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Is StepBet Legit? An Honest Review of Fitness App

Is StepBet Legit? An Honest Review of Its Features

StepBet is a popular fitness app that allows users to earn money by achieving weekly walking goals. The key question many have is: is StepBet legit? In this review, we will evaluate StepBet from a user's perspective to determine if it is a scam or a worthwhile opportunity. We will analyze its features, payment methods, and earning potential to help you decide if StepBet is right for you.

StepBet Sign Up

What is StepBet?

StepBet is a fitness app that allows users to earn money by achieving weekly walking goals. The app works by having users join "fitness games" where they bet money on their ability to hit certain step targets. If they succeed, they get their money back plus a share of the pot. If they fail, StepBet keeps their money.

The idea behind StepBet is that by adding a financial incentive, it will motivate people to walk and exercise more. The app aims to make fitness fun and social by letting you compete against other users. StepBet has created a innovative way to make exercise more engaging through gamification and social connections.

How Do StepBet's Payment Methods Work?

When joining a game, you must place a bet, usually around $40. This bet can be paid via secure and convenient methods including:

  • PayPal: PayPal is a popular payment method for StepBet since funds can be added and withdrawn easily. Your PayPal account must be verified to use it with StepBet.
  • Credit card: Most major credit cards are accepted including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. StepBet uses an encrypted payment system to protect your card information.
  • Previous StepBet winnings: If you have won money from previous StepBet games, those funds are available in your account to join new games.

If you achieve your weekly step goals, you get your bet back plus a share of the total pot. StepBet takes a 15% cut of the pot for operating fees and distributes the remaining amount to winners. So you are guaranteed not to lose money if you hit the goals. The payout amount depends on the number of winners in your game. More winners means a smaller share for each person.

You can cash out your StepBet winnings via PayPal anytime with no minimum threshold. Each point earned equals $1. This convenient payout system is one of the major benefits of StepBet, especially since PayPal can be linked to your bank account or used to make purchases.

What is StepBet's Earning Potential?

While StepBet offers an opportunity to earn money through exercise, earning big money is difficult. Payouts depend on the number of winners in each game, which varies significantly. Completing a 6-week game requires consistent activity for a period of time but may yield little potential profit, especially if there are many winners. For some, the small payouts may not seem worth the effort required.

Upgrading to premium status helps increase your potential winnings. Premium games have bigger pots of up to $100,000. But they also have steeper competition from more active users. You must be very dedicated to exercise and step tracking to have a real chance at winning these larger pots. For casual or beginner users, premium games are likely too advanced.

Realistically, expect to earn only a few extra dollars from each standard game. While income potential is limited, StepBet's real value is the motivation and accountability it provides to establish an exercise habit. The financial and social incentives can help you build a healthy behavior over time through its engaging experience.

Available Platforms

StepBet is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. Since step tracking is core to the experience, there is currently no desktop version. The app requires a Bluetooth-enabled fitness tracker or smartwatch to join games and record your steps. Some compatible devices include Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, and apps like Google Fit. Your tracker must be linked to the StepBet app to participate.

How to Join StepBet

Joining StepBet is a quick and easy process. Simply:

  1. Download the StepBet app on your iOS or Android mobile device.
  2. Sign up with email, Facebook, Google, or Apple ID. Your account will be verified through the method you choose.
  3. Connect the StepBet app to your fitness tracker device or compatible fitness app like Apple Health, Google Fit, etc. Your step data will be shared with StepBet to join games and track your progress.
  4. Join an available fitness game by placing your bet amount and getting assigned a weekly step goal. Most games last 6 weeks and require at least 5 days of activity per week.

StepBet is available worldwide to anyone over 18 with a compatible fitness tracker. Connecting a fitness tracking device or app is required to join StepBet games and provide the step data needed to play. The sign-up process typically takes around 5 minutes to complete and you can join your first game right away to start earning money for exercising!

Pros of StepBet

  • Unique way to earn money while establishing an exercise habit
  • Convenient and secure payment methods including PayPal
  • Social experience motivates you to achieve your step goals through friendly competition
  • Accountability provided by step tracking and game deadlines

Cons of StepBet

  • Very limited earning potential, especially for casual users
  • Games take weeks to finish for small payouts
  • Premium membership required to win bigger pots but also means steeper competition
  • May not motivate those primarily focused on earning income


StepBet offers an interesting opportunity to earn a small amount of money while establishing an exercise habit and achieving fitness goals. The social competition and accountability motivate you to walk more each day. However, the potential earnings are low for the time period required to complete a game.

If your primary goal is generating income, StepBet is likely not the best option as there are more lucrative side hustles and apps available. But if you want extra motivation to exercise and build healthy habits, StepBet provides a unique experience that could benefit you over the long run.

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