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Seated App Review: Is It Legit? An Expose on the Restaurant App

Seated App Review - Is It Legit? A Comprehensive Review

What is Seated?

Seated is a restaurant reservation app that rewards users for booking seats and ordering takeout from partner restaurants. 

Seated App Sign Up

The app allows users to earn gift cards for dining at participating restaurants in their city.Seated launched in 2016 to help people discover and book reservations at new restaurants. The app now partners with hundreds of restaurants across major US cities to offer rewards and incentives for dining out.

How Does Seated Work?

There are two main ways to earn rewards with Seated:

Dine-In or Takeout

The primary method is by reserving a table or ordering takeout through the Seated app. Users can browse local participating restaurants, select a time to dine-in or place a takeout order, and then upload a photo of the receipt to earn a percentage of the bill back in rewards. For dine-in reservations, users can reserve a table for a specific time. Some restaurants may offer higher rewards during certain hours. After dining, users just need to upload a photo of the receipt to earn the reward.

For takeout orders, users must order directly through the restaurant's website or app, not third-party delivery services. After receiving the food, a photo of the receipt can be uploaded to earn the reward.This option allows users to earn rewards even when dining in isn't possible. However, takeout orders may offer lower rewards than dine-in reservations at some restaurants.

Referral Program

Users can also earn by referring friends to sign up for Seated. When a referred user completes their first reservation and uploads a receipt, the referrer gets a reward. Referrers also earn 5% commission on all referrals after the first five once they complete a reservation.The referral program allows Seated users to earn passively by promoting the app to friends and family. However, the rewards for referrals are relatively small unless many referrals are made.

Seated Payment Methods

Seated does not offer cash rewards. Users can redeem earned rewards for gift cards once they hit the $5 minimum threshold. Gift card options include popular retailers like Amazon, Target, iTunes, Starbucks, and more.The gift cards are digital and delivered directly within the Seated app. They can be used to shop online or in-store at the selected retailer. The options provide flexibility but no direct monetary value.

Seated Earning Potential

Most restaurants offer 5-20% back on the total bill. However, rewards will depend on the city you live in and the participating restaurants. More expensive restaurants will result in higher total rewards.Because only upscale restaurants tend to partner with Seated, it may be difficult to earn rewards on a budget. Users will likely have to spend more money to earn more significant rewards.

For example, if you dine out twice a week and spend an average of $50 per meal, you could earn $5 to $20 back in rewards each week. But if you only dine out once a month or spend less, it would take much longer to earn a meaningful amount. The rewards can add up over time for frequent diners, but the earning potential is limited for most casual users.

Is Seated Available on Desktop?

No, Seated can only be accessed via the mobile app on iOS and Android devices. Users cannot book reservations or access rewards on desktop.The app is designed specifically for mobile use. While some users may prefer a desktop option, the mobile-only platform does make the service easy to use on the go.

Who Can Join Seated?

Seated is currently only available in select cities in the United States: New York, Dallas, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, and Philadelphia. The company plans to expand to more cities in the future.Anyone over 18 living in an eligible city can sign up with an email address, Google account, or Facebook login. Seated is working to expand nationwide but is still limited to major cities. The service may not make sense for users in unsupported areas.

Seated Support

Seated offers customer support via email at [email protected]. There is also a contact form in the app. An FAQ page covers basic questions about the service.Seated provides helpful resources for users but lacks phone support. For urgent issues, email may not be the ideal contact method. The FAQ covers common questions to help users get started but may lack answers for some specific concerns.

Pros and Cons of Seated


  • Earn rewards for dining out
  • Low $5 minimum payout
  • Good selection of gift card options
  • Referral program available
  • Easy to use mobile app


  • Only available in select cities
  • Mostly upscale, expensive restaurants
  • No cash payout option
  • Must spend more to earn more
  • Receipt photos provide personal data
  • Limited earning potential for casual diners
  • No desktop access
  • Lack of phone support

Is Seated Worth It? Our Verdict

Seated is a legitimate way to earn some rewards for dining, but it comes with some caveats. The app only makes sense if you live in an eligible city and regularly dine at the participating higher-end restaurants. The earning potential is limited unless you spend a good amount of money.

The app itself is easy to use, and being able to earn gift cards you'll actually use is nice. However, Seated may not be worthwhile for budget-conscious diners or those who value privacy, as receipt photos provide detailed personal data.

Overall, Seated is worth considering if you dine out frequently and the restaurant selection fits your lifestyle. But otherwise, you may be better off looking into other rewards apps or money-making opportunities. Check eligibility for your city and try it out to see if it works for you.For casual diners or those on a budget, Seated likely won't provide much value. But if you enjoy discovering new upscale restaurants and want to earn rewards for what you already spend, Seated could be a great option.

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