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Is uTest Legit? The Review You Need to Read

Is uTest Legit? A Review of This Software Testing Platform

Looking to earn money online as a software tester? In this comprehensive review, we'll take an in-depth look at uTest to see if it's a legit way to make money or a scam to avoid.

uTest Sign Up

What is uTest?

uTest is an online platform that allows you to get paid to test software and apps. Companies use uTest to find bugs and issues with their software before launch by hiring uTest's community of testers.

As a tester, you can sign up for free, take some training courses to learn how uTest works, build your tester profile, and then start applying to paid testing cycles. The main way to earn money is by finding and reporting issues during these testing cycles.

uTest has been around since 2007 and works with major companies like Google, Microsoft, PayPal, and more. They have over 150,000 testers worldwide, making them a reputable company with plenty of opportunities for skilled testers.

Payment Methods

uTest offers two payment methods:

  • PayPal - Your earnings are paid out to your PayPal account. Payments are processed automatically twice per month if you've earned at least $2. PayPal is a popular payment method as the funds can be transferred to your bank account or used to make online purchases. The low payout threshold means you get paid quickly.
  • Payoneer - This is a virtual bank account that allows you to receive payments. You must earn at least $20 to withdraw your earnings. Payoneer typically takes longer to pay out compared to PayPal but may be better for testers outside the US.

PayPal is the more popular and convenient choice since the payout threshold is lower and it's faster to get paid. Payoneer can take longer but may be better for testers outside the US. Either way, uTest provides reliable payment methods so you can feel confident you'll get paid for the work you do.

Earning Potential

How much money can you make on uTest? The amount varies based on:

  • Your testing skills - You get paid per valid bug/issue found, so finding more issues means higher earnings. Skilled testers who can find hard to detect bugs will earn the most.
  • Reputation - The more projects you complete, the more you'll get invited and paid. Building a reputation is key to maximizing your earnings on uTest.
  • Project availability - This varies based on client demand. The more projects available, the more chances to earn. While project availability may be lower when you first start, there are opportunities for all skill levels.

Most projects pay $10 - $50. Top testers report earnings of $600 - $800 per month, but this takes time to build up your skills and reputation. As a beginner, you may earn closer to $200 - $500 per month, but you can increase this over time with more experience.

The earning potential on uTest is highly dependent on the time and effort you put in. While it may start lower, skilled and reputable testers can make a decent income over time. The key is to continually improve your testing abilities, build your reputation by delivering high quality work, and be patient as your earnings increase.

Available Platforms

uTest has mobile apps for both iOS and Android so you can test on a smartphone or tablet. You can also use uTest on a desktop or laptop computer.

The ability to test mobile apps in addition to websites is a big advantage. Make sure to download the uTest mobile app so you can start testing mobile projects. Many major companies need help testing their mobile apps before launch, so having experience testing on multiple devices will open you up to more opportunities.

Whether you prefer to test on mobile or web, uTest has you covered with a user-friendly platform to handle all your testing needs. Their mobile and desktop dashboards make it easy to find and report issues for any project you're working on.

How to Join uTest

Joining uTest is free and straightforward:

  1. Provide your basic personal info like name, address, PayPal email, etc.
  2. Take the intro courses in uTest Academy to learn the basics
  3. Build your tester profile by adding details about your testing skills and experience
  4. Start applying to test cycles that match your abilities

Be sure to fully complete your profile as this will increase the testing project invites you receive. Provide information on your areas of testing expertise, the types of software you have experience testing, and any relevant skills or certifications. The more detailed your profile, the more opportunities will come your way.

While the signup process is simple, take time to thoroughly explore the uTest Academy training. These free courses will teach you uTest's methodology and prepare you to become an effective tester on their platform. With the right skills and mindset, you'll be ready to take on projects and start earning money in no time.

Conclusion - Is uTest Legit?

So, is uTest a scam or a legit way to earn money? The verdict is that uTest is 100% legit.

The pros are:

  • Reputable company with big brand clients
  • Free to join and easy signup process
  • Pays via PayPal quickly and reliably
  • Good earning potential for skilled testers
  • Opportunities to gain experience testing websites and mobile apps
  • Project variety to keep things interesting

Some downsides to consider:

  • Limited project availability when you're new
  • Need to build reputation and skills to maximize earnings
  • Lower paying test cycles for beginners
  • Inconsistent work since it depends on client demand

Overall, uTest is an excellent platform if you have strong software testing skills and are patient enough to build up your profile and reputation over time. While it can take work to increase your earnings, the opportunity to gain valuable experience, build a reputable portfolio, and make good money from home is worth the effort for many testers.


uTest is a legit site that pays software testers to find bugs and issues in apps and websites before they launch. The process involves signing up for free, completing training courses, taking on paid testing cycles, reporting issues found, and getting paid via PayPal.

While project availability and earnings potential starts lower for beginners, with time and effort uTest can become a good source of online income for skilled testers. Just be sure to build your profile completely, deliver high-quality work, and be patient as your reputation develops. For those willing to put in the work, uTest provides an opportunity to turn your software testing skills into a rewarding job you can do from anywhere.

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