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Is SayMore Surveys Legit or Scam? A Thorough Review

Is SayMore Legit or a Scam? A Thorough Review

What is SayMore?

SayMore is a survey site where you can earn rewards for sharing your opinion. It was previously known as Univox Community before rebranding to SayMore in 2022. SayMore allows you to earn points by completing surveys. You can then redeem these points for cash rewards paid out via PayPal or gift cards.

SayMore Sign Up

SayMore is available worldwide for members aged 13 and up. The site has been operating for many years, though under the previous name Univox Community. The rebrand to SayMore was meant to provide an improved user experience, but based on reviews, the changes seem minor. The core functionality and reward opportunities remain largely the same.

Payment Methods

SayMore offers a couple different payment methods:

  • PayPal - You can cash out your earnings to PayPal once you reach the minimum payout threshold. This starts at 2,500 points ($25) for beginner members. The threshold decreases to 1,000 points ($10) for the highest membership level.
  • Gift cards - Depending on your country, you may be able to redeem points for gift cards to popular retailers instead of PayPal cash. The gift card options vary based on your location. Some areas provide more choices than others.
  • Prepaid Visa cards - This is another country-specific redemption method. You can exchange points for prepaid Visa debit cards. Again, availability depends on where you live.

The payment methods and minimum payout thresholds can be frustrating for members. The high starting threshold of $25 PayPal cash means it takes a long time to earn your first reward. The options also favor some countries over others. Areas with more gift card and prepaid card choices have an advantage.

Earning Potential

You can earn points on SayMore in a couple ways:

  • Paid surveys - This is the main earning method. You receive points for completing surveys. However, surveys tend to be infrequent and low paying. Most members report earning $3 to $5 per hour at best, which is below average for the survey industry.
  • Referral program - You earn 100 points when a referred friend completes their first survey. You get 10 points for each additional survey they complete. The referral program provides little incentive and does not significantly boost your earnings.

Based on hands-on experience with the site, the earning potential with SayMore appears low. Surveys don't pay much and aren't plentiful. It takes a long time to earn enough points to cash out. The rebrand from Univox Community did not seem to improve the earnings. The opportunities are similar to what was offered before.

SayMore is not a viable source for making money. The rewards are too small for the time required. Most members use it as a spare-time activity to generate a little extra cash, not a substantial income stream. There are many better-paying survey sites and reward sites available.

Available Platforms

SayMore does not offer a mobile app. However, the website is mobile-optimized so you can access it conveniently on a smartphone or tablet. This allows you to complete surveys on-the-go. The mobile-optimized site provides adequate functionality, though an official app may improve the experience for some members.

SayMore is available on both desktop and mobile web browsers. There are no platform restrictions. You can use any device with internet access to log into your account, check for available surveys, and redeem your points. The flexible access is useful, though again a mobile app would enhance accessibility for frequent users.

How to Join

Joining SayMore is straightforward:

  1. Provide your information on the sign-up form. You need to enter details like your name, address, birthday, and email address.
  2. Confirm your email address. SayMore will send you an email with a verification link. Click the link to confirm your email and activate your new account.
  3. Log into your account. Use the username and password you chose during signup to log into your SayMore account.
  4. Take the profile survey. The profile survey provides SayMore with more details about your interests and demographic information. Complete the survey to finish registering your account and start receiving survey invites.

The sign-up process is simple and only takes a few minutes. SayMore collects standard information to build your member profile. Be prepared to provide additional details in the profile survey regarding your household, interests, shopping habits, and more. The more information you share, the more targeted the survey invites may become. However, even with a complete profile, many members report a lack of frequent survey opportunities.

Conclusion - Pros and Cons

Here are the main pros and cons to consider about SayMore:


  • Legitimate site with real rewards. SayMore does pay out earned rewards as promised. It is not a scam.
  • PayPal payouts. The ability to cash out earnings to PayPal is convenient for most members. PayPal is a trusted payment method.
  • Mobile-friendly access. You can use SayMore on both desktop and mobile devices, even without an official app.


  • Low survey pay rates. Surveys pay very little, often only $1 to $3 each. This makes earning substantial rewards time-consuming.
  • Infrequent survey invites. Most members report receiving few survey invites and opportunities to earn points.
  • High minimum payout threshold. The $25 PayPal threshold to start is frustrating. It takes a long time to build up enough points to request your first payout.
  • Univox rebrand did not improve experience. The transition from Univox Community to SayMore did not enhance earning potential or the overall user experience in a meaningful way based on reviews.


In summary, SayMore is a legitimate survey site, but it offers limited earning opportunities. Low paying surveys and high payout minimums make earning substantial rewards challenging. The rebranding from Univox Community did not significantly improve the experience. It's still better suited as a secondary earning site, not a primary income source.

Look at the top survey sites in your country if you want more fruitful opportunities. Sites on that list provide better rewards potential for your time. SayMore can be used to generate a small amount of extra money on the side but is not built to be a main source of income due to the low pay and limited survey options.

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