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Is SpotHero Legit and Real? A Must-Read Review

Is SpotHero Legit and Real? Paid for Renting Parking Spot Review

What is SpotHero?

SpotHero is a mobile app and website that allows drivers to reserve and pay for parking spots in advance. It partners with parking garages, lots, and valets in cities across the United States and Canada to provide drivers with cheaper, guaranteed parking. 

SpotHero Sign Up

For drivers, SpotHero aims to eliminate the hassle of finding and paying for parking. Instead of circling for an open spot or paying each time you come and go, you can reserve a spot through the app or website and take advantage of reduced pre-paid rates. SpotHero also offers features like parking cancellations and reminders to make parking even more convenient.

Founded in 2011, SpotHero is available in over 300 cities across North America, including major hubs like New York City, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The company has continued to expand its partnerships and coverage areas over the years to provide more parking options and convenience to drivers in many metro areas.

SpotHero's Payment Methods

As a driver using SpotHero, you have a couple different options for paying for your parking:

Credit card - Most reservations require a credit card upfront to guarantee your spot. The card will be charged after parking. This is the most common way to pay for SpotHero parking. It's simple but does require providing your credit card details.

SpotHero wallet - You can add funds to your SpotHero wallet ahead of time and use it to pay for parking reservations. The SpotHero wallet allows you to pay without entering credit card details for each reservation. You simply add funds to your wallet balance and deduct the reservation total from it.

Payment is all handled seamlessly through the app. There are no physical tickets or cash payments required when you arrive to park. SpotHero aims to provide the most convenient experience, letting you skip the payment kiosks and go straight to your reserved parking spot.

Earning Potential with SpotHero

SpotHero also presents an opportunity to earn money by renting out unused parking spaces near your home, office, or other properties you own. Here's how it works:

List your parking space - You list your available parking space on the SpotHero platform, including location, hours, and pricing. SpotHero will review and approve your space before making it available to drivers. They aim to ensure it meets their standards for handiness, security, and quality.

Get booked - Drivers book and pre-pay for your space through the SpotHero app. Once a driver reserves your space, you'll receive a notification from SpotHero about the details of their reservation including dates and times.

Earn money - You earn a payout each time your space is booked after SpotHero's commission. SpotHero takes a percentage of each reservation to monetize their platform. You keep the remaining amount, which can vary from around 60-80% depending on SpotHero's rates in your area.

The earning potential depends on demand and pricing for your area. Parking in major cities and busy locations will earn more than rural or residential areas. You don't have full control over pricing either - SpotHero sets dynamic rates based on demand.

Overall earnings potential is decent but unpredictable. You may earn well if you have a prime location, but you're not guaranteed income each month. It takes some luck and reliance on demand from SpotHero's user base. For consistent earnings, you'll want a spot in an area with heavy traffic and limited parking. As an irregular side income, renting out an occasional spare parking space can still provide some extra cash.

Available Platforms

SpotHero is available via:

iOS app - Download from the App Store. The iOS app provides full functionality for reserving and paying for parking on iPhone and iPad.

Android app - Download from Google Play. Android users can reserve, pay for, and manage parking through the SpotHero Android app.

Desktop website - Access at In addition to the mobile apps, SpotHero has a full website where you can find and book parking. The site works on desktop computers and mobile browsers.

The apps and website all provide the same functionality. You can search, book, and manage parking from any platform. The mobile apps provide the smoothest experience for on-the-go parking reservations and payments. But for owners listing spaces or those who prefer managing bookings from a computer, the website works great as well.

How to Join SpotHero

Getting started with SpotHero is quick and easy:

Download the iOS or Android app or visit the website. The apps are free to download from the App Store and Google Play. And the website is accessible at

Enter your location to search for nearby parking. Whether using the app or website, you'll allow SpotHero to access your location or enter an address to find parking spots.

Select a parking spot and reserve a space. Browse the available garages, lots, and valets in your area, compare rates and amenities, then book a space that suits your needs.

Pay through the app or website to guarantee your reservation. Enter payment details or use your SpotHero wallet balance to complete the reservation. Your parking spot will be held until your scheduled time.

Park and exit as usual - payment is completely handled through SpotHero. Once you arrive at the parking spot, just pull in and park. Exit as usual when you're ready to leave. There's no need to pay at an exit kiosk or machine since you already completed payment through SpotHero.

If you want to list a parking space instead of using SpotHero to park, you'll need to submit an application to become an owner/host. You can find the application at Fill out details about your parking space including location, access hours, and photos. SpotHero will review and contact you if your space is approved to list.

Conclusion - The Pros and Cons of SpotHero


Guaranteed parking reservations. Reserve and pre-pay for parking through SpotHero to guarantee you'll have a space waiting upon arrival.

Reduced pre-paid parking rates. SpotHero negotiates lower rates with parking providers to offer drivers discounts when booking in advance.

Easy mobile payments. Pay for your entire parking reservation through the SpotHero app using a credit card, debit card, or your SpotHero wallet balance.

Earn passive income by renting out parking spaces. Homeowners and business owners can make money by listing unused parking spaces on the SpotHero platform.


Limited to certain metro areas. SpotHero is only available in select cities across the US and Canada. If you're outside of their coverage areas, you can't use the service.

No control over parking space pricing. As an owner listing a space, you have to accept the rates set by SpotHero. They determine prices based on demand and other factors in your local market.

Variable earnings potential from rented parking spaces. Income from renting your parking space can fluctuate significantly based on seasonality, events, and overall demand in your area.

The Bottom Line

Overall, SpotHero is a legitimate parking app that can save drivers money and headache when parking in major cities. It offers an intriguing opportunity to earn extra income by renting out parking spaces as well, although earnings potential is uncertain.

For most drivers, SpotHero is worth using when parking in areas it serves. As an income stream, renting your parking space can be worthwhile but requires the right property and location. Give the app a try or analyze your property's potential to decide if SpotHero is right for you.

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