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Treasure Trooper Review - Is it Legit? An Honest Look

Treasure Trooper Review - Is it Legit? A Deeper Look

What is Treasure Trooper?

Treasure Trooper is a get-paid-to (GPT) website that offers various ways for users to earn money and rewards. The site has a fun, adventurous theme and users can complete tasks like surveys, offers, games, searching the web, and more to earn rewards.

Treasure Trooper Sign Up

Treasure Trooper launched in 2005 and has paid out over $18 million to its members so far. The site is aimed at those looking to earn some extra money in their spare time. While Treasure Trooper likely won't make you rich, many members report earning a respectable amount of cash and gift cards each month.

Treasure Trooper's Payment Methods

Treasure Trooper offers both cash rewards and virtual rewards that can be redeemed for gift cards or other prizes. Here are the main payment methods:

Cash Rewards

Some offers and surveys on Treasure Trooper provide direct cash rewards. These can be redeemed via:

  • PayPal - For users in the US and Canada only. PayPal payments are issued twice per month for balances of $25 and up.
  • Check - For international users. Checks can be expensive or difficult to cash for those outside the US. Checks are mailed once per month for balances of $50 and up.

The high cashout minimums are a downside for some. But on the plus side, Treasure Trooper does pay reliably and on time according to most member reports.

Virtual Rewards

Many activities on Treasure Trooper earn virtual rewards like dragon scales, platinum coins, etc. These can be exchanged for:

  • Gift cards - For Amazon, eBay, Visa, and more. Most gift cards are available for redemption starting at around $5 in value.
  • Prizes - Users can redeem rewards for physical prizes like electronics, kitchenware, toys, and other merchandise. Prize values start at around $10.

The virtual currency system on Treasure Trooper can be confusing at first. In general, rewards like dragon scales are earned from playing games and completing tasks. These are then exchanged for coins, which are redeemed for gift cards or prizes. While the extra step of exchanging scales for coins is annoying, the rewards options themselves are decent.

Earning Potential on Treasure Trooper

It's difficult to estimate exact earnings on Treasure Trooper. Potential depends on factors like:

  • Country - Survey availability varies in different countries. US members tend to have the most opportunities.
  • Time spent - More time on the site completing offers and surveys equals more earnings.
  • Survey qualification rate - Users may not qualify for all surveys. Qualification depends on demographics and other factors.
  • Focus - Cash rewards from surveys and offers tend to pay better than playing games and completing tasks for virtual currency.

Some users report earning around $80-$100 per month on Treasure Trooper. Top earners who dedicate many hours to high-paying surveys and offers can potentially earn over $500+ monthly. But for most casual members, earnings will likely be on the lower end of the scale.

If maximizing earnings is your goal, focus on the highest paying surveys and offers. Be sure to fully verify your account by confirming your email, address, and more. This gives access to better rewards. Also, check the site frequently as new opportunities are added daily.

Available Platforms

Treasure Trooper can be accessed via:

  • Desktop website - This is the main platform. The desktop site offers the most features and highest earning potential.
  • Mobile website - The mobile site is usable but more limited. It's best for basic tasks like checking on rewards or community forums on the go. For surveys and high-paying offers, the desktop site is recommended.

There are currently no native Treasure Trooper apps for iOS or Android. The desktop website provides the best user experience overall compared to the mobile site.

How to Join Treasure Trooper

Joining Treasure Trooper is simple and free:

  1. Visit and click "Join Free" to begin registration.
  2. Enter your basic personal info like name, email address, physical address, date of birth, etc.
  3. Confirm your email to complete signup. Be sure to also verify your mailing address and phone number when prompted to open up more earning opportunities.
  4. Start completing profile surveys to begin earning rewards. These short surveys will customize offers and surveys to your demographics and interests.

Signing up for Treasure Trooper is quick and easy. But be sure to fully verify your account by confirming your email, address, phone number, and more. Verification gives access to higher paying surveys, offers, and other rewards. It will maximize your earning potential on the site.

Pros and Cons

Here are the main pros and cons of using Treasure Trooper:


  • Free to join
  • Fun, adventurous theme
  • Many ways to earn like surveys, offers, games, etc
  • Cash and gift card rewards
  • Active community and forums
  • Over $18 million paid to members since 2005


  • Complex virtual currency system
  • Overly distracting games/tasks
  • High cashout minimums
  • Limited customer support
  • Potentially delayed reward reviews
  • Earnings potential varies significantly based on location and time spent


Treasure Trooper is a legitimate GPT website that provides various ways to earn rewards. While Treasure Trooper likely won't make you rich, many members earn a respectable amount of extra money and gift cards on the site each month.

The overly game-like atmosphere isn't for everyone. And cashing out can be a hassle due to the high minimums. But for those willing to put in the effort, it's possible to earn good rewards. Focus on high-paying surveys and offers, check the site frequently, and fully verify your account to maximize your earnings.

Overall, Treasure Trooper is worth considering for those seeking a fun, casual way to earn some extra cash in their spare time. Just don't expect it to be a sole source of income. With realistic expectations, Treasure Trooper can be a decent rewards site for motivated users.

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