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Legit Live Chat Jobs - The Top 8 Sites to Find Remote Work!

Legit Live Chat Jobs: Find the Best Online Options for You


Live chat jobs allow you to earn an income while working from the comfort of your own home. With so many work from home scams out there, it can be difficult to find legitimate live chat job opportunities. This comprehensive guide will provide you with the key information you need to identify the best live chat jobs that will work for your schedule and skills.

We will cover what live chat jobs entail, the benefits of this type of remote work, what to look for to spot scam job postings, and provide a list of trusted platforms where you can find legitimate live chat job opportunities.

What Do Live Chat Jobs Involve?

Live chat jobs involve communicating with customers in real-time through messaging. As a chat agent, you will be responsible for addressing customer questions, troubleshooting issues, providing product information, and delivering exceptional customer service.

Most live chat positions are entirely remote-based. You will need a computer and internet access. Some companies may require you to download software. Others allow you to access their chat platform through your web browser.

Live chat jobs are ideal for those who enjoy helping people. Strong written communication skills are a must. You'll also need to be comfortable navigating different computer programs and platforms.

Types of Live Chat Jobs

There are a few different types of live chat jobs:

  • Customer Service - Helping customers with orders, returns, account issues. This is one of the most common types of live chat jobs. You will assist customers with any questions or concerns they have regarding a company's products or services.
  • Sales/Lead Generation - Providing product information and promotions to convert visitors into buyers. In a sales focused live chat role, you will promote items and deals to generate more revenue and leads for the business.
  • Tech Support - Troubleshooting technical issues with software, apps, devices. If you have experience in IT or with various technologies, a tech support live chat position may be a great fit. You can help customers resolve any technical problems they are experiencing.
  • Tutoring - Teaching a subject like English or Math through chat. As an online tutor, you can use chat platforms to teach students various school subjects and skills. Strong knowledge in certain areas of study is typically required for tutoring live chat jobs.

Benefits of Live Chat Jobs

There are many advantages to live chat jobs:

  • Work from home - No commute, comfortable work environment. The ability to work remotely from home is one of the biggest benefits of live chat jobs.
  • Flexible schedule - Many companies allow you to create your own schedule. Live chat positions often allow for a flexible work schedule so you can balance work with your personal life.
  • Supplemental or full-time income - Earn extra cash or a full-time paycheck. You can find live chat jobs that provide either part-time or full-time pay so you can generate extra income or work as your sole source of earnings.
  • Gain valuable skills - Improve written communication and problem-solving skills. Working as a live chat agent allows you to strengthen skills that can be useful for many jobs.
  • Variety - Switch between different types of chat roles. Some companies may allow you to take on different live chat positions to avoid boredom and expand your experience. You can rotate between customer service, sales, and tech support roles, for example.

How to Spot Work from Home Chat Job Scams

Unfortunately, there are many scams related to work from home chat jobs. Here are some red flags to watch out for:

  • Asks for an upfront payment - Legitimate companies will never ask for money upfront. Avoid any "opportunity" that requires an initial investment to get started.
  • Sounds too good to be true - Claims you'll make unrealistic amounts of money. Be wary of lavish income promises, especially when experience is not required.
  • Requests personal information - Asks for things like bank account and Social Security numbers. Do not provide sensitive data to any company that does not have a verified reputation and secure platform.
  • Poor website quality - Bad grammar, broken links, unprofessional design. Untrustworthy companies typically do not invest in a well-developed website. Look for a website with no spelling or grammar issues and a clean, professional design.
  • No mention of actual company name. Legitimate businesses will clearly state their official company name and contact information on their website and job postings.
  • Uses generic job descriptions - Does not provide details on duties and requirements. Look for job listings that outline specific roles, responsibilities, and qualifications. Avoid overly broad or vague descriptions.

8 Trusted Sites to Find Legitimate Live Chat Jobs

When searching for legitimate live chat jobs, stick to reputable sites like these:

1. LiveWorld

LiveWorld has been providing flexible remote work opportunities for over 25 years. They hire chat agents to engage with customers on social media sites. LiveWorld is a trusted source for finding live chat work. They hire chat agents to help major brands reach their customers.

2. Apple

Yes, Apple does hire remote chat support specialists! Check their job site for current work from home openings. A position as an Apple chat support specialist is ideal for those with technical experience and knowledge of Apple products. You can find openings on Apple's job board.

3. PremiumChat

On PremiumChat, you can get paid to chat with clients and followers. Ideal for coaches and consultants. PremiumChat allows you to set your own rates for providing live chat consulting services. This is an option for those with expertise in a specific field.

4. Cambly

Cambly connects you with students around the world who want to learn English. Tutor them through video or audio chat. If you have experience teaching English, Cambly is an excellent platform for finding remote tutoring work. You can teach English to students internationally through their video and audio chat platform.

5. Upwork

Upwork is one of the best freelance job sites. Search their platform for legitimate chat support opportunities. Upwork has a wide range of freelance jobs, including many live chat roles like virtual customer service representative and online tutor. Jobs on Upwork go through a strict verification process so you can feel confident applying to their listings.

6. Arise

Arise hires chat agents to provide customer service. They offer competitive pay rates. Arise is a reputable company that provides customer service opportunities, including chat support roles. They hire independent contractors to work remotely as virtual customer service representatives.

7. OutPLEX

OutPLEX provides messaging solutions for brands. Check their site for live chat job postings. OutPLEX develops live chat software and hires chat agents to help companies engage with their customers. You can find openings on their website.

8. The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop specializes in live chat support. Browse their careers page for remote openings.The Chat Shop is a dedicated live chat provider. They routinely hire chat agents to staff their support services. Look on their website under "Careers" to find their latest live chat job openings.

Finding the Right Live Chat Job for You

With this guide, you now have the key tips and top sites you need to find legitimate live chat jobs. Take the time to assess your skills and preferences to determine which opportunity is the best fit.

Avoid scams by looking for detailed job descriptions, reasonable pay rates, and companies with a good reputation. With a little effort, you can find a rewarding live chat job that allows you to earn an income remotely!

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