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Is MySoapBox Legit or Scam? An Honest Review

Is MySoapBox Legit or a Scam? An In-Depth Review on Its Legitimacy

What is MySoapBox?

MySoapBox is an online survey site that rewards users with gift cards and vouchers for sharing their opinions. The site is owned by Calign, Inc., a market research company that conducts surveys to uncover human behavior and trends. MySoapBox allows users to earn rewards by completing surveys on various topics. It has acquired another survey site called ClickIQ and integrated it into its platform.

MySoapBox Sign Up

MySoapBox is a legitimate way for people to earn rewards for providing their opinions on products and services. The site makes money by conducting market research for companies and then rewards users for participating in that research. While the rewards are not huge, many users find it an easy way to earn some extra gift cards each month.

Payment Methods

Unlike some other survey sites, MySoapBox does not offer cash rewards. Instead, users can redeem their earned points for gift cards and vouchers to popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and more. Users accumulate points by taking surveys, playing Survey Roulette to get matched with more surveys, and through a referral program.

Earning points to redeem for gift cards and rewards is a convenient way for people to earn on MySoapBox. While cash rewards would be nice, the gift cards provide people with a way to earn free money for shopping at their favorite stores. The points system makes it easy to keep track of earnings and see how close you are to redeeming for a reward.

Paid Surveys

The bulk of points earned on MySoapBox comes from completing paid surveys. Surveys reward anywhere from 750-1,500 points upon successful completion. The site dashboard shows available surveys and how many points each one rewards. Users can expect to earn the majority of their points by regularly taking surveys that match their demographics and profile.

The number of surveys available to each user will depend on how well their profile matches what researchers are looking for. The more surveys people qualify for and complete, the more points they can earn. For the most earning potential, users should fill out their profile thoroughly and check the site frequently for new surveys.

Survey Roulette

This feature matches users with third-party surveys from other providers. When users complete a survey through the roulette, they still earn MySoapBox points. This gives them access to more survey opportunities and a way to earn even more points. Survey Roulette expands the number of surveys available to users, increasing their earning potential.

By partnering with other survey providers, MySoapBox is able to offer more value to users through additional ways to earn points. The Survey Roulette feature helps solve the problem of limited survey availability that can happen on some sites. Users have more opportunities to earn points even when MySoapBox itself does not have any surveys that match their profile.

Referral Program

Users can earn points by referring friends and family to join MySoapBox. However, the amount earned through referrals is relatively small compared to taking surveys. The referral program provides users a way to earn passive income from the site but should not be relied upon as a primary earning method.

Referral programs are common on survey and rewards sites as an easy way for users to earn a little extra. While the points earned for referrals on MySoapBox are not huge, they can add up over time if you are able to refer multiple new users. The referral program is a nice supplement to taking surveys but will likely only make up a small percentage of most users' total earnings.

Earning Potential

MySoapBox has a minimum payout threshold of 25,000 points, equivalent to $25. This must be reached before users can redeem their first reward. After the initial redemption, there is no minimum for subsequent redemptions.

Most users can expect to earn anywhere from $25 to $75 per month by taking surveys regularly. The exact amount will depend on factors like time spent on the site, number of surveys available, referral activity, and point bonuses. While MySoapBox will not make anyone rich, it provides an easy way to earn some extra gift cards.

With a monthly earning potential of $25 to $75 in gift cards, MySoapBox can be a good option for those looking to earn a little extra spending money. Users should go in with realistic expectations about how much they can make to avoid disappointment. By frequently checking the site for new surveys and taking advantage of bonuses and referrals, users can work to maximize their earnings.

Available Platforms

There is no mobile app for MySoapBox, but the website is mobile-friendly. Users can access surveys and their account dashboard from any mobile browser. The desktop site works well and is easy to navigate. It allows users to see available surveys, point balances, and redemption options conveniently.

While a mobile app can be convenient, the mobile-optimized website provides users a way to take surveys and manage their account on the go. The desktop site gives an easy overview of account activity and available options, so users can quickly see what they need to do to earn more points.

How to Join MySoapBox

Joining MySoapBox is straightforward. Users provide some basic personal information during registration like name, email, location, etc. There are no qualification surveys to pass. Membership is open to most countries worldwide, with a minimum age of 13. Those living in the EU must be at least 16 years old to join.

After registering, users can immediately start taking surveys and earning points toward gift cards. The simple registration process makes it easy for people to get started with MySoapBox right away. Users just need to provide some general information to set up their account and profile before having access to surveys and rewards.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to join and start earning quickly
  • Wide selection of gift card options
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Referral program allows earning passive income

Some of the biggest advantages of MySoapBox are how easy it is to join and start earning, the variety of gift card rewards, mobile access, and the potential for passive income from referrals. Users can sign up quickly and begin taking surveys right away to work toward their first reward.


  • No cash payout option
  • Must reach 25,000 points minimum for first payout
  • Survey availability depends on demographics

The main downsides to consider with MySoapBox are the lack of cash rewards, high minimum for first payout, and limitations of surveys based on demographics. Users who prefer cash over gift cards may find the rewards system frustrating. It can also take time to earn enough points for the first payout, and some users may struggle to qualify for many surveys.


Overall, MySoapBox is a legitimate survey site that rewards users with gift cards and vouchers. It likely won't make anyone rich, but it can provide some nice extra spending money. The site is easy to use on desktop and mobile. It has a solid selection of gift card options to popular retailers. If you don't mind earning rewards instead of cash, MySoapBox is worth checking out.

Just don't expect it to replace a full-time income. With realistic expectations, MySoapBox can be a fun way to earn a little extra shopping money each month. Users who enjoy sharing their opinions by taking surveys will find MySoapBox an appealing option for earning free gift cards for their favorite stores.

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