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Lucky Day App Review: Is It Legit? (The REAL Truth)

Lucky Day App Review - Is it Legit? (REAL Inside Look)

What is Lucky Day?

Lucky Day is a mobile app that offers users the chance to win cash and other prizes through various games and contests. It is available on Android devices and offers opportunities like scratch cards, daily tournaments, raffles, paid offers, and a referral program.

Lucky Day Sign Up

With the scratch cards, users get a certain number of scratch cards every day that they can scratch to reveal potential prizes like cash, tokens, or trophies. The daily tournaments allow users to earn trophies from the scratch cards that tally up for a chance to win a daily cash prize. Raffles provide the opportunity to win bigger cash amounts by earning raffle tickets. Paid offers allow users to complete activities like surveys to earn tokens redeemable for gift cards. Referring friends also enters users into contests for cash prizes.

When you first download the Lucky Day app, you are greeted with an interface that is colorful and eye-catching. The app seems well-designed and the scratch cards, in particular, provide an exciting experience as you scratch away at the virtual cards to hopefully reveal a cash prize or tokens. Overall, the app seems geared toward those looking to win prizes through games of chance.

Payment Methods

Lucky Day uses both US dollars and tokens as currency. For any actual cash won through the app's games and contests, users can withdraw to their PayPal accounts once they hit the $10 minimum threshold. Tokens earned through activities like paid offers can be redeemed for gift cards, also with a $10 minimum.

Gift card availability depends on the user's location, with most only available for US users. If no gift cards are available, tokens can be used to buy more raffle tickets instead. Overall, the PayPal cash out option provides a convenient payout method for users.

The payment methods offered through Lucky Day, including PayPal and gift cards, provide users with flexible options to redeem any winnings. However, the $10 minimum for both cash and gift cards means it may take some time and luck to actually reach a payout.

Earning Potential

As a sweepstakes-based app, it is difficult to quantify exact earning potential for Lucky Day since payouts rely heavily on chance. Users may win big prizes from the raffles or scratch cards, but they may also win nothing. On average, earning potential is low due to the gambling nature of the app.

Some users do report winning larger cash prizes of $500 or $1000 at times, but there is no way to know how often these bigger wins actually occur or your own chances of winning them. While the app is free to use and the potential to win money exists, you have no way of controlling or predicting your actual earnings or if you will earn anything at all. For this reason, Lucky Day should not be relied upon as a legitimate way to earn income.

Available Platform

Lucky Day is only available as a mobile app for Android devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store. There is no desktop or iOS version currently available. The app provides an easy to use interface to participate in the various contests and games.

The Lucky Day app provides a simple but eye-catching interface for Android users to access the app's games and scratch cards. However, the lack of an iOS version cuts out iPhone users, and the mobile-only platform means you can only use the app on the go rather than from a desktop computer. The mobile interface does make the scratch cards and other games easy to play using touchscreen, but a desktop version could provide more flexibility.

How to Join

To get started with Lucky Day, users simply need to download the app on their Android device. They can then register using either their Google or Facebook account. No email registration is required. Linking the app to an existing social media account enables quick and easy signup.

The app is available in most countries, but users in the US have access to the most rewards. Users worldwide can participate in the games and contests to win cash prizes.

The simple registration process through connecting your Google or Facebook account allows you to sign up and get started with Lucky Day quickly. However, some users may prefer an email registration option instead of linking a social media account.

Conclusion - Pros and Cons

Here are the main pros and cons of using the Lucky Day app:


  • Easy way to potentially win prizes
  • Good payout method via PayPal


  • No guaranteed earnings
  • Limited gift card options
  • Many ads and popups

Lucky Day can be fun for those who enjoy sweepstakes and don't mind gambling for potential rewards. However, it is not a reliable way to earn money since all earnings rely on luck.

For users looking to earn guaranteed money or income, Lucky Day would not be a good option due to the complete reliance on chance. However, if you enjoy playing lottery-style games for the possibility of winning prizes, the Lucky Day app does provide an exciting experience with the opportunity to win cash and gift cards, even if the odds of bigger wins are quite low.


In summary, Lucky Day provides an entertaining way for users to potentially win cash and prizes through its assortment of games and contests. With no guaranteed way to earn though, it is ultimately more of a gambling app than a legitimate way to make money.

While the app delivers on its promise of a fun and easy way to win prizes, users have no control over actually winning anything. Those looking for a reliable income source would be better off with survey or reward sites that offer guaranteed earnings for your time.

If you go into using Lucky Day with realistic expectations about the low odds of earning money but see it as an entertaining sweepstakes game, you may enjoy playing. However, looking at it as a legitimate way to generate income or earnings will likely lead to disappointment due to the gambling nature of the app and lack of control over payouts. For reliable and consistent earnings, other money-making apps and websites are better options.

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