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Is iSecretShop Legit? The Truth About This Mystery Shopping Review Site

iSecretShop Review: Is it Legit? (All You Need to Know)

What is iSecretShop?

iSecretShop is a platform that offers mystery shopping opportunities. It is a legit site since you will really get paid to be one of their mystery shoppers. But the question is, is it worth it or not?

iSecretShop Sign Up

To find out, we must first examine the earning opportunity it offers so you can understand how it works. iSecretShop works as a job board for companies looking for mystery shoppers. It connects you to potential employers offering mystery shopping assignments. This means that iSecretShop acts as a middleman, connecting mystery shoppers like yourself to companies that need evaluations of their businesses.

When you become a panelist, you gain access to mystery shopping assignments. You can view available assignments in your member dashboard. Just click "Available Shops" to see assignments in your area. If you're interested, press it to see details. The details will include specifics on the location, the types of purchases or interactions required, and how much you'll be compensated.

To start, click "View/Accept Contract". You'll see instructions, deadline, and payment. Read the contract before accepting. Accept by scrolling down and affixing your signature. Make sure you understand all parts of the contract before signing, as you will be obligated to complete the assignment as described.

Now go to the location and complete the assignment, usually making a purchase and evaluating service. Submit your report before midnight. It takes a couple days for the Mystery Shopper Broker (MSB) to review your work. Be thorough in your report, as failing to provide enough detail could result in a rejected report and loss of payment.

Payment Methods

The MSB that offered the assignment pays you, not iSecretShop. You'll get paid immediately once your work is accepted. iSecretShop does not actually pay you for the assignments. They simply connect you to the companies offering the mystery shopping gigs. Those companies, known as Mystery Shopping Brokers or MSBs, handle all payments directly.

You must provide your PayPal address to get paid. Normally you'll get paid via PayPal for the amount stated in the contract. If you made a purchase, you'll also be reimbursed with a receipt photo. PayPal is the standard method of payment for most MSBs working with iSecretShop. Be prepared to share your PayPal email address and link a bank account to withdraw your earnings.

You don't need to reach a payout threshold. Payment is sent immediately to your PayPal. Timing depends on the MSB. Some pay immediately, some schedule payments monthly. The lack of a payment threshold is a benefit, as you can earn and withdraw small amounts whenever an assignment is complete and approved. However, payment speed will depend on the individual MSB, so be aware that it can take a few business days in some cases.

Earning Potential

Your earning potential depends on your location. In major cities, there are more opportunities. In small cities, there are few or no assignments. If you live in or near a large city, you will have many more options for mystery shopping assignments and can earn at a higher rate. Rural and small-town residents may struggle to find assignments in their local area.

Assignments pay $10-$50 depending on complexity. More complex means higher pay. You can complete certifications so companies trust you with more assignments. The pay for assignments can vary significantly based on the specifics of the job. Simple assignments like visiting a store or restaurant and evaluating cleanliness may pay around $10, while more complex gigs requiring multiple visits or purchases might pay $30-$50 or more.

Certifications are training courses in mystery shopping. They appear on your profile so MSBs know your skills. Some certifications cost money, so be prepared to spend on those. Optional certifications, while not always required, can help you qualify for a wider range of higher-paying assignments. However, some do come with fees, so only pursue certifications if you plan to seriously commit to mystery shopping long-term.

You can also get verified as a shopper so MSBs know you aren't a scammer. Verification costs around $10. Shopper verification, like certifications, is optional but can help build your credibility and open you up to more opportunities. For a small fee, it may be worth verifying your account.

Available Platform

iSecretShop has a mobile app for Android and iOS. You can accept assignments on the go without a computer. The app has all the features of the web platform. The iSecretShop app allows you to view and claim assignments, submit reports, communicate with MSBs, and more right from your smartphone. This is very convenient, as it means you can work wherever you are.

The app is best for accepting assignments when not at your computer. If you have free time, open the app to check for new nearby assignments. Then request and complete it to save time and money on travel. The mobile app is ideal for quickly finding and accepting assignments on the go so you can maximize your earning time. Whenever you have a free moment, open the app to look for new mystery shops in your area.

How to Join

iSecretShop is available worldwide. To join, fill out the registration form and complete your profile. Log in and start earning. Joining iSecretShop is simple and free. You just need to provide some basic personal information to set up your profile and account.

However, assignment availability depends on your location. Most opportunities are in major US, UK, and Canadian cities. Earning potential won't be the same in all countries. While iSecretShop operates globally, the majority of assignments are concentrated in large cities within the US, UK, and Canada. If you live outside of these areas, you may struggle to find consistent work.


Here are the pros and cons of iSecretShop:


  • Decent rewards
  • User-friendly app
  • No payout threshold
  • PayPal payment


  • Limited earning opportunities
  • Assignments require time and effort

iSecretShop is decent if you live in a city with ample opportunities. It pays well and uses convenient PayPal payment. But you must commit time and effort to earn.

For simpler earnings, I recommend top survey and GPT sites instead. They have good earning potential from home. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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