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RentAFriend Review Exposes How You Can Make $3k/Month!

RentAFriend Review - A Detailed Look at Everything You Need to Know

In this comprehensive review, we will explore what RentAFriend is, how it works, earning potential, pros and cons, and how to get started as a paid friend. 

RentAFriend Sign Up

RentAFriend is a unique website that provides an interesting way for people to earn money in their spare time, so read on to discover if it's right for you.

What is RentAFriend?

RentAFriend is a website that allows people to earn money by renting themselves out as friends. It connects those looking for temporary companionship with people willing to provide that companionship for a fee. However, it is not a dating site or escort service. RentAFriend has a strict policy against any sexual or romantic activities. The goal is simply to provide platonic friendship and accompany members to various events and activities.

Some examples of the types of activities that friends can provide include: attending a movie or show together; going out for dinner; visiting a museum or local attraction; playing sports or games together; or providing company for special events. So in essence, RentAFriend allows people to get paid to spend platonic time with others and accompany them as friends.

How Does the Payment Process Work?

One of the appealing aspects of RentAFriend is the flexible payment options for friends. There are a few different ways you can get paid for your time and companionship:

Cash Payment - Many members pay their rented friends in cash at the time of meeting. For many, this is the preferred payment method as it is immediate and hassle-free. However, for safety and security reasons, only accept cash payments in a public place.

Online Payment - Some members agree to pay digitally through PayPal, Venmo, CashApp or another money transfer platform. This allows for a convenient contactless payment but does come with a small fee deduction. Be sure to discuss payment method details upfront before meeting with a member.

Gift Cards - Members can also pay with gift cards, like Visa or Amazon gift cards. Again, meet in a public place for any gift card handoffs and be cautious of fraud. But when done properly, gift cards provide another easy payment option.

The specific payment method is agreed upon between you and the member booking your time. As a friend for hire, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred payment option to accept for your services.

What is the Earning Potential?

Earning potential on RentAFriend can vary quite a bit depending on factors like your location, profile details, experience, and activity prices. Some of the more active and experienced friends on RentAFriend report earnings of:

$300 - $500 per weekend - For friends that offer their services on Saturdays and Sundays.

$1000 - $2000 per week - For friends operating as full-time or frequent rentals, especially in larger cities with high demand.

The great thing is you set your own rates for the different activities and time periods you offer. So those living in larger cities with greater demand and higher costs of living will likely earn at the higher end of the range. But even in smaller towns, you can make decent side money from RentAFriend if you have a solid profile and offer good value.

In summary, while earnings will vary significantly based on many factors, RentAFriend does provide the opportunity to make hundreds to even thousands of dollars per week for those able to find consistent bookings.

Is There a Mobile App?

At this time, there is no official RentAFriend mobile app. The website is accessible on mobile browsers, but is not optimized for mobile use. For the best experience using the RentAFriend service, it is recommended to access the website on a laptop or desktop computer.

Without a mobile app, some functionality may be limited on smaller mobile screens. The profiles, messaging, and booking process may be more difficult to navigate. So keep the mobile limitations in mind if you plan to operate as a friend for hire primarily from your mobile device.

How to Sign Up as a Friend for Rent

Signing up to become a paid friend on RentAFriend is a quick and easy process. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click "Join" to begin the registration process.
  2. Select the "Become a Friend" option to register as a friend for hire.
  3. Provide your basic personal information to set up your account.
  4. Once registered, build an engaging profile highlighting your personality, interests, and details of the types of activities you offer.
  5. Set your rates and prices for the different services and time periods you provide. You have full control over your rates, so consider your experience, location, and demand.
  6. Wait for member booking requests to start coming in. Accept requests from members you feel comfortable with and that meet your rates.

One thing to keep in mind is that RentAFriend will occasionally close new friend registration when they have enough profiles. But you can leave your email to be notified when registration reopens to new friends.

RentAFriend Review Conclusion - Pros vs Cons

To summarize this RentAFriend review, here are the main pros and cons to consider if thinking about becoming a paid friend:


  • You set your own rates and prices for the services you offer
  • Flexible payment options for members including cash, online, and gift cards
  • Potential to earn $300 to $2000+ per week in some areas
  • Large global platform with members all over the world


  • No mobile app and limited mobile functionality
  • Can feel awkward for some to act as a "paid friend"
  • Earnings are limited based on location, demand, experience, and profile quality

In summary, while not for everyone, RentAFriend provides an interesting and legitimate way for people to earn decent money in their spare time. For those open to being paid for providing companionship and friendship to others, and who go in with realistic expectations, it can be a good side income opportunity.

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