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Is SurveyWorld Legit? This Detailed Review Explaining Everything

Is SurveyWorld Legit? A Comprehensive Review

If you've been searching online for ways to make some extra money in your spare time, you've probably come across SurveyWorld. 

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But with so many survey sites out there, it can be hard to determine which ones are legit and worth your time. That's why I've put together this in-depth review of SurveyWorld to help you decide if it's right for you.

What Exactly is SurveyWorld?

SurveyWorld is a website that promotes paid survey opportunities from various third-party survey panels. It acts as an intermediary, directing users to sign up for survey sites through promotional links after they answer a few questions on the SurveyWorld platform. SurveyWorld itself does not contain any paid surveys. It essentially aggregates and promotes external survey sites. Some users find this confusing at first, thinking SurveyWorld is a direct survey site. But it's more of a middleman, connecting users with survey panels.

When you visit SurveyWorld, you'll be asked to answer a few short questions about your demographic profile and interests. After submitting your answers, you'll be redirected to a promotional page for a legit external survey site. SurveyWorld gets paid to redirect users to these survey panels. For example, you may be directed to a page promoting OpinionWorld, Survey Junkie or some other real paid survey site. You can then sign up on that site to start taking surveys for cash rewards.

How Do SurveyWorld's Payment Methods Work?

Because SurveyWorld itself does not contain any paid surveys, there are no direct payment methods on the platform. However, SurveyWorld does direct users to legitimate third-party survey sites that offer various payment methods. Some of the payment options available on survey sites promoted by SurveyWorld include:

PayPal: You can cash out your earnings directly to your PayPal account. PayPal is a popular payment method for survey sites because it's free to use and payments are fast.

Amazon gift cards: You can redeem your points or cash earned for Amazon gift cards to shop on

Visa gift cards: Some survey sites offer virtual Visa gift cards that work just like a prepaid credit card for online shopping and payments.

Virtual Mastercards: Similar to Visa gift cards, you can get virtual Mastercards to shop online or make other payments.

Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin: A few survey sites now offer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment option. You can cash out in crypto and use it however you like.

Direct bank transfer: Some survey panels offer direct bank transfers or ACH payments to transfer your earnings to your bank account.

Prize drawings and sweepstakes entries: In addition to cash and gift cards, some survey sites provide entries into prize drawings, sweepstakes and other contests for completing surveys.

So while SurveyWorld itself does not pay users directly, the survey sites it promotes offer a good variety of cash out options. The payment methods available will depend on which survey site you end up joining through SurveyWorld.

How Much Can You Earn with SurveyWorld?

Again, since SurveyWorld does not actually provide paid surveys itself, there is no direct earning potential on the platform itself. However, SurveyWorld does promote legitimate survey sites that pay decently. On average, you can expect to earn $1 to $5 per survey on the third-party panels promoted by SurveyWorld. Some surveys pay less, around $0.25, while longer surveys can pay over $10 or even $20.

Most users can expect to earn around $10 to $20 per hour spent taking surveys on the survey sites suggested by SurveyWorld. But earnings will depend on the time you put in, survey availability, and how consistently you qualify. While you're unlikely to get rich or make a full-time income with SurveyWorld, many people find it a simple way to make some decent extra money in their spare time. As with any survey site, your earnings will depend on the time and effort you put into it.

What Platforms Does SurveyWorld Offer?

SurveyWorld itself is a website that can be accessed on any internet-connected desktop or laptop computer. There is no mobile app for SurveyWorld, but the website is mobile-friendly. The third-party survey sites promoted by SurveyWorld often have mobile apps available for iOS and Android. So you can take surveys on the go from a smartphone or tablet if the panel offers a mobile app.

How to Join SurveyWorld

Joining SurveyWorld is a bit tricky since there is no direct sign-up form or button on the website. Instead, you need to find a SurveyWorld landing page via an ad or promotion. Often these landing pages are advertised on Facebook or other platforms. You'll be asked to answer a few questions before being redirected to a survey site promo page.

If you can't find an active SurveyWorld landing page, you can try contacting their support on Facebook. An agent will send you a link if they have any current promotions in your country. Once you access a landing page and submit your info, you'll be redirected to a survey site to sign up and start earning. The sign-up process is simple but does involve a few extra steps compared to joining a survey site directly.

The Pros and Cons of Using SurveyWorld

Here are some of the main pros and cons to consider with SurveyWorld:


Quick customer support responses. SurveyWorld offers helpful support on Facebook and is quick to respond to questions.

Only promotes legitimate survey panels. SurveyWorld screens the survey sites they work with and only promotes reputable panels that pay as promised.

Directs users to new paid survey opportunities. SurveyWorld can be a good way to discover new survey sites you may not have found otherwise.


No surveys or direct earnings on SurveyWorld itself. You have to go through SurveyWorld to other sites to actually earn money.

Confusing intermediary process. The extra steps to get from SurveyWorld to an actual survey site can be confusing and time-consuming for some.

Hard to find active landing pages to join. SurveyWorld landing pages are often temporary, so you may have trouble accessing one when you want to sign up.

Extra steps compared to signing up directly on survey sites. It may be simpler for you to just search for survey sites directly rather than going through SurveyWorld.

Summary: Is SurveyWorld Legit?

In summary, SurveyWorld is a legit website that aggregates and promotes real paid survey opportunities. However, it acts as a middleman, redirecting users to sign up for third-party survey panels through affiliate promo links. While SurveyWorld is legitimate, it does not contain direct earning opportunities itself. The platform mainly serves to direct traffic to external survey sites.

Some users appreciate discovering new survey panels this way. Others would rather just sign up directly on survey sites to save time. Overall, SurveyWorld is worth considering if you don't mind the intermediary process to find new paid survey opportunities. But for the simplest experience, you may want to search for survey sites directly to cut out the middleman.

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