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KnowledgePanel Review - Is It Legit? Invite-only Paid Surveys

KnowledgePanel Review - Is It Legit? (What to Expect)

What is KnowledgePanel?

KnowledgePanel, also known as Ipsos KnowledgePanel, is an online survey panel operated by Ipsos, a market research company. It allows members to earn rewards by completing surveys about various topics. KnowledgePanel sends survey invitations to its panel members via email. 

KnowledgePanel Sign Up

The surveys usually take 10-15 minutes to complete. Members earn points for each completed survey that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. However, it has a high minimum payout threshold of 25,000 points ($25).

KnowledgePanel was founded in 1999 and has grown to become one of the largest online survey panels. It aims to provide insights into public opinion and consumer behavior. By joining KnowledgePanel, members can share their perspectives while earning rewards. However, the closed nature of needing an invitation to join, limited earning options, and high payout minimum create obstacles for many people looking to make money with survey sites.

KnowledgePanel Payment Methods

Members of KnowledgePanel earn points for completing surveys. Each survey is worth 1,000 points. You need to accumulate a minimum of 25,000 points, equal to $25, before you can request a payout. KnowledgePanel does not provide detailed information on its website about how you can redeem rewards. However, based on how their sister site Ipsos i-Say works, it seems likely you can withdraw earnings via PayPal or convert points into gift cards.

The 25,000 point minimum payout threshold is quite high compared to most other survey sites. At 1,000 points per survey, that is 25 surveys needed to reach the minimum, which can take several months of regular participation. The lack of clarity on redemption options is also frustrating. Most survey sites prominently advertise the available gift cards and cash out methods to entice members, but KnowledgePanel remains vague. Overall, the payment terms seem rather unfavorable and opaque compared to competing sites.

KnowledgePanel Earning Potential

The earning potential with KnowledgePanel is limited. Surveys are the only way to earn. You may receive 1-2 survey invites per week, with each survey worth 1,000 points ($1). With the high 25,000 point minimum payout, it can take over 15 weeks to reach the threshold if you complete 1 survey per week. Earning potential is low compared to other survey sites due to the long wait for payout and lack of other earning methods besides surveys.

While KnowledgePanel does provide a legitimate way to earn some extra money, the earning potential is hampered significantly by the restrictive terms. Only receiving 1-2 surveys per week means earnings are very limited and slow to accumulate. Compare this to survey sites that offer daily survey opportunities, product testing, focus groups, and more - and the earning potential with KnowledgePanel seems rather poor. For anyone looking to make a decent amount with survey sites, KnowledgePanel would not be the best option due to how little you can actually earn.

Available Platform

There is no mobile app for KnowledgePanel. However, the website is mobile-friendly so you can complete surveys on your phone or tablet if you have internet access. You receive survey invites via email, so as long as you can access your email on your mobile device, you can participate in surveys.

The lack of a mobile app is somewhat surprising for such a longstanding survey company. Most sites today offer an app to provide a better user experience for members. While the mobile-optimized website is functional, an app would likely provide a smoother process for participating in surveys on the go and checking on your account balance and earnings. The reliance on email for survey invites also means you have to actively check your email to know when new opportunities are available, rather than getting instant notifications through an app. So overall, the platform options seem rather basic compared to competing survey sites.

How to Join KnowledgePanel

Joining KnowledgePanel is extremely difficult, as you need an invitation code which they only send randomly by mail. There is no way to actively get a code. You have to wait and hope to be randomly selected. If you receive an invite code, you can register more than one household member. But getting that initial invite is practically impossible without luck.

The closed invite-only model of joining KnowledgePanel is rather frustrating. Most survey sites allow open registration so anyone interested can easily sign up and start earning. However, with KnowledgePanel you have to hope to be randomly selected to receive an invitation code in the mail. There is no option to request an invite or apply to join. This essentially makes the opportunity unavailable unless you get very lucky. For people actively looking to join survey sites, this closed model really limits the ability to participate in KnowledgePanel.

Pros and Cons


  • Legitimate survey site that pays out
  • Multiple household members can join


  • Nearly impossible to join without invite code
  • Only surveys available to earn - limited options
  • High minimum payout threshold

In summary, while KnowledgePanel is a legitimate survey site, the many drawbacks outweigh the benefits for most people. The closed invite-only model makes joining extremely difficult if not impossible without luck. Limited earning options and a high payout minimum also hamper the potential to earn a good amount. For anyone actively looking to make money with survey sites, KnowledgePanel likely would not be a highly recommended option compared to more open and rewarding alternatives.


In summary, KnowledgePanel is a legitimate survey site, but has significant limitations. The biggest obstacle is that joining is virtually impossible without getting very lucky and receiving an invite code in the mail. Earning potential is also hampered by the high payout minimum and reliance solely on occasional survey opportunities. While it can provide some extra money if you are invited, KnowledgePanel's closed nature and limited earning methods make it tough to recommend over other more accessible survey panels.

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