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Is Prestoshopper Legit? The Review You Need To Read

Is Prestoshopper Legit? An In-Depth Review

What is Prestoshopper?

Prestoshopper is a mystery shopping app that allows users to earn money by completing various "shops" or tasks. 

Presto Shopper Sign Up

The app offers three main types of shops:


These are self-assigned mystery shopping tasks. Users can browse available Insta-Shops on the app and claim ones they want to complete. The tasks usually involve making a purchase at a store and then submitting details like a receipt photo. Payment is received once the requirements are reviewed and approved.

Insta-Shops provide an easy way for mystery shoppers to find and complete tasks in their local area. The self-assigned nature means users can claim shops that match their interests and schedules. However, there may be competition to claim shops, especially when new ones are added. Checking the app frequently for newly listed Insta-Shops in your city is key to maximizing earnings.


For these tasks, users have to apply for specific MysteryShop jobs. The tasks may be on the Prestoshopper platform or on a partner mystery shopping site. Payment is received after completing the task and submitting required details.

MysteryShops provide an opportunity for more specialized, higher-paying tasks. However, users have to go through an application process and there is no guarantee of being selected for a shop. The tasks also tend to be more complex, requiring detailed evaluations and reports. For those willing to put in the extra effort, MysteryShops can be quite lucrative.


LiveShops involve answering quick questions or submitting photos related to experiences users already have at stores, restaurants, etc. that they visit. There is no purchase required. Payment is received after Prestoshopper reviews the submitted details.

LiveShops provide an easy way to earn rewards with no additional effort since users are reporting on places they already frequent. However, the rewards tend to be small, mostly coupons and gift cards. For those looking to make cash payments, LiveShops should not be relied upon as a primary income source on the Prestoshopper platform.

Payment Methods

For InstaShops and MysteryShops, users can get paid via PayPal or convert earnings to an Amazon gift card. For US users, converting to a Tango card is also an option. Payments are issued as soon as tasks are approved. There is no minimum payout threshold.

PayPal is typically the quickest and most convenient payment method. However, some users may prefer converting earnings to gift cards, especially if they are frequent Amazon shoppers. The lack of a minimum payout means users get paid promptly even for small tasks.

For LiveShops, users earn rewards like coupons or Amazon gift cards instead of cash payments.

Earning Potential

Income depends heavily on your location. There tend to be more opportunities in major metropolitan areas. Tasks pay anywhere from $10-$30 typically. Some specialized tasks may pay more. The earning potential for users in cities with a good number of shops available can be quite decent.

Users in large cities can potentially earn $200-$500 per month or more completing shops in their spare time. Actual earnings will depend on factors like the number of shops available, a user's ability to claim shops quickly, and the types of shops they complete (e.g. InstaShops vs MysteryShops). While location is a big factor, the earning potential can vary quite a bit between users in the same city based on how actively they use the platform.


Prestoshopper can be accessed via an iOS/Android app or their website. The app provides the smoothest experience for finding and claiming shops in your area on-the-go.

The Prestoshopper app is well-designed and easy to navigate. Push notifications alert users when new shops become available in their city so they can claim them quickly. The app is optimized for completing shops efficiently by allowing users to submit details like photos directly through the interface.

While the website can also be used, the app is superior for most users, especially those looking to maximize their earnings by claiming shops as soon as they are listed.

How to Join

Signing up is quick and easy. Just download the app or go to the website and fill out the registration form. Make sure to use the same email as your PayPal account. There are opportunities available in the US, Canada, and some other countries but most shops are in the US.

To get started, users simply need to provide an email, password, and some basic info like their name and address. Be sure to use an email that matches your PayPal account so you can receive payments promptly. The sign-up process only takes a couple of minutes but may require verification of details for some users.

Pros and Cons


  • PayPal payout option
  • No minimum payout threshold
  • Good number of shops available in major cities

The ability to get paid out promptly to PayPal with no minimum threshold means users can earn money from even small tasks. For those in cities with many opportunities, the potential to earn decent money in their spare time is a major benefit of the platform.


  • Limited opportunities outside of big cities
  • Various shop types can be confusing initially

Users in small towns or rural areas are unlikely to find enough shops to generate meaningful income. The platform is really designed for those in large metropolitan areas. Additionally, the different shop types (InstaShops, MysteryShops, LiveShops) can seem complicated when you're first getting started, although the interface does provide guidance on how each works.


Prestoshopper is a legitimate mystery shopping app that provides a decent earning opportunity, especially for users located in metropolitan areas of the US and Canada. The app is easy to use and payments are issued promptly to PayPal accounts.

While the platform is legitimate, users should be aware that income potential is geographically limited. There also may be a learning curve in navigating the different shop types at first. However, for those able to take advantage of the many opportunities in their city, Prestoshopper can be an excellent way to earn money in your spare time completing simple tasks like shopping at stores you already frequent.

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