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Nike Product Testing Review - How to Join? Is It SCAM?

Is Nike Product Testing Legit? - An Honest Review

What is Nike Product Testing?

Nike product testing allows devoted fans and customers to test unreleased Nike products and provide feedback on the items before they hit the market. 

Nike Product Testing Sign Up

The program is run by Nike directly through their website and brand community. If you are accepted as a product tester, Nike will ship you products like shoes, apparel or gear to test out for a period of time. You then submit your feedback, thoughts and reviews of the items online to help Nike make improvements before launching the products for sale.

After thoroughly testing the products for a few days or weeks, you have to return the product to Nike using a prepaid return shipping label they provide. While you get the opportunity to be one of the first to try out new Nike gear, you do not get to keep the products after testing or receive any monetary payment for your time and efforts. The only real benefit is getting an exclusive first look at Nike's latest innovations before the general public.

Nike Product Testing Payment Methods

With the Nike product testing program, there are no payment methods or ways to earn money because testers do not actually get paid. You get to test new Nike products for free in exchange for providing detailed feedback, but you do not receive any cash compensation, gifts, rewards or other incentives for being a product tester.

Nike Product Testing Earning Potential

There is essentially no earning potential or way to make money with the Nike product testing program. Product testers will not earn any salary, wages or other cash rewards for testing new Nike gear and providing feedback on the items. The only benefit is getting to use and experience Nike's latest products before the general public has access to them. If you are looking for an opportunity to earn income, the Nike product testing program is not the right option.

The Nike product testing program is ideal for devoted Nike fans and customers that want an exclusive first look at new gear and a chance to shape future products. However, it does require an investment of your time and effort to properly test items and provide useful feedback with no monetary compensation. You need to go into the program with realistic expectations that it is a non-paying opportunity, though you can still find value in getting access to Nike gear before release.

Nike Product Testing Available Platforms

Nike product testing is only available directly through the official Nike website. You have to visit and find the product testing signup page to register as a potential tester. There are no other platforms, websites or communities that provide access to Nike's product testing program or opportunities to test unreleased Nike gear.

Nike runs their product testing program in-house using their own team and infrastructure to manage applications, match testers to specific products, ship out gear for testing, collect feedback and return tested products. No third parties are involved in the process. The only way to sign up and participate is through Nike's website and following their guidelines and requirements for the program.

How to Join Nike Product Testing

To join the Nike product testing program, you first need to meet the basic eligibility requirements: you must live in one of the 40 countries where product testing is available. You also must fit into one of Nike's tester categories based on your age, gender, level of fitness or sport and intended use of the gear. For example, they may recruit runners of a certain age to test new shoes or recreational athletes to test apparel.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply to become a Nike product tester by going to, finding the product testing signup page and filling out the application form. The application will ask for information such as your activity level, height, weight, gender and other details to help match you with the right product test opportunities based on your demographics and needs.

The application review process can take several weeks to months. If your application is accepted, you will receive email invites to test specific new Nike products as they become available to match your profile. However, there is no guarantee of being selected to test products or how often you may get the opportunity to test new gear as part of the program.

Nike Product Testing: Conclusion


  • Get to test and experience Nike gear before the public release
  • Provide valuable feedback to help shape and improve future Nike products
  • No need to pay for return shipping of tested products


  • No monetary compensation, payments, rewards or gifts provided
  • Do not get to keep the Nike products after testing
  • Product testing requires an investment of time and effort to properly evaluate gear
  • No guarantee of being selected to test products or frequency of opportunities

Overall, the Nike product testing program allows devoted fans to test new products and provide feedback to influence future gear. However, it is an unpaid opportunity and does not provide any earnings or rewards. It can be an exciting way to get an exclusive first look at Nike innovations if you go into the program with realistic expectations regarding the lack of compensation. The chance to shape the development of new Nike products may be enough of a benefit for some testers.


The Nike product testing program gives devoted fans and customers early access to test new products before release. While you do not get paid, you get to provide feedback to help improve future Nike gear. To join, you must meet eligibility criteria based on your location and demographics. The application process can take time and there is no guarantee of being selected to test products or how often. The main pros are previewing new Nike gear before the public and influencing future products. The cons are no payments, rewards or compensation and not keeping the tested gear.

Overall, Nike product testing is an unpaid opportunity to shape new gear as a fan. It is not an earning opportunity or way to make money. With the right expectations about lack of compensation, the program can still be appealing to devoted Nike customers that want an exclusive first look at innovations and chance to impact future products. However, the time required and uncertainly regarding selection make it imperfect.

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