAQ page and you can contact their support team via live chat or email. So they do provide decent customer support options.

Playlist Push offers a good range of support options for their users. The FAQ page can help address common questions, while the live chat and email support provide more in-depth assistance. Live chat is convenient when you need help immediately. And email support is useful for less urgent inquiries or more complex issues. The multiple support options show that Playlist Push is committed to providing good customer service to their curators, creators, artists and other users.

Conclusion: Pros and Cons


  • Good payout rates per song/video
  • Interesting earning opportunities
  • Direct bank transfer payments


  • Hard to qualify as a curator or creator
  • Need to build up Spotify/TikTok presence first
  • Weak referral program rewards

Overall, Playlist Push is legitimate and pays well. But you'll likely need an established Spotify or TikTok presence to earn. It's best for people who already have large followings on those platforms.

In summary, Playlist Push seems to be a legitimate platform that provides good earning opportunities for curators and creators. The payout rates are fair and payments are made reliably via direct bank transfer. However, the platform favors those with an already sizable following on Spotify or TikTok. New creators may struggle to qualify and see limited earning potential until they build up their audience. The referral program could also provide more generous rewards.

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