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Is Surveys2Cash Legit? An Honest Review

Surveys2Cash Review - Is it Legit? (The Untold Truth)

With so many survey sites out there claiming you can make money from home, it's important to do your research before signing up. In this detailed review, we'll take an in-depth look at Surveys2Cash to see if it's legit and worth your time. 

Surveys2Cash Sign Up

We'll examine what the site actually offers, how much you can earn, the pros and cons, and ultimately whether you should join or not.

What is Surveys2Cash?

Surveys2Cash is a survey aggregator, which means it doesn't actually contain any surveys itself. Instead, it promotes various third-party survey sites that you can sign up for to potentially earn rewards.When you first visit the Surveys2Cash website, it states "Get Paid for Your Opinions" which makes it seem like you'll be taking surveys directly on their site. However, that's not the case. Surveys2Cash merely suggests survey sites for you to join elsewhere.

This can be misleading for those looking to take surveys directly and earn money. While Surveys2Cash does recommend some legitimate survey sites, it adds an unnecessary extra step. It's best to cut out the middleman and join survey sites directly.

Surveys2Cash Payment Methods

Since Surveys2Cash doesn't actually give you access to paid surveys, there are no direct payment methods on the site itself. The only way to potentially get paid is to sign up for the third-party survey sites they recommend.Each survey site will have its own payment methods. Most pay through PayPal, with some offering vouchers, gift cards, or cryptocurrency. Just keep in mind you have to reach the minimum payout threshold on that particular site before you can withdraw your earnings.

The payment options can vary quite a bit between survey sites. Some may pay via bank transfer or check while others deposit earnings directly into your account. The minimum payout threshold also ranges significantly, from just $5-$10 up to $50 or more on some sites. So you'll need to review the details of each site to determine if their payment methods suit your needs.

Surveys2Cash Earning Potential

Again, because Surveys2Cash doesn't contain any surveys, there's no direct earning potential on the site itself. The amount you could make depends entirely on the third-party survey sites you join from their recommendations.In general, survey site earnings are quite low, averaging $1-$5 per hour. The more surveys you qualify for and complete, the more you'll earn. But you likely won't be making a full-time income just from online surveys.

While you can generate some extra cash from surveys in your spare time, the earning potential is limited. The exact amount you can make will depend on factors like: •The number of surveys you qualify for - The more surveys you qualify for the more you can complete. But not everyone will qualify for a high volume of surveys. •Survey payouts - Payouts average $1-$5 per survey but can be higher or lower. Some surveys pay as little as $0.25 while others pay $10 or more. •Minimum payout threshold - If the threshold is low like $5 or $10 you can withdraw your earnings sooner. A $25 or $50 threshold means it will take longer to reach the minimum to get paid. •Your demographics - Certain demographics like 18-25 year olds, parents, and high-income individuals often qualify for more surveys. Your location and language can also play a role. •Time spent - The more time you spend each day searching for and completing surveys, the more you'll earn. But most people do surveys in their spare time, averaging 3-5 hours a week or less.

Surveys2Cash Platforms

Since Surveys2Cash only directs you to third-party survey sites, it doesn't have its own survey-taking platform. The sites it recommends could have survey platforms in various formats:

  • Browser-based surveys you take directly on the site
  • Downloadable survey apps for your smartphone or tablet
  • Email surveys sent to your inbox

Each survey site will have details about how their platform works. Just know that you won't actually be taking any surveys on the Surveys2Cash site itself.Some sites offer surveys via an online portal only while others have survey apps you can use on the go. A few email survey invitations but most surveys are taken directly on the site or via their app.

The platform a survey site uses comes down to personal preference. An app is convenient for some but not ideal if you prefer taking surveys on your computer. Look for a site with a platform option that suits your needs.

How to Join Surveys2Cash

Joining Surveys2Cash is straightforward. You just need to provide some basic personal information like your name, email address, and location. This allows them to recommend survey sites you may qualify for.One thing to note - at the end of the sign-up process, it asks if you consent to receiving SMS messages and phone calls. If you agree, you'll get promotional offers from their partners. I'd recommend declining this unless you want a lot of marketing calls and texts.

The sign-up process only takes a minute or two but be sure to read everything carefully. Declining the option to receive marketing communications will ensure you don't get bombarded with unwanted calls, texts, and emails from Surveys2Cash partners. While the site itself seems legitimate, some of the companies they share your information with may not be.

Surveys2Cash Review Conclusion - Pros & Cons

Here are the main pros and cons to consider about Surveys2Cash based on this review:


  • Easy, quick signup process
  • Get recommendations for legitimate survey sites

The pros of Surveys2Cash are limited since the site itself doesn't offer much. The easy signup and recommendations for some reputable survey sites are the only real benefits.


  • Doesn't contain actual surveys
  • Promotes some low quality survey sites too
  • Signing up leads to a lot of marketing calls/texts
  • Very limited earning potential

The cons outweigh the pros here. Without direct access to surveys, the earning potential is negligible. And consenting to receive marketing communications leads to a lot of unwanted promotional contacts from their partners.

The Verdict: Don't Waste Your Time

While Surveys2Cash seems appealing at first glance, upon closer look there are too many drawbacks to recommend it.

You won't actually be taking any surveys or earning any money on Surveys2Cash itself. And signing up leads to a lot of annoying promotional calls and texts from their partners.

Some of the survey sites it promotes are decent, but you can find many better options. Surveys2Cash adds an unnecessary middleman.

Instead of Surveys2Cash, I'd suggest signing up directly for top survey sites in your country. That way you can start taking surveys right away and earning extra cash.

Avoid survey aggregators like Surveys2Cash that only serve to waste your time. Go straight to the source and join legitimate, high-paying survey sites that will actually pay you for your opinions.

In summary, Surveys2Cash lacks substance and transparency. There are too many reputable survey sites to bother with an aggregator that provides little value. For the best chance to earn some money in your spare time, skip Surveys2Cash and join survey sites directly.

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