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Is Remotasks Legit? Our Review May Suprised You

Is Remotasks Legit? The Full Truth

What is Remotasks?

Remotasks is a micro-task platform that pays users to complete small data entry and content moderation tasks. Users complete training modules to qualify for specific tasks. 

Remotasks Sign Up

Once qualified, they can browse available jobs and complete them for pay. Remotasks was founded in 2015 and has over 2 million members worldwide. They claim to have paid out over $4 million to members so far for completing simple online tasks.

Remotasks Payment Methods

Remotasks offers weekly payments via PayPal or AirTM. You don't have to meet a minimum payout threshold. Whatever you earn each week is paid out the following Wednesday morning automatically. A 2% PayPal fee applies. Having multiple payment options provides more flexibility for members to choose what works best for them based on their location and needs.

How Payments Work

Your pay is calculated from Wednesday morning 12 AM UTC to the following Tuesday midnight UTC each week. On Wednesday mornings at 12 AM UTC, Remotasks sends payments for the previous week's earnings. The weekly payment schedule means you get paid regularly and don't have to wait long to receive the money you earn. However, the short payment window also means you have to work consistently to maximize your earnings each week.

Other Payment Details

Originally Remotasks only offered PayPal but recently added AirTM as a payout option. This gives members more flexibility to choose a payment method that works for them. Some members prefer PayPal for its convenience while others may find AirTM better suits their needs.

To receive payments, you must provide your PayPal email or AirTM username in your account settings. Be sure to enter this information accurately when you sign up to avoid delays in receiving your payments.

Remotasks Earning Potential

How much you can earn on Remotasks depends primarily on several factors:

  • The number of tasks you complete: The more tasks you do, the more you can earn.
  • Your work accuracy percentage: Higher accuracy means higher pay rates per task.
  • The type and complexity of tasks: Some tasks pay more than others based on difficulty.
  • How quickly and thoroughly you work: Working efficiently allows you to complete more tasks and earn more.

Task Pay Rates

Most tasks pay very low, often less than $2 per hour. But if you complete the Remotasks Bootcamp, you can qualify for higher paying tasks. Pay rates for tasks seem to range from $0.01 to $0.25 per task according to reviews. The higher paying tasks appear to be more complex, requiring additional training to access.

Your work is reviewed for accuracy before you're paid. The higher your accuracy, the more you'll earn per task. To earn the full rate, you must achieve 100% accuracy. Ensuring high quality work is important to maximize your earnings on Remotasks. Submitting inaccurate or low quality work will result in lower pay rates and could lead to losing access to some tasks.

How Long It Takes

You first have to complete unpaid training modules, which can be time consuming. Then tasks themselves require patience and effort. Even experienced users report it takes time to earn money. While the actual tasks on Remotasks are meant to be simple, the platform does require an initial time investment to get set up and learn how it works.

In summary, Remotasks is more of a side gig, not a full-time income source. With dedication, you can earn extra cash, but likely only $2-3 per hour. Remotasks should not be viewed as a way to make a living but rather as a way to generate some spare money with your spare time.

Remotasks Platform

Remotasks does not have a mobile app. The website is mobile-friendly, but a tablet or computer is better for completing tasks. Without a dedicated mobile app, Remotasks may be more difficult to work with on the go using just a smartphone. A larger screen like a tablet or computer is likely easier for completing most of the tasks on the platform.

How to Join Remotasks

You can sign up for Remotasks directly on their website. Just provide your name, email, password, and phone number. You'll receive a verification code to complete signup. The signup process is simple and only requires a few basic details to get started. However, providing an accurate phone number is important as some tasks may require verification via text message according to Remotasks.

Who Can Join

Remotasks claims to be available worldwide, but some countries are restricted. You won't know if your country is eligible until after signing up. Remotasks does not publish a list of restricted countries, so you have to go through the signup process to find out if your location is supported or not. Some reviews mention that Remotasks is not available in certain African, Middle Eastern and Asian countries, but there is no official list from Remotasks regarding country availability.

Remotasks used to publish a list of allowed countries. But even if your country isn't listed, you may still be able to join. The only way to know for sure if Remotasks will work for you is by signing up and going through their screening process.

Pros and Cons of Remotasks


  • Automatic weekly PayPal payments: Getting paid regularly and automatically is convenient.
  • Plenty of tasks available: There appears to be no shortage of tasks to work on according to reviews and Remotasks.
  • Can earn extra cash with dedication: While earnings potential is low, Remotasks can provide some spare money for the time spent working on it.


  • Very low pay rates: Most tasks pay less than $2 per hour which is below minimum wage in most countries.
  • Unpaid training is required first: You have to invest time in learning the platform before you can start earning.
  • Task approval not guaranteed: Some reviews mention doing work that was ultimately rejected, resulting in lost time and no pay.
  • Lack of transparency about availability: Remotasks does not clearly state which countries are supported, requiring people to sign up to find out.
  • Mixed reviews of their support: Some members report slow or unhelpful support from Remotasks when issues arise.


In summary, Remotasks is a legitimate get-paid-to site, but it has some significant drawbacks. It pays extremely low rates and requires unpaid training. The platform also lacks transparency in some areas like availability in different countries.

If you are patient and dedicate time to learn the platform, you can earn a bit of extra cash conveniently via PayPal. But it is more of a side gig, not substantial income. Earnings potential on Remotasks appears to be quite low, so you need to go in with realistic expectations.

Be sure to read reviews thoroughly so you know what to expect before joining. There are some complaints about lack of task approval, poor support, and very low pay. For most people seeking to earn money online, Remotasks is likely not the best option due to these issues.

However, if you simply want to generate a small amount of spare money in your spare time and are willing to accept the downsides, Remotasks could still be worth a try. But proceed with caution based on the mixed experiences reported by members.

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